The following shocking revelation by a concerned Muslim of Benoni is a disgusting portrayal of the decades of fisq and fujoor of the ulama-e-soo’ of the Benoni Muslim Jamaat (BMJ), who have been running the Musjid and Madrasah affairs in Benoni.

“Assalamu alaykum,

In our town, (the town is Benoni – The Majlis) afternoon Madrassah classes are conducted in the Masjied complex. The classes are intermingled between boys and girls, some of whom are Baaligh.

Recently, a young girl and a boy were caught secluded in a toilet. The Ulama (the evil molvis of the BMJ – The Majlis) were shocked and outraged. (Shocked for what? They are the very causes of the zina, fisq and fujoor which have destroyed the morality of the pupils attending the madrasah-school. – The Majlis)

The girl was immediately expelled and the boy is also about to be expelled. (Why did they not expel the scoundrel boy also immediately? – The Majlis)

Some Ulama (of the BMJ) suggested that the boys and girls be segregated as there are enough classrooms etc. Others are unwilling to take this step and maintain that segregating the girls from the boys will be difficult. (Leave alone calling these villainous thugs, ‘ulama’. Are they even Muslims? – The Majlis)

Many people in our town are shocked that even Zina is being committed in a Waqf premises and that too in the shadow of Allah’s House under the noses of Ulama. (The shock of the people is stupid. The people too are complicit in the ruin of the morals of their children. When even baaligh boys and girls are in the same classroom, what is expected? Do you expect churning out saints or immoral devils?

Some of us who are speaking out are branded as “Majlisi” and are regularly referred to as extremist by Radio Islam (Radio Shaitaan) etc. (All of these ‘some who speak out’ are spineless dumb devils to have maintained silence after making feeble sounds and offering muffled opposition. A hue and cry were necessary to bring the moral thugs of the BMJ to book and to their senses. For decades have they ruined the morality of generations of children with their haraam school and madrasah arrangement.

Our advice to the community of Benoni is to boot out the scoundrels who have allowed the moral rot and corruption to have reached this sewerage and gutter level where zina is committed right inside the madrasah premises in the Musjid complex. This is not an issue to hush-up or to sweep under the rug. The situation is absolutely rotten to the core just as rotten as the BMJ molvis are.

Of great concern is the absolute silence of The Jamiats and the senior Ulama.” (These Jamiats have degenerated into Satanism. They have lost all of their Islamic bearings. They are in fact the architects of fisq and fujoor. Expectation of any goodness emerging from these ulama-e-soo of these villainous jamiats is a distant pipe dream. They are sinking in the quagmire of filth and haraam which they have created for themselves –The Majlis)





NEARLY 45 000 schoolgirl pregnancies were registered in the Eastern Cape over the
past five years.
This is according to statistics released by the provincial Education Department.
Department spokesman Malibongwe Mtima said the total number of pregnancies
over the period stood at a whopping 44 909.
The Herald 20/03/2013

Impotency or Sterility – a punishment from Allah


A couple in their early 40s are experiencing  sexual problems. The husband is  feeling pressured since he can no longer satisfy his wife. A friend advised him to take certain tablets which are 100% natural. The tablets have proven beneficial. However, both husband and wife who are using these tablets can no longer function without  the medicine. How should a Muslim couple deal with this sexual crisis?


The crisis is, in all likelihood, a punishment for past sexual abuses and misdemeanours. Innumerable people are suffering from partial and complete impotency. They had enslaved themselves to  the demands of the bestial nafs, indulging in vices of moral turpitude. Remember, that every action has a sequel right here in this dunya. The punishment of the Aakhirah is a separate issue. Whilst the punishment of the Aakhirah could be averted by means of sincere Taubah (Repentance), the physical damage wrought by sin is sometimes enduring, lasting lifelong.

Young people, and even married ones, conducting themselves worse than  even animals, indulge in a variety of acts of sexual perversion such as masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, etc. Then when  the punishment of impotency and other forms of ailments strike, they frantically search for remedies, but to no avail. The temporary ‘relief’ which medicinal remedies offer comes at a heavy price. The health further deteriorates. Generally, there is no valid cure for impotency. All the stunt and gimmick remedies offered by physicians and even by quacks, cause more complications without really  curing the  disease which is the consequence of the sin of sexual perversion.

Also understand that every act which violates Allah’s Law of Hijaab is a nail in the coffin of potency. Thus,  staring like an insane person at females or casting lascivious glances at ghair mahaareem, also diminishes  potency. In fact, deriving pleasure in the mind by thinking of evil, zina and the like, also exercise a detrimental effect on a person’s potency. The punishment is commensurate to the crime.

The ‘crisis’ which this couple and innumerable other couples are confronted with, will remain with them lifelong.  They have to come to terms with it and understand that this type of  self-inflicted  damage is irreparable.  However, they have the consolation of Taubah to  secure  their success and happiness of the Aakhirah. Life is short. Allah Ta’ala is Most Merciful. He forgives all sins. The couple should simply exercise patience. Whether they adopt patience or not, they are helpless. Impatience  is not the cure for impotency. However, patience and repentance may just be helpful. But, they should resign themselves to their current status for the little time they have left in this dunya.

Young people should take note and understand that by indulging in sexual perversion they will regret and cry when it is too late.

Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Close the door of sins with Isti-aathah (i.e. reciting Ta-awwuth), and with Bismillaah open the door of worship.”


Traveling to Dubai is ‘forbidden- Dubai is sin city!!!

A Saudi cleric has sparked controversy when he issued a fatwa (religious edict) this week barring travel
to Dubai because of the spread of “immoralities” there. Sheikh Mohamed al-Shanar used his Twitter
account to answer a question by a woman on whether a woman can visit Dubai without a male guardian.
“A woman asks me if it she may go to Dubai without a guardian. I answer her saying: going to Dubai is
forbidden, whether she was accompanied by a guardian or not [because of the spread of immoralities],
and sins increase if traveling without a guardian was not a necessity,” the cleric said on his Twitter
account. In Saudi Arabia, woman usually must be accompanied by a male guardian to be able to travel.
His fatwa prompted a wave of reaction from social media users and even from other religious scholars,
with many criticizing him as “odd” and “offensive.” In an interview with Al Arabiya, Saudi Sheikh
Abdulaziz al-Fozan, professor of comparative Islamic jurisprudence, described the fatwa as “incorrect
and erroneous.” Fozan explained that while the cleric said a woman shouldn’t travel to Dubai alone, he
went a step further by “generalizing” and prohibiting both males and females. Paint brushing Dubai as an
improper place is “incorrect as there are a lot of suitable places for Muslims to visit [in the emirate],”
Fozan said, while highlighting how the Emirati city offers “trade, tourism and shopping opportunities” to
Saudis. Unlike conservative Saudi Arabia, which follows strict Islamic teachings, Dubai has opened up to
expatriates from different backgrounds, who are allowed to indulge in alcohol and a glamorous night life
in the Emirati city’s plethora of hotels and entertainment venues.“It is better to travel to countries that are
similar to Saudi Arabia in terms of religion, language and culture than traveling to non-Muslim countries,”
Fozan said, in reference to the UAE’s more general similarities to the kingdom. The fatwa barring Saudis
not to travel to Dubai was the latest in religious edicts that are increasingly angering Saudis, especially
those who are active in social media, who soon lashed out in criticism. Saudi Twitter users urged the
kingdom’s religious scholars to punish those clerics who issue such fatwas, which they described as
“odd” and “offensive.” Similar Fatwas such as prohibiting a male not to be alone with another
“handsome” man or requesting young “beautiful” girls to wear the Islamic headscarves are among the
edicts that have previously sparked outrage.http://english.alarabiya.net/en/life-style/travel-and-tourism/2013/06/16/Cleric-denounces-fatwa-barring-Saudis-to-visit-sin-city-Dubai-.html


May Allah Ta’ala grant this farsighrted shaikh taufeeq to speak up for the truth and protect him from the immoral devils who make zina halaal!

Premarital sex in Islam

I’ve been told that premartial relationships are haram because they
lead to premarital sex, and that makes sense in the old times, when
contraception wasn’t as readily available, but in the modern era,
where condoms are and other contraceptives are easily available, why
are premartial relationships and sex prohibited? The way I see it, as
long as STDs and unplanned pregnancies aren’t an issue, there doesn’t
seem to be a huge problem with either premarital relationships or
premarital sex. Care to explain?
In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh.

You have been wrongly informed regarding the reason for the
prohibition of pre marital sex. In the past there were effective ways
to avoid pregnancy. The illustrious Fuqaha have even discussed the
laws of Azl( coitus interruptus) in which ejaculation takes place out
of the womb. The prohibition of premarital sex is absolute whether one
falls pregnant or not.
In fact every type of pre marital relationship is regarded as Zina.
This includes talking to ones future spouse through telephone, Skype
or internet chatting.
If potential spouses are convicted of pre marital sex, that is
regarded as fornication and in an Islamic state both will be punished
with 100 lashes. If pre marital sex was permissible, that would lead
to fornication across the board. Two persons who are convicted of
fornication would simply have to say that they are future spouses and
justify their fornication. Taking it a step further, extra marital
affairs too would be permissible as the convicted couple would simply
claim that they are divorcing their marriage partner and would marry
their ‘fiancé/e’.
The prohibition of pre marital sex is to safeguard the chastity,
dignity, and honour of future spouses and especially the girl from
abuse. What would happen if the future spouses engaged in sexual
activity and then one of them have a change of mind not to marry? That
could be devastating especially to a girl who may have sacrificed her
virginity to the person. While we do acknowledge that this could
happen even after marriage, however, there are laws regulating divorce
issues to safeguard one from such injustices. That is not so before
marriage. A woman would be used in the pretext of marriage to fulfill
ones carnal appetite and simply be dumped. In this world of
technological advancements where ones sexual appetite is unlimited,
men conduct themselves like vultures to prey on women and abuse them.
This is a common occurrence.
A women has a natural right of dignity and honor. She should never be
left to be abused. She is not an object to fulfill someone’s passion
and desire. She deserves much more than that. There is much write up
about women serving as prostitutes in dens. They feel no more than
animals and they themselves realize the beauty of Islam’s teachings in
preserving women in Hijab.
A woman in Islam is treasured like a Jewel. She is thus preserved in
her jewel box- her Hijab.
Mufti Ebrahim Desai

yeyyyy.Home births increased

naturalnews.com printable article
Originally published February 1 2012

Home births have increased by nearly 30 percent since 2004
by Elizabeth Walling
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(NaturalNews) More parents are taking control of their birthing options by choosing home births, says a new study from the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). Statistics released in late January say home births in the United States have risen by nearly 30 percent between 2004 and 2009.

“A lot of women really like the idea of home birth because they want a lower-intervention birth. A lot of women are worried about higher C-section rates and other types of intervention that happen once you go to the hospital,” said lead author Marian MacDorman from the CDC National Center for Health Statistics.

Statistics from the study show that women with other children are more likely to choose a home birth, as are white women and those age 35 and over.

Why are more women choosing home births?
Just one hundred years ago, home births were the norm across the country. But as we entered an era of new technology, home birth rates decreased rapidly until 99 percent of babies were born in a hospital setting in 1969. At this point most parents believed that modern medicine held all the keys to a safe birth. Unfortunately, this proved to be wrong.

Since then, many have questioned the need for so many medical interventions in what should be considered a completely natural event. As parents have discovered the hospital setting is not necessarily best for mother and baby, home births have been making a comeback.

Done with some careful planning and preparation, a home birth can be quite safe. A knowledgeable birth attendant can help decide if further care is needed during any part of the birth.

In fact, a study in 2009 showed that planned home births with registered midwives were as safe or even safer than hospital births. Home birthing mothers with midwives experienced a lower risk of complications like C-sections, infections and bleeding.

Saraswathi Vedam from the Home Birth Section of the American College of Nurse-Midwives says home birthing can definitely be a safe option for many women.

“Women who are healthy and have a profile of having a good outcome for them and their babies have come to understand that the equipment and personnel a hospital has to offer is not necessary for all women. It’s most appropriate for women and infants who have medical indications that could benefit from what the hospital offers,” she says.

Sources for this article include:





About the author:
Elizabeth Walling is a freelance writer specializing in health and family nutrition. She is a strong believer in natural living as a way to improve health and prevent modern disease. She enjoys thinking outside of the box and challenging common myths about health and wellness. You can visit her blog to learn more:



Q. Is there anything wrong for women to wear jeans?

A. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “There will be numerous women who wore clothing in the world who will (be resurrected) naked in Qiyaamah.” Women wearing lewd, kuffaar jeans come within the purview of this warning of Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). It is wrong and unlawful for even men to wear jeans. Jeans are immoral and haraam for even Muslim men. It is absolutely obscene and immoral for Muslim females to wear such lewd kuffaar style pants. According to the Shariah, the pants of the Muslim female should have the following qualities:

•Must be wide and baggy
•Must be distinctively feminine in colour
•Must cover the whole foot, i.e. well below the ankles so that the entire foot is concealed.
The wide, baggy dress worn over the pants must stretch right down to the ankles, thus concealing even this wide, baggy, distinctively feminine trousers.

From this you will understand that in the wildest dreams of a Muslim female who has Imaani shame, jeans can never be permissible. Only a thoroughly immoral Muslim woman who has banished every vestige of haya (Imaani shame) will have the audacity to wear jeans.



Question: A Mufti Sahib says that it is permissible for businesses to employ non-Muslim female staff. It is the duty of the employer to instruct his non-Muslim female staff to dress properly, not scantily, and their legs from below the knees may be exposed since the aurah of a non-Muslim female is from her neck to her knees. When interacting with his female staff, the boss should merely cast down his gaze according to the Mufti Sahib. Is this view correct?

ANSWER: No, this view is incorrect. The laws of the Shariah are conditioned and circumscribed by different Fiqhi (juridical) principles of the Shariah. Permissibility in particular are regulated by such principles. An act may be initially permissible, however, due to circumstances and extraneous factors of fitnah and evil, the permissibility becomes haraam. Consider the initial permissibility of marriage to the females of the Ahl-e-Kitaab while they retain their religion. When such a marriage despite its validity constitutes a threat to the Imaan and Akhlaaq of the husband and/or the resultant children, the ruling of prohibition (Li ghairihi) will become applicable.
Hadhrat Umar (radhiyallahu anhu) during his Khilaafat had appointed the very senior Sahaabi, Hadhrat Huzaifah (radhiyallahu anhu) to be the governor of a country. Information reached Hadhrat Umar (radhiyallahu anhu) in Madinah that Hadhrat Huzaifah (radhiyallahu anhu) had married a woman from the Ahl-e-Kitaab. The Khalifah immediately dispatched an order to Hadhrat Huzaifah to divorce the woman. In response, Hadhrat Huzaifah (radhiyallahu anhu) wrote for clarification. He wanted to know his error/sin. He did not comprehend the Khalifah’s wisdom because the Qur’aan permits marriage to the females of the Ahl-e-Kitaab. When the Khalifah received Hadhrat Huzaifah’s letter, he (Hadhrat Umar) wrote back: “I am not making haraam what Allah has made halaal. But, before you set down this letter of mine, divorce her.” When this command reached Hadhrat Huzaifah (radhiyallahu anhu), he immediately submitted, complied and divorced the woman. This was the degree of obedience of the Sahaabah to Authority.
Whatever the rationale of the Khalifah was for his command, is not the subject of this discussion. What is noteworthy is that based on Shar’i principles, he issued a proscription for an initial permissibility. The Qur’aan Majeed, enunciating a principle for circumscription, states: “And do not approach even near to zina.” The Qur’aan-e-Hakeem does not say: Do not commit zina. It commands abstention and distance from all permissible acts which lead up to zina. The introduction to haraam is likewise haraam. This too is a Shar’i principle. Thus, on the basis of such Qur’aanic and Sunnah principles, the Fuqaha of all Mathhabs from the time of the Sahaabah, have unanimously ruled that despite the face of a Muslim woman not being her aurah, it is nevertheless Waajib (compulsory) that her face be concealed from the public on account of the presence of the factor of fitnah. Furthermore, for the validity and applicability of a fatwa, it is incumbent to take into account the prevailing circumstances. Hence, if the current situation leads to moral corruption, vice and the like, an act will be declared haraam in terms of the Shariah notwithstanding its initial permissibility. Only Muftis whose Baatin is adorned with Taqwa and Wara’ understand these issues and are qualified to issue fatwas. Should it be accepted that initially it is permissible to employ non-Muslim females in shops and factories, etc., and even if their satr is from the neck to the knees, the preponderance of a host of concomitant evils invokes the fatwa of prohibition. The prevailing circumstances which foster immorality and zina of all kinds leave no scope for permissibility to employ even non-Muslim female staff in capacities where they are constrained to intermingle with the employer in particular, and with males in general. The advice that the ‘boss should merely cast down his gaze’ is preposterous. The Qur’aan Majeed commands: “Do not approach even near to zina.” Is it possible for the immoral men and women dressed scantily and provocatively, of our times who are constantly in close and frivolous contact in shops and offices to cast down their gazes? The gaze can be cast down if a man has true Taqwa, and he is not in contact with females, and he suddenly sees a woman. But with the type of immoral and close inter-relationship between the boss and his female staff nowadays, the advice about casting down the gaze is irrational and subject to mirth. In practice the issues of casting down the gaze and non-Muslim women dressing modestly in loose-fitting garments which do not reveal their aurah, and bosses not being in frivolous and immoral contact with the female staff, are nonexistent and the imposition of these requisites is a virtual impossibility in this age and environment. There are principles of the Shariah such as Ishtiraak-e-Illat, Dalaalatun Nass, Ishaaratun Nass, Hurmat Lighairihi, etc., which may not be ignored when issuing fatwas. Consider the prohibition of female emergence from the home. Although by way of Ibaaratun Nass the prohibition initially and primarily applies to the Azwaaj Mutahharaat (the Holy Wives) of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), on the basis of the principles of Dalaalatun Nass and Ishtiraak-e-Illat, the prohibition is not only extended by the Shariah to all Muslim women, but has greater applicability and emphasis for them in view of the greater threat of fitnah in relation to the Azwaaj-e-Mutahharaat. Just as the initial permissibility germane to the exposed face of a Muslim woman is proscribed by various principles of the Shariah, so too is the employment of non-Muslim females prohibited. In fact, in this era these women pose a greater threat to the morals and Imaan of males, hence the prohibition has greater force. Privacy of the boss with his female staff, flirting with them, their intermingling with males on the premises, their alluring conversation and stances designed to seduce, their donning of immoral and provocative dress, the impossibility of imposing abayas and purdah on them, and the wide scope for immoral contact with them, are the order of the day in shops, offices and factories where female staff is employed. Many Muslim marriages have broken down or terminally soured as direct consequences of the immoral and haraam involvement of the employer with his female staff. In the prevailing scenario of evil, immorality and vice it is never permissible to employ any female staff. While this may be a cry in the wilderness, it will be upheld with vehemence in Allah’s Court in the Aakhirah. It is our obligation to only deliver the Haqq



This article was prepared by an Australian brother regarding the western medicine.

For the last three years I have been writing my thoughts and observations regarding the futility and immorality of the ritual examinations of pregnant women and the haraam tactics adopted by obstetricians. I thought in terms of the Sharia but had now way to proof it scientifically. The book, “Health Shock” devotes a chapter on the risk of all types of obstetrical interventions. But, that was not enough, I felt.
Finally my search for literature on this subject proved successful.
The book, “Male Practice-How the Doctors Manipulate Women”, answers all my questions.
Dr. Robert Mendelsohn gives enough details on the subject ranging from obstetricians to hazardous and erotic interventions.
Dr. Mendelsohn calls obstetricians idiots.
The present birth position adopted in hospitals, the learned doctors says originated with King Louis XIV. To satisfy his erotic desire of peeping from behind the curtain, he induced his nurses to adopt the current posture ( the supine position/ lying on a table like bed high over the ground, the legs strapped up high in the air ) for his laboring mistresses so that he could get an erotic few of it. The birhting stool disappeared and the supine position was adopted. A risky and an erotic view sustained by royal patronage was elevated to a science. There are many dangers to the child and the mother by adopting this supine position.
Research has revealed that squatting alters the pelvic shape in a way that makes it advantageous for delivery. But by a royal edict the law of gravity was subverted. The lithotomy position was the result of an erotic craving of the aberrant French king, which position it is said creates the pathology that makes normal birth abnormal.
Eroticism is at the heart of many modern medical practices.
There are the erotic contact, erotic ogling, erotic handling, erotic prickling and in extreme cases erotic orgasm. On account of this type of perversion sociologists consider nude examination of pregnant women an act similar to rape. The recollection of this physical violence gives them recurrent nightmares.

Dr. Mendlsohn states in support of this:
“Clearly, sexist behavior is at the heart of the medical abuse that women suffer.”

In terms of the Sharia such libertine acts are forms of adultery. When the doctor does vaginal examinations, he perpetrates zina of the hands. When he cast his gaze on the female body, he commits zina of the heart.
Very often we read reports of the misbehavior of physicians towards female patients. To avoid the commission of sexual excesses, the Sharia has defined the role of a physician within certain prescribed limits.
But, the shamelessness kuffar savages have devised ways to plunder female modesty in the name of medicine.They derive erotic pleasure by viewing the nude female body. The white-robed “priests” pose as saints to the unsuspecting victim.
The entire immoral ritual of female examinations like prickling, pinching, squeezing, rubbing and ogling has sexual connections but no basis in science.
Dr. Mendelsohn describes all routine examinations purposeless and ritualistic. In fact, the Doctor explodes:
“Doctors are latter-day Don Quixote, battling sometimes real but too often imaginary diseases. The disastrous difference is that doctors are not tilting at windmills.
Rather, it is people who are damaged by their insistent search for dubious diseases to conquer.”

Another tragedy which occurred in medical history, was the transition of the functions of the midwifes to the hands of male doctors. For thousands of years, midwives have been faithfully and efficiently executing their duty of assisting in delivering babies.
The natural births they attended to were a tremendous success without the complexities we see the happening today in hospitals births because of technological and obstetrical intervention.
Dr. Mendelsohn recounts the story of how the male doctor arrogated to themselves the function of the dictates midwives thus:
“The obstetrical practice originated in Europe when the 18th century male barber-surgeons realized that they were losing countless opportunities to increase their income, and began plotting to the take childbirth away from the midwives. It wasn’t easy to do because midwives were quite capable of assisting at childbirth and had been demonstrating this capability for thousands of years.
In Order to get their hands on all those patients, the doctors had to convert childbirth into a disease. They did it by interfering with the natural process and creating medical interventions that only they could perform.
As insurance, they defamed the midwives, branding them as witches. The first “witch” hanged in the American colonies was a midwife whom the doctors accused”.

When barber-surgeons came to the scene, pandemonium resulted. Dr. Mendelsohn says:
“Maternal and infant death rates doubled when the barber-surgeons got into that act. Hospitalized mothers got child bed fever because doctors rushed from the sick beds to autopsies to deliveries without bothering washing their hands”, He further says: “ Almost every stage of obstetrical procedure in the hospital is part of the mechanism that enables the doctor to create his own pathology. Once he has created the pathology, he has the excuse to intervene.”

He cites results from a study of 2000 births conducted by Dr. Lewis E.Mahl of the University of Wisconsin Infant Development Centre. Of these nearly half were home-births. Home-births being safer were noticeable.
There were 30 birth injuries among the hospital born babies and none among those born at home. 52 of the babies born in the hospitals needed resuscitation against 14 born at home. Six hospital babies suffered neurological damage compared to only 1 of the born at home. None of the home-born babies died after birth although the national infant mortality rate is more than 22 per 1000.

“Dr. Albert D.Havercamp, head of the high-risk obstetrics section at Denver General Hospital says that the use of internal fetal monitors nearly doubled the number of Caesarean sections performed in American hospitals between 1971 and 1976”.

Dr. Mendelsohn has this to say:
“Women would find having babies a lot less painful, risky and demeaning if the obstetrical specialty was simply abolished. Except for a handful of doctors who encourage natural childbirth, obstetricians are guilty of perpetuating an unhealthy\ unscientific, medical disgrace…
I have a low regard for Modern Medicine in general but obstetrics sets my teeth on edge.
It is only medical specialty in which almost everything that the doctor does is medically indefensible and terribly wrong

TABLIGH JAMAA’T-Leaving the women home alone and ignoring the responisbilities toward their family and the act of Hijaab


Q. While I was delivering furniture in Lenasia, I noticed a young girl aged 12 or 13 and her small brother riding bicycles in the street. A group of boys approached her and started kicking her bicycle. It was clear that she knew them from school, etc. One boy from the group said to her: ‘I’ll rape you.” I then jumped off the back of the truck and went for them all. The boy (a Muslim) said that he was joking. I hit him with the baton I keep with me. I made the others bend down and gave them six of the best like we used to get when we were small. I took down all their details. They were collecting money for their school. I called their parents and also took them to the police station and laid a charge of attempted rape. They could not be charged, but the child protection unit was sent to the school to interview them, etc. I turned my attention to the girl and asked her where her dad and mum were. She said that her dad was away in Jamaa’t for four months and her mother was working. Her eldest sister was indoors when this incident happened. I would really love to bring this episode to the attention of the elders of the Jamaa’t in Johannesburg. This brother should be blacklisted for prostituting his wife and his daughter while he goes on a holiday/picnic. Please comment.

A. Alhamdulillah, you reacted correctly. May Allah Ta’ala reward you for your Deeni concern. Parents are the primary cause for the destruction of their children’s morals. This father/husband is indeed shameless and a good-for-nothing fellow. He deludes himself with his four-months outing or camping/picnicking as you describe it. In the circumstances it was undoubtedly haraam for the girl’s father to go out with the Jamaa’t for four months thereby exposing his daughter to the immoral wolves which prowl around. Furthermore, this man is a spineless creature for allowing his wife into the streets to earn a living while he camps and picnics. The Waajib duty of the father is to work, earn and support his family while the mother has to remain at home taking care of the children. The Jamaa’t elders should be more circumspect when they enlist prospective participants, especially when the absence from home entails long periods and absence from the country. A man should not go for any journey if he is unable to make adequate Shar’i arrangements for his wife and children or for any other of his dependents such as parents, etc. What type of tabligh is it which requires a man to leave the shop in his wife’s care while he is away? He casts his wife into the cauldron of zina by such haraam action. Nowadays, we find an inversion of roles, hence everything nowadays is inverted and upside down. Even the chickens are killed upside down. The father of this girl is a Dayyooth. Instead of working for the bread of his family, he wanders around, shirking his Waajib duties and sponging on his wife. He should drown himself in shame. You should inform the elders of the Tabligh Jamaa’t of this rotten episode.

Homosexuality in “Islamic” Schools


Q. We’ve heard so many bad stories about young children being involved in gay/lesbian activities in the so-called Islamic schools, that it has become scary. My granddaughter of 5 years old goes to an Islamic school from 7.30 am to 12.30 pm. However, after all the fitnah we have heard and read about recently, especially during Ramadhaan, I want to remove her from the school. I want to arrange home-schooling for her. I don’t want her to be exposed to all the immoral filth that is going on at these schools, but my son is saying: ‘We can’t lock her up because of it’.

A. Our advice is that you should remove your granddaughter immediately from these evil and immoral schools and so-called Islamic schools. We have been writing in The Majlis for years about the evils of these socalled Islamic schools. But people are not interested. Only when they are drowning will their eyes open. You should remove your child immediately and arrange to teach her at home. Once the child’s morals are ruined, then her whole future life will be a life of hell. Every minute she is in the evil and immoral school environment, she is exposed to the filth which you have read in the papers. The Imaan of the children becomes so corrupted in these satanic schools, that they lose all sense of shame, hence they perpetrate their immoral filth right inside the Musjidduring the month of Ramadhaan under the subterfuge of I’tikaaf. Inna lillaahi wainna ilayhi raajioon. Will your son love that one day in the Aakhirah his daughter be ‘locked up’ in Jahannum? If he will not love his daughter to suffer in Jahannum, then he should not justify evil with nonsensical arguments.



Q. According to a Mufti it is permissible to sell over the counter birth control pills to just anyone. Does this not encourage zina? He bases his answer on a principle in Raddul Muhtaar. The Mufti says that the seller should assume that the pill will be used lawfully.

A. The Mufti has erred. He has not applied his mind to the evils and moral dangers of selling the ‘zina’ pill over the counter. His argument that it is permissible to freely sell just everything which is permissible to use lacks wisdom. A Mufti is required to take into consideration the habits, practices, norms, attitudes of people. There are many circumstances which have to be considered before issuing a fatwa simply based on a dry juridical principle. While the principle mentioned in Raddul Muhtaar is 100% correct, the Mufti is required to have viewed it in the light of the Qur’aanic aayat : “Do not come near to zina”, as well as other Fiqhi principles. To sell grapes is perfectly permissible. But to enter into a contract with a winery to sell grapes is haraam. He says that the seller should ‘assume that the pill will be used lawfully’. In the present age of immorality the inference that young unmarried persons buying the pill require it for zina is valid. It is known that zina is practised on a massive scale in this immoral age. Hence, even if it is initially lawful to sell the pill for a valid reason, it is not permissible to sell it over the counter to just anyone, especially unmarried persons. When there are reasonable grounds for assuming that the pill will be put to evil use then it is haraam to sell it to all and sundry.
Ifta’ (issuing fatwas) is a deep and dangerous ocean. It is not for everyone who holds a ‘mufti’ certificate to dive into this ocean. Nowadays muftis lead the masses astray with their corrupt fatwas.

Purdah in ones Family


SOMEONE ASKED RASULULLAH (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) regarding observance of purdah/hijaab for the brother-in-law. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “The brother-in-law is Maut(Death).” A woman should observe stricter purdah for her brother-in-law and male cousins than for total strangers. The possibility of fitnah (the mischief of moral turpitude) is greater with regard to such relatives of the ghair mahram category. The free intermingling which is generally practised by relatives of this class lead to great family upheavals which end in breakdown of marriages and lasting animosity between brothers. Shaitaan is ever present to ruin the Imaan and character of Muslims. The mingling of brothers-in-law with their sisters-in-law and male and female cousins provide the ideal opportunities for shaitaani manipulation. There are too many cases of  ruined marriages and lasting animosity between brothers which have been
caused by the evil of free association of men with their sisters-in-law.

Use of condoms in Islam

Q. Is it permissible for married persons to use condoms?

Q. Is it permissible for married persons to use condoms?
A. Condoms are devices of zina. These filthy items are manufactured primarily for free indulgence in fornication. It is not permissible for Muslims to use such evil items. People of Imaan should not stoop to such a swine level of immorality and shamelessness. The bestiality of man is adorned with celestial substances. The Mu’min is not expected to behave like a pig, whose lifestyle, the kuffaar are emulating.

  • A new method of contraception is on the market. A patch of plaster is put on one’s arm. It has to be changed once a week, and it gives the same results as contraceptive pills. Is it permissible to use this new method?

    Answer: All forms of contraception hitherto existing and all forms which will still be invented, are unnatural ways and means. All methods which suppress and interfere with the natural bodily functions created by Allah Ta’ala are most assuredly harmful and injurious to the body. This applies to even the tablets which some women take to suppress their monthly haidh (menses) cycle. The effect of these tablets is the creation of complications, sickness, displacement of the normal cycle and the unpredictability of the cycles. Confusion between haidh and istihaadhah is also among the effects of the unnatural tablets which compels the absorption and assimilation of filth and impurities by the body. At one time the contraceptive pill as well as other methods of contraception were marketed as ‘safe’ measures. But later, the western medical establishment itself confirmed the great harms of these unnatural methods invented to fight the Taqdeer of Allah Ta’ala. We are not aware of this new plaster method.

    However, despite its overt ‘safety’, we are almost certain that time will expose the harms of even this method. Nevertheless, if there is a real, valid, pressing need to use it, for example, the ill-health of the woman, it will be permissible. But, do remember: no one can thwart the decree of Allah Azza Wa Jal. The soul whom He has decreed to appear on earth, shall do so regardless of whatever contraception is used.