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The Religion in Your Town – Read All about it….

It has come to our attention as concerned Ulamaa that deceptive preachers have been trying to spread a new and divisive religion in South Africa, intent on creating confusion and developing hatred amongst each other.

These preachers have Muslim sounding names, but what they are trying to slowly indoctrinate people into, is not Christianity, It’s not Judaism, It’s not Hinduism, and it’s definitely not Islam. Let’s see if YOU can guess what this religion is, based on their own stated beliefs:

v  They say they believe in God, but they say that:

v  He can and often makes mistakes

v  He can and often forgets

v  He plans but He is so incapable that often His plans don’t come into existence the way He planned

v  He revealed a book of guidance for people but no one has ever seen it as their leader is hiding away

with it for the last 1200 years in a cave that no one knows the location.

v  When He is angry He cannot differentiate between friends and enemies

v  He did not create everything that exists

v  They say they believe in the Prophets, but:

v  their leaders are higher than Prophets and are getting revelation directly from God

v  their leaders are the face of God, the eyes of God and the tongue of God amongst His creation

v  their leaders can make things allowed or not allowed as per their will

v  People are rewarded in this strange religion for:

v  Lying to and deceiving others

v  Giving their daughters and wives up for a practice similar to prostitution

v  Adultery and fornication

v  The following is amongst the things allowed according to their religion:

v  Looking at private parts of others

v  To let someone else have intercourse with his wife

v  Anal intercourse etc


Can you guess what the name of this devilish religion is?


Maybe you are familiar with some of these statements and you know what the religion is, but for those of you who are unaware, let me tell you that these are the beliefs of the evil…



These preachers of Shiasm will however not let you know that these are their beliefs. Of course not.

They will deny it as part of their practice of lying, they will appear as very friendly and helpful Muslims while they slowly indoctrinate you into their kufr belief system and take you out of the fold of Islam.

They do this by first creating a resentment and hatred towards the truthful scholars of Islam, the righteous Ulamaa of our country and the Madaaris and other institutions by identifying and magnifying small grievances that may exist, lying about the statements and talks of the Ulamaa and fabricating stories to support their false views.

Then they do the same about the Sahabah (RA), [the illustrious companions of the Prophet (SAW)]

Then they will tell you that the Quráan is not complete and it has been altered and the real one is with their Imam.

If you start to believe this, then by now you are on the verge of going out of the fold of Islam and becoming a Shia.


So be aware, don’t be duped…

Don’t fall for their programs that they arrange under false titles, health talks, sweet talks, “get togethers” etc. where they begin to poison your Imaan, targeted especially towards the ladies.


See below what else their practices and beliefs are and protect your Imaan:

  • Their Kalimah: La Ila Haa Illallahu Muhammadur Rasoolullahi Aliyun Waliyullahi Wasiyyu Rasulillahi Wa Khalifatuhu Bila Faslin
  • Their Azaan: Ash Hadu Anna – Alian Waliullah Wa Rasulullah wa Khalifatu hu bila faslin (Meaning: I bear witness that Ali (RA) is the Vicegerent of Allah and the Messenger of Allah and Allah’s Khalifa without a time interval)
  • What they say about the Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam):
  • He (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) was scared of the creation of Allah and did not propagate the Deen correctly.
  • The Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam) asked for payment for teaching Islam
  • The Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam) forgot Surahs of the Quran that were revealed to Him (Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam)
  • Their fundamental belief of Imams:
  • they believe in 12 Imaams after Rasulullaah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam).
  • they believe the Imams are Masoom (innocent and sinless)
  • the Imams can change what is Halaal to Haraam and Haraam to Halaal
  • Imaams are higher in status than the Prophets including our Nabi Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam)
  • The Imams have more knowledge than the Prophets (A.S.)
  • They say if one does not believe the above about their Imaams then one is a Kaafir.
  • What they say about Ayesha (RA) who is one of the mothers of the believers and who has the honor of Allah confirming her chastity and purity in Qur’aan itself:
  • They say she is in Jahannam and she became a Murtad (disbeliever) after the passing away of the Prophet (SAW)
  • They say she poisoned the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) & that she committed adultery
  • What they say about the Sahabah (RA)
  • All of them became Murtad except a few
  • Abu Bakr (RA), Umar (RA) & Uthman (RA) usurped the Khilafat from Ali (RA) who was supposed to be the Khalifah (even though not a single person ever said this during their time)
  • What they say about the Muslims who do not believe in their falsehood
  • They say we are Kaafir, worse than dogs and swines
  • They say we are all illegitimate children, only the Shias are legitimate
  • They say the most dirty water is that left over by us
  • They say we are created from the soil of Jahannam and the Shias are created from the soil of Jannah
  • Their scholars say it is permissible to kill us and and take our wealth with no reason
  • What Hazrat Ali (RA) said about them
  • Addressing them directly he said: ““By Allah, how bad are you for igniting flames of war.”
  • Also to them directly: “I always apprehended from you consequences of treachery and I had seen through you in the garb of the deceitful.”
  • “They have no loyalty, nor any integrity in word or deed. They are in disagreement. They claim that their hearts are with us, but their swords are drawn against us.”
  • Other strange and hypocritical beliefs and practices:
  • The land of Karbala in Iran is better than the Kaabah and it is more virtuous to go there instead of Umra & Hajj
  • They say Salaat can be made in the direction of their “Imams” graves and in the direction of Karbala
  • They say the people of Madinah are 70 times dirtier than the people of Makkah
  • They love the jews, in fact it was a jew by the name of Abdullah Bin Saba who started this false religion
  • They say If you commit Mutah (temporary marriage which they use to justify adultery) four times you become higher in status than Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam)
  • Prophets make mistakes which eventually deprives them of Prophethood & Adam (A.S.) is worse than Shaitaan.


May Allah save us all from these Kufr beliefs and from these sweet talking preachers who are plotting day and night to rob us and our children of Imaan.


(All the above statements are taken from the Shia books themselves and therefore cannot be denied by them, references:


Usul Kafi- Babul badaa – Al- Kafi Vol- 1;

Kashful Asraar – 107 – Khomeni..;

Rijaal Kashsi . 138. India Print.;

Wahdat Islaami – June 84 P1- monthly Iranian Goverment. Periodical.;

Tafseer Ali Qummi-; Anwaar – Nomaan Niyyah Vol 2.;

Haqqul Yaqeen P342.;

Tahrirul Wasillah Vol-2;

Ujul – e- Hasana;

Tafseer Mianjajus Sadiqeen;

Tahdhidul Akaam;

Tafseer – al- Waseelah.;)




The huge and spectacular victory and gains which the Mujaahideen of ISIS (The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) have made in recent days,  their lightning advance towards Baghdad, and the ignominious flight of 30,000 Iraqi Shiah soldiers abandoning their weapons in the onslaught by 1,300 Mujaahideen  have surprised and flabbergasted both the Mujaahideen and the kuffaar enemies. There is no rational explanation for these stunning successes of the Mujaahideen. We can interpret it only as being the Nusrat of Allah Ta’ala.

Cautioning the Mujaahideen against vanity, pride and injustice, a spokesman for ISIS said:

“Beware of ujub (vanity) and the nafs (bestial emotion). Do not let your nafs be the victim of your recent military successes and gains such as  the Humvees, helicopters, rifles and military equipment you have captured. Be  just and moderate to the Sunnis even to those who  had previously fought on the side of the (kufr/shiah) government. Accept their repentance. Do not interfere with those who do not interfere with you. Forgive your Sunni brothers and be gentle to their tribes.

It is Allah Alone who defeats the Shiahs. Praise unto Allah Who instils fear into the hearts of the Shiahs. Do not concede territory to them unless they walk over your dead bodies to gain it. March towards Baghdad, and do not let the Shiahs breathe. The Shiahs are a disgraceful people. They worship the dead and stone.

Only recently have we been subjected to imprisonment, torture and military raids. We had to take refuge in the mountains, in underground bunkers, in valleys and in the expanse of the desert.”


The least the Ummah can offer is to make fervent and constant Dua for the victory of the Mujaahideen and the establishment of a true Darul Islam.

15 Sha’baan 1435 – 14 June 2014

Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias’ Fatwas on Maulana Tariq Jameelstion




    Question number

    #8399 – 28/10/2012


    Assalamualaikum,Mufti saheb..I would like to know Islamic status & truth of the views of an Alim who calls himself Sunni,Hanafi & Deobandi.These are the views from his talks:1)We are raw Muslims.To get out of this whirlpool,we will not find way from the age of Sahaba.We will have to go back to Bani Israil.2)It was not proper for the government to fall into the hands of a senior Sahabi,so Hazrat Muaviah(ra) was made Khalifa.Certainly Hazrat Ali(ra) was on truth & Muaviah(ra) was at mistake.In this issue all Ahlus Sunnah become Shia.3)If the imputer of Hazrat Ayesha(ra) can be forgiven,then why not Shia of today?4)There should not be any difference in the ummah;this prayer was not accepted.Because of this reason Prophet(saw) did not appoint.Had he appointed,the difference would not have arisen that there would be Abu Bakr(ra) after him.Shia would have said,’He gave Khilafat to us’.We say,’He has given it to Abu Bakr(ra).There is no clarification in the indication.Prophet(saw) did not appoint anyone.He has preserved it on the will of Allah.Almighty Allah said,’There will be difference’.5)There was second thing also.Had Prophet(saw) appointed,and had there been failure in that and it had to fail,since now first time this is happening in history of the world that a non-innocent(ghair masoom) is taking the place of an innocent(masoom).Till today it did not happen that a non-innocent was taking the place of an innocent.First time this is happening in human history that a non-innocent will sit in the place of the innocent,so non-innocent is there only that he has to make mistake.The Prophet of Allah selects and places him at his place,then if he fails and falls short in that,then it will be attributed to the Prophet of Allah.6)The second thing was that,had he appointed(Khalifa) and had anyone refused it,he would have perished.7)And there was another thing also that,had Prophet(saw) appointed,and had there been failure in that and it had to happen.8)Neither we consider them(Sahaba) masoom nor we consider them mahfooz.9)I tell you this also often,this is extremism to transgress in refutation of Shia.10)Contemplating on that,this thing emerged that appointment by the Prophet of Almighty Allah,then had there been any failure in that,then no one would have objected.The dereliction would have been ascribed to the Prophet of Allah.Prophets are to be kept clean.No dust should affect them,neither in their life nor on their death nor after their death.11)This is fanaticism that we make Sahaba(ra) masoom against Shia.I never had this mind that they are masoom.Masoom and mahfooz is the same thing.12)The preference for Khilafat is not piety(taqwa).The preference for Khilafat is policy(tadbeer),as to how he is in policy.13)Muaviah(ra) was not even equal to the nail of Abdullah ibn Umar with respect to grade.14)Their(Sahaba’s) acquittal(bara’at) is a part of our faith;it is right.They were not masoom,were not Prophets,were not mahfooz.This Asmat and Tahaffuz is the same thing.Is there any difference between them?If Allah forgave them,then defence of Sahaba like this is not proper that you start interpreting(taweel) their mistakes.15)Umar(ra) got 99% close to Asmat but he could not score 100 marks.The century scorer will be masoom,so we can give him 99.5 marks;we will leave the half so that there should be difference between a Prophet and non Prophet,so that no dust should come over the personality of Prophets;it should be clean.16)I told the student:Addeenun naseehah.Its common meaning is well wishing.You wish well for a disbeliever,wrong doer.You will lead him to paradise or hell?He said,to paradise.I said,’Considering a Shia kaafir is a way to lead him to paradise or hell?Silent!I said,’Christians are big disbelievers or Shia?He said,’Christians’.I said,’Hate Christians’.These abuse Sahaba(ra);those ascribe son to Allah.Ascribing a son to Allah is big crime or calling Abu Bakr and Umar(ra) kaafir is bigger crime?17)The creed of Barelvis keeps them within Islam.I heard from Moulana Abdullah saheb about Imam Ahmad Raza that disbelief is not found in his writings.He reached the extent of Bid’at just in passion of love.18)I do not know if anybody till today has called its(Shia’s) slaughter impermissible.Slaughter of a Jew and Christian is permissible and Shia’s is impermissible?How strange this is?I have heard this for the first time.19)Shia do not believe in the addition in Kalimah.Aliyyun Waliullah is also addition of their common people.Whatever you all have read,heard is all trivial.

    1) This is contrary to what Rasulullaah (S.A.W) himself said, this view of the so called Deobandi Alim is totally wrong. 2) Hadhrat Muawiya (A.S) cannot be criticized in anyway – See on site ‘Hahrat Muawiya at a glance’ This Alim is totally confused. Perhaps not mentally well. 3) The Shia of today has beliefs of Kufr. His analogy us mud-pisitioned. 4) Now this person is even trying to attach Nabi (S.A.W). There was no difference in the appointment of Hadhrat Abu Bakr (R.A.) – Hear tapes on out site. 5) The person is confusing the Role of Nabi and non-Nabi. He is a babbling BunKum. 6) Why create un-necessary un-called luxurious possibilities. 7) as (6) 8) Sahabah (R.A.) are Mahfooz is the view of the Ahlus Sunnat wal Jamaat. 9) He could be a hidden Shia – expose him by name so the general public are aware. 10) as (6) 11) Masoom and Mahfooz are NOT the same. This person does not know simple basics. !2) It is Taqdeer with Ilm coupled with piety. Now that it is has happened. Accept it for it cannot be changed. 13) Where is the proof of this statement? 14) as (11) 15) as (8) 16) Both are crimes. A crime is a crime. 17) This is a quick, rash, hasty statement. 18) This person should read ‘Encyclopedia of Qurbaani Laws’, for details on Shia slaughter being Haraam. 19) See on site – ‘Historical record’ for further details on Shias and their own Kalimah. This person is lost and trying his utmost to loose others. Expose him totally so that the Imaan and Islaam of others are protected.
    And Allah Knows Best

    Mufti Elias (May Allah Protect him)
    Category: Aqaaid (Beliefs and Practices)

    Question #8402 – 28/10/2012

    Assalamualaikum,Mufti Saheb.I would like to know the truth & Islamic status of the views of an Alim who calls himself Sunni,Hanafi & Deobandi.These are his views quoted from his talks:1)There was no introduction of the ulama of Deoband in Arab.2)Imam saheb(Abu Hanifa) has met two Sahaba(ra).3)Fathima(ra) became displeased.It is natural.Not that she had greed for things.She would think that Abu Bakr(ra) did not give them heritage,whereas it was their right.So she got displeased because of the right,and the saying of Hazrat Ali(ra):’You people did not share with us’.This is also right that then the council which took place about Khilafat,Ali(ra) was not present in that.He was present there in giving bath that exactly at that time this issue arose,and his stand was that at least he had some right because of the relationship.4)Now Saa’d bin Ubadah did not accept(Abu Bakr(ra)as Khalifa),he did not accept till end.Khalid bin Saeed bin Aas did not accept,Ali did not accept.He took Bai’ah after the demise of Hazrat Fathima(ra).Khalid bin Saeed also had spent 4 or 5 months,then he took Bai’ah.5)A Khariji was brought before Abdul Malik bin Marwan.He scolded him,’Why they always fight?He asked,’Why the Prophet of Allah did not appoint Khalifa?Abdul Malik kept quiet.The Khariji said,’He did not do it because difference had to remain in ummah,so he left it to the will of Allah’.I liked this answer very much.6)Hazrat Ali(ra) said:’We have complaint that we had to be included.And the matter was right that they were the closest relatives and they also were right that they had not gone there with any plan.Such an uproar had created there that if it had not been dealt with immediately,do not know what would have happened.On the first day itself ummah would have divided into 2 groups.So respect everybody.7)Read the discourses of Hazrat Thanvi(rah);there is no way for a common man to benefit from it.The language is so complicated and scholarly.It seemed that there used to be mostly ulama before Hazrat Thanvi(rah),and common people also were such that whose scholarly desire,consciousness was awake.So the writings of our elders were very complicated.There was scholarly appearance,scholarly hue in that.Moududi saheb is the first person who presented Deen in easily comprehensible way,and people understood that also.8)The maslak of Jumhoor is that Prophets are alive in their graves with respect to body and soul…but the matter which emerged,which was started by Moulana Husain Ali…on the arrival of Qari Tayyib saheb,from the Mamatis Moulana Ghulamullah Khan had retracted.9)This is an addition of Moulvi Shahid saheb.Moulana Zakariyya did not write any booklet.There was an Alim who had studied at Saharanpur.He joined with Moududi saheb.Moulana Zakariyya saheb wrote him a letter.The letter was of personal sort.Grandson after him is a publisher,businessman.He published it from business point of view and gave it a very improper name ‘Fitna-e-Moududiat’.

    1) This has been done on a limited scale. 2) Move 3) In the beginning there was some doubt concerning the inheritance but upon clarification of Hadhrat Abu Bakr (R.A.) all doubts were removed. Hadhrat Ali (R.A.) to erase any doubt subsequently publicly took allegiance to Hadhrat Abu Bakr (R.A.). This person does not not know his own History. 4) Lack of proper history knowledge leads to such drivel 5) The non-appointment by Nabi (S.A.W) has its wisdoms but for differences. 6) This is voicing Shiasm. 7) So simplify Moulana Thanvis works. Maududis Sahib is deviate. See site for details – publications – Maududism is Shia pocket edition. 8) What is being said, I do not understand? 9) The content matter of the letter was/is Valid and still stands.
    And Allah Knows Best

    Mufti Elias (May Allah Protect him)
    Category: Deviated

    Question #8403 – 28/10/2012

    Assalamualaikum,Mufti saheb.I would like to know the truth & Islamic status of the views of an Alim who calls himself Sunni,Hanafi & Deobandi.I have already sent two questions regarding Aqaid and Tarikh.I expect answer of each view separately.These are his views quoted from his talks:1)Work is done on negative aspect in madrasas.2)All(Islamic) movements of the past hundred years failed.3)Debates are waste.4)Madrasas have been ruined because of clash between Qadri,Naqshbandi sects.5)The environment of madrasas is based on fanaticism.6)Negative mode of education prevails in madrasas.7)The share for the Qur’an and Hadith is less in our pattern of teaching.8)Let all the sects remain in Islam.9)Moulana Sarfaraz Khan saheb is crown of our head,but he has written all his life on negative aspect.Extremism takes birth in pen by keeping on writing on negative aspect.In his books is refutation of Barelviat,refutation of Rafziat,refutation of Ghair Muqallidiat;refutation,refutation,refutation.He has spent all his life in refutation.So one who keeps on refuting,extremism creeps in his view.10)Moulana(Ameen) Safdar saheb(rah) who would refute Ahle Hadith from us;there was very much harshness in his style,and there was too much intensity.I had sit with him for 4 hours.I had gone to him to benefit.On that,whatever he said,he kept saying.I had been listening.

    1) I studied in Deoband, very little or next to nothing was mentioned about deviates. 2) We require details of this sweeping statement. 3) What about the debates between Hadhrat Ebrahim and Nimrooz and Hadhrat Moosa and Firoun and Nabi (S.A.W) and the Kufaar and Mushriks. This person is silly. 4) Kindly supply proofs. 5) Supply proofs 6) as (5) 7) Nonsense – which Darul Uloom has this person studied in? 8) Define ‘sects’. 9) His great services cannot be forgotten. His Tafseer is famous. His ‘refutations’ have salvaged millions. What exactly has the objector done for the service of Deen in any field? 10) Another Pillar of Islaam. Again, show us what you the objector has achieved? This person is highly confused between Shiasism and Maududism and is making a wrong claim of being from the Ahlus Sunnat wal Jamaat. Stay far from him.
    And Allah Knows Best

    Mufti Elias (May Allah Protect him)
    Category: Deviated

    Question #8408 – 29/10/2012

    Assalamualaikum,Mufti saheb.I would like to know the truth and Islamic status of the views of an Alim who calls himself Sunni,Hanafi and Deobandi.I expect separate answer for each view.These are his views quoted from his talks:1)The ulama who object to Ahle Hadith,they are wasting their time.Remember,these four modes have to function.2)All your research is up to ‘Tajalliyat-e-Safdar(by Moulana Ameen Safdar rah).3)Ahle Hadith are three or four crores.Ahle Hadith is not a sect.4)Calling a Ghair Muqallid deviant is fanaticism.5)Moududiat is not a sect.Moududi saheb is from true people.6)In refutation of Shia we call Sahaba mahfooz.

    1) Ahle Hadith do not form part of the four Mazhabs. 2) Whose research? 3) Ahle Hadith themselves say that they are a sect. 4) Do you think Ulema-e-Haqq are fools? 5) Then what is Jamaat Islaami. For proof that Maududi is a deviate see on our site exposing him – under publications. 6) Sahaba (A.S.) are Mahfooz is the belief of the Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat, so it will be against anyone who goes against that particular belief. This person cannot be a Deobandi Sunni Hanafi.
    And Allah Knows Best

    Mufti Elias (May Allah Protect him)
    Category: Deviated

    Question #8409 – 29/10/2012

    Assalamualaikum,Mufti saheb.I would like to know the truth and Islamic status of the views of an Alim who calls himself Sunni,Hanafi and Deobandi.I expect separate answer for each view.These are his views quoted from his talks:1)The Imams of Haramain also do Masah on socks.2)Had Imam-e-Azam(rah) been alive,he would have retracted on the Masail of Haj.2)There is difference of everybody in the principles of Fiqh,because this is purely a thing of Ijtihad.Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamat are one thing.Further,everyone has his own preferences.There are different forms of practices.Ibn Taimiyyah is the first person who called triple Talaq one.Ibn Qayyim endorsed it.Now since both of them are amongst the predecessors of Ghair Muqallideen,so somewhere they accept one’s and somewhere other’s.Our state is also same that somewhere we accept Imam Abu Yusuf’s,somewhere Abu Hanifa(rah)’s.3)If they consider triple Talaq single and after that they return,it is right according to them.It is not right according to us.You(Ahnaf) also ruin house deeming the forced one(Talaq Mukarrah) permissible,whereas you do not have any proof of forced Talaq.Do not force your Fatwas on them nor act on their Fatwas.There will be weak and sound narrations in every Mazhab.

    1) On what type of socks? They are not ‘Hujjat’ (proofs) in Shariat 2) Which Masaail? Why? – Does he think Imam Abu Hanifa (R.A.) is a non-competent person. Compare likes to likes not otherwise. Separate the wood from the trees is not difficult but not for this person. 3) See on site on 3 Talaaq issue. 3 Talaaqs is equal to one is not valid.
    And Allah Knows Best

    Mufti Elias (May Allah Protect him)
    Category: Aqaaid (Beliefs and Practices)

    Question #10165 – 11/10/2013
    BY ADMIN ON OCTOBER 15, 2013

    Assalaamu ‘Alaykum What is the view of the ‘Ulama of the Din regarding the recent visit by Mawlana Tariq Jamil (HA) of Pakistan to the Shi’ite center in Gilgit, Balitistan where he met with the Shi’ite leadership at the centre, addressed them and later posed for photographs with them which was published in newspapers and websites. Is there any precedence in this life of the Salaf al-Salihin and the respected and honourable ‘Ulama of Deoband to associate, visit, address Shi’ites in their religious places of worship? Your view on this would be highly appreciated. Jazak Allah khayr Was-salaam

    There is absolutely no precedence for such a ludicrous act. May Allaah guide us all.
    And Allah Knows Best

    Mufti Elias (May Allah Protect him)
    Category: Deviated

    Question #10208 – 21/10/2013

    Assalamu alaykum,Mufti sahib. Recently while browsing the internet I came across this link…Jameel-Exposed concerning the deviated aqaid and views of Maulana Tariq Jameel sahib.In the link in post #1,2,4,8,9,12,13,25,31,40,43,55,57,61 & 69 some of his views have been quoted from the book ‘Kalimatul Haadi Ila Sawaais Sabeel Fi Jawaabi Mallabisal Haqqa Bil Abateel’ written by Mufti Muhammad Isa Khan Gormani(db) the student of Allama Sarfaraz Khan Safdar(rah).This morning I came across your website and went through the contents.In the deviated section I saw the same views of Maulana Tariq Jameel sahib in the question No. 8399,8402,8403,8408 & 8409 asked by someone long back without naming him.The questioner has not been so lucid in translating some Urdu words in the questions,but the translation is correct.I even saw Maulana Tariq Jameel sahib on internet visiting a Shia center in Gilgit and addressing the kaafir Shia as brothers.Mufti sahib,is the refutation right given the popularity of Maulana Tariq Jameel sahib in Da’wat and Tabligh,his huge number of likers? Won’t this refutation affect the efforts of Tabligh Jama’at?

    The Tabligh Jamaat should distance themselves from the wrong views of Moulana Tariq Jameel. The work is not based on individual projection or promotion thus it will not suffer.
    And Allah Knows Best

    Mufti Elias (May Allah Protect him)
    Category: Society and Domestic


UNACADEMIC CRITICISM of the mufti says member



A Brother writes: “I would like to draw your attention to the venom-spitting of  someone  called Muadh Khan on 15 November 2013 on a website called against your replies to the questions in The Majlis Vol.22 No.3. Criticizing your response to the bone marrow question, he said:

“I am getting seriously concerned about the impact (and cult like following) of Shaykh (Mufti) A.S. Desai. I find some of his writings devoid of Academic rigour…… if other Deobandi Ulamah don’t counter some of the opinions being  propagated it will continue to cause damage to the Deobandees on an enormous scale. ……What also concerned me seriously is the condition of a brother on this forum who has been categorically shown the position of the Hanafi Madhab and the UNANIMOUS position of Deobandi Ulamah on an issue and yet he chooses to ignore all that in favour of lone opinion of Shaykh (Mufti) A.S. Desai. This is really Taqleed of an individual to the next level……….I am very seriously concerned about this phenomenon.

Shaykh (Mufti) Muhammad Yusuf Ludhianvi Shaheed (R.A.) has extensively discussed the issue (of blood donation) in his book with references to Shaykh (Mufti) Shafi (RA), and Shaykh (Allamah) Yusuf Binori (RA), and in the last question on the chapter of organ donation, Hazrat (RA) clearly affirms the receiving blood donation when the need is critical and certified by a competent physician, permissible. In order to maintain supply even the buying and selling of blood is permissible and to provide a service (of a blood bank) is an act of reward.

The minimum unanimous opinion of the Ulamah of Deoband is that blood donation in times of dire need (of life and death) is permissible. Is there no one in South Africa who reads these Fatwas and raises some concerns because it is a divergence with Akabir and Ulamah of Deoband.

(End of the brother’s criticism on  the first question)



The brother who disagrees with our view whilst trumpeting about the hallucinated lack of ‘academic’ quality in our answers which are required for practical application, not for idle and futile twaddle, proffered a criticism bereft of any academic value on the aforementioned question.

In his criticism, he mentions a contrary view of Hadhrat Mufti Shafi, Hadhrat Yusuf Binnuri and Hadhrat Yusuf Ludhianvi (rahmatullah alayhim). Since he has deemed it appropriate to criticize our answer, it devolves on him to present an academic refutation. Referring us to the abovementioned seniors is not an academic response because we are not the Muqallideen of these illustrious personalities.

We are the  followers of Imaam Abu Hanifah (rahmatullah alayh) and the basis of our views on all issues  on which our Aimmah-e-Mujtahideen and Fuqaha have not issued rulings due to such issues being new developments, is Dalaail-e-Ar’bah, namely, Kitaabullah, Sunnah, Ijma’ and Qiyaas. If there exists even a Juz’i mas’alah of our Fuqaha which has direct relevance to a new development, we utilize such a juz’i mas’alah as a principle for  extrapolation of a view and fatwa. We do not extract  Shar’i masaa-il from opinion unsubstantiated by the Nusoos of the Shariah nor do we resort to Istimbaat of masaa-il from Ahaadith. Such action is the wazeefah (function)of only the illustrious Fuqaha of the Khairul Quroon era.

It serves no beneficial purpose for the brother to howl that we are harsh and disrespectful. Such howling  has no  relationship with dalaa-il Such howling is not academic. He has to neutralize our  answers by showing precisely our errors. If he succeeds in this, Wallaah! We shall retract our position without the least hesitation. But to refer us to  Ulama of these eras and of the recent past  is not  an academic acquittal, nor are we enamoured  necessarily by the fataawa of seniors. Everything gets examined on the basis of  the dalaa-il of the Shariah.  We have not offered Taqlid-e-Shakhsi in the domain  of Fiqah and fatwa to any of  contemporary senior Ulama. We speak on the basis of  the right conferred to us by the Shariah.

We are not interested in the ‘minimum unanimous opinion of  Ulama of Deoband’. If such  opinion is in conflict with the dalaail we proffer, then it devolves on the Ulama to take up academic cudgels with us. We are under Shar’i obligation to listen and digest such argument. But  opinions, explanations and fatwas cannot be arbitrarily  forced down our throats, for we are not  of such ilk as to swallow. Alhamdulillah, by the fadhl of Allah Ta’ala and the Duas of our Shaikh and Asaatizah we possess adequate  academic expertise to take head-on any fatwa which any Aalim of whatever lofty status, issues on contemporary  expedients. No one should attempt to impose seniority on us for we have an aversion for  blind submission to liberality  which diverts from the   rigidity of Siraatul Mustaqeem. Modernity and technology  do not mellow our  stance grounded in the antiquity of the Fuqaha of our Math-hab. We are also loathe to come within the purview of the Qur’aanic castigation: “They (Bani Israaeel) took their scholars and their saints as gods besides Allah……….”

Thus, when the brother chooses to  come into the field of confrontation with his Shar’i dalaa-il of academic import, we shall then, Insha-Allah, deal with him in similar fashion. Meanwhile,   the Shariah’s  ruling  based on  the explicit  and unanimous view of our Fuqaha and the Ahaadith is that  no part of the human body may be used for any need whatsoever. And Allah knows best.


Commenting on our  answer regarding Tariq Jameel, the critic said: “This is a very strange Fatwa! Hazrat admits that he doesn’t know this “chap” called Taeiq Jameel, has no research into what he has said and YET chose to remove the title “Maulana” on the  basis of an e-mail and ascribed him to a bedfellow of Kuffar Shiahs,  all based on an e-mail.”


On this issue the brother has demonstrated extreme bigotry and vindictiveness.  Beside a snide and emotional remark, he has not refuted the basis for the view regardless of  whether that basis has been supplied to us via e-mail. The basis comprises of the following facts:

  • Tareeq Jameel  prayed in a Shiah temple.
  • He ate food with Shiahs who accuse Hadhrat Aishah (radhiyallahu anha) of the foulest act of immorality and who brand 99% of the Sahaabah kaafir, and  who subscribe to  the most revulsive beliefs of kufr.
  • He took haraam pictures with the Shiahs
  • He believes that such vile Shiahs are not kaafir.

The brother has not refuted a single one of these grave charges levelled against Tariq Jameel. Regardless of who had   made these allegations, if the brother believes then to be false, then he should reject the claims as false, and present his  proof. But despite shying away from the facts, he finds fault with our view based on the aforementioned solid basis.

Regardless of our unawareness of the chap, the brother should not be concerned with that. He should academically refute the charges which have been levelled against the chap. He should be aware that Ulama have written books in refutation of Tariq Jameel. When time permits and if Allah Ta’ala  bestows the taufeeq to us, we shall study all the relevant information. We shall then be in a position to acquit ourselves with greater confidence and  emphasis, Insha-Allah.

8 Rabiul Awwal 1434 – 10 January 2014

Syria support program. READ THIS and FORWARD the article below


Assalaamu alykum respected brothers,sisters.

We all know that our  brothers and sisters are suffering and live in unbearable, inhuman conditions.

Please read the articles above, and forward it, contribute numerously to help your kind against the clutches of the devils in human form.

Pregnant sisters became widows,children orphans and homeless, our brothers paralyzed, cripples, lost all what they had. No its winter and they do not have any secure coverings, clothe, blanket, shelter, food, baby milk, etc. The list is long.

We read the article and follow all on the news and can not help but break down crying. How  much do we Muslims waste, complain and haram we involve.

Alhmadulillah some brave and concerned brothers managed to set up a relief program to help the devastating conditions. Times are so bad that the Muslims have to eat cats and dogs, donkey meat to survive.

Help, Help and make much dua.

Reserve you place in Jannat by helping your kind.

Wa salaam

Overview of the Jamiatul Ulama KZN Relief operation – Turkey/ Syria Border
The complete report of the relief operation can be viewed at under Jamiat Projects. May Allah
accept our humble efforts and continue to use us to serve humanity, Aameen.
The Syrian civil war is now in its third year of conflict. More than 100 000 people have been killed and the number of
refugees stands at over 2 million. It is one of the worst refugee situations the world has ever seen.
In April 2013 members of the Jamiat KZN were in Istanbul attending a conference when the plight and dire circumstances
Syrian refugees were facing in Turkey was highlighted to them. This in turn led to an immediate mobilisation to secure
humanitarian assistance to our suffering brethren.
An appeal was made to the Muslim Public and on Friday 26th July in the month of Ramadaan, the Jamiat team comprising
of Moulana
Gaziantep, Killis, Nizip and Mardin. Aid to the
value of 2,5 Million rands was distributed. 5000 aid hampers consisting primarily of essential food items and blankets to
ward off the coming winter cold. Islamic literature as well as toys to bring some happiness to the hearts of the many
orphan children were also distributed.
Ahmed Mahomedy, Moulana Rafiek Mohamed, Moulana Huzaifa Ebrahim and Moulana Abdullah Khan from
the Jamiat office as well as Moulana Mohammed Motala, Dr Ahmed Badat, Brother Faisal Mangera, Brother Hamzah
Motala and Brother Atilla Daglioglu (Turkish).
Distribution took place at the following cities near the Turkey/Syria border:……………

The following is an edited transcript of the speech delivered
by Hamzah Motala, an engineering student who joined the
Jamiat team as a volunteer at the Jamiat’s Syria Relief
Report Programme held at the NMJ Islamic Centre.
Let me start of by saying, the Situation in Syria, is far worse
than we all think and imagine it to be. No matter how well
we speak or how well we present the situation, our words
here today can never do justice to the horrific situation
experienced by our Syrian brothers and sisters.
In our comfort and luxury, we hear the stories, the
rumours of children orphaned, woman widowed, families
murdered. We hear the stories and think, Inna lillahee wa
inna ilayhi Raajioon but it doesn’t go any further, and our
hearts remain untouched.
Let me tell you, brothers and sisters. These are no
rumours. These stories are fact. I have witnessed along
with the entire Jamiatul Ulama KZN’s relief delegation,
those orphaned children, 20 in one family. Those widowed
pregnant woman with infant children crying out for milk,
bread, anything with which to feed their children. I have
seen and met men that have lost their brothers and sons.
I ask you, stop for a minute, and picture the situation. Put
yourself in their situation. Where one day you had a home,
today you are homeless. One day you had food, the next
day even water is hard to come by. One day you had a
family, today they are all Shaheed.
Imagine the trauma, the psychological impact on the
children of a land where every child knows what a bomb is
and has more than likely witnessed or heard one explode,
every child can name the names of the loved ones they
have lost to Assad and his thugs.
These people were like you and I, professionals,
businessmen, sons and daughters of professionals and
businessmen. They were living well, eating well, sleeping
in comfortable homes with beds, blankets, toys and good
Today, these same people, the you and I of Syria, are
houseless, homeless, without a family and even without
clothes! As a relief group, we went to the borders and
witnessed them streaming in. Alhamdullillah the Turkish
government and the Turkish people have opened their
arms to the ‘Muhajireen’ from Syria, as they are fondly
referred to. But go to the borders, and you will see them
streaming across in 1′s and 2′s with nothing but the
clothes on their backs. Sometimes a packet or two of
whatever they have managed to pack up and carry along.
Not a Quraan, nor a tasbeeh among them.
The joy on their faces when I offered them a miswaak, a
miswaak my brothers and sisters, a miswaak. …………..

VACCINATION IS HARAAM – Also in Pakistan!!!!



The Express Tribune (Pakistan),December 10th, 2013 reports:

A fatwa (decree) in favour of polio, measles, hepatitis, diphtheria, tuberculosis, pertussis and meningitis vaccinations was issued by Maulana Samiul Haq of Jamia Darul Uloom Haqqania Akora Khattak on Monday.

The fatwa says vaccination against these deadly diseases is helpful in their prevention according to research conducted by renowned medical specialists. It adds that the vaccines used against these diseases are in no way harmful.

Samiul Haq emphasised in his fatwa that doubts raised about vaccination are false and ill-founded. He urged parents to vaccinate their children against polio and other deadly diseases.

Mujeebullah Khan, an officer in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister’s Polio Monitoring Cell Communication and Reporting, said he was optimistic about the effects of the fatwa. He claimed in the month of September, a total of 35,521 refusal cases were reported in all the districts of the province. The officer added that 23% of refusals in Peshawar, Mardan, Swabi, Nowshera, Lakki Marwat and Bannu were reported by religious clerics.

He believes people of the province from different schools of thought support vaccination against the crippling disease.

According to Mujeeb, religious clerics from mosques and leaders of religious political parties can play a critical role in highlighting the importance of the vaccination programme. He added a number of leaders and clerics had already issued fatwas which are very helpful for the entire campaign.
(End of press report)

A Concerned Sister from Pakistan writes:
“The above press report is another nauseating article. Recently Brelvi Ulema issued ‘fatwas’ that vaccines are perfectly permissible and do not contain anything haraam and do only increase health and protect from diseases. They even went so far to state that denying the child vaccines is a major, kabira sin. Those who abstain will be punished. So now the anti-polio vaccine groups who are mainly christian by the way, are having these scraps of paper (the Brelvi ‘fatwas’) with them to convince the refusing parents who say vaccines are haraam

Vaccinators come now with army or police staff, and  at gun point, to ensure that children are vaccinated in Pakistan. Check points are manned with vaccine staff supported by the army ,etc. They stop every vehicle containing a child and ensure vaccination , otherwise it is not allowed to proceed further.

Refusing parents, often Ulema, who refuse to vaccinate their children in remote areas are thrown in jail and threatened by  the vaccinators that the father will be thrown in jail  if he keep refusing vaccines. They warn that action had been taken against  Ulema who had refused.

I wonder too , as all here brag about the justice and religious freedom one can enjoy in Pakistan.. But are those actions actually not against the Pakistani constitution of religious freedom that I as a parent can choose not to vaccinate my child as the ingredients are haraam and harmful and against my belief?!!!!

Now the Teacher of Mullah Umar, Maulana Semul Haqq,  gave the fatwa of permissibly of all vaccines in Pakistan. This  will enforce and ensure that more children die and are becoming crippled and disabled.

I have been  for many years  writing to Mufti Taqi Sahib urging him  to inform the masses and to speak up against vaccines I keep forwarding him and other madaaris the ingredients, damage and dangers of vaccines, doctors and scientific information regarding this whole issue. Sadly nobody speaks up! Once my efforts have been fruited and quoted in magazine The Ummat regarding polio vaccines and that it contains monkey cancer and aids viruses. The media and newspapers  too are in hands of the Shiah.

The student who manages Mufti Taqi’s mail seems not  to forward ANYTHING TO HIM BUT PICK AND CHOOSE, which one understands to a certain point as I am not the only one writing. But for years????



The information here is held back. The son of Mufti Rafi Sahib, the brother of Mufti Taqi Sahib, promotes vaccination. Well he is well aware of the ingredients and side effects as they are in the leaflets of the vaccines. But I wonder how much money such ulema are being paid to be silent or to promote the mass killing and crippling of millions of Pakistani children?!  Was-salaam

(End of the Sister’s comment)



Our Mashaaikh said that two groups have caused immense harm and damage to Islam and the Ummah: Evil rulers and evil ulama (ulama-e-soo’). Instead of acquitting themselves as Bearers of Knowledge and of the Standard of Islam, and as the Representatives of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), these Ulama are either in cahoots with the corrupt Pakistani  rulers who receive billions of dollars as ‘gifts’ from the western kuffaar, or they have succumbed to the threats of the  evil  governing forces in Pakistan. The Pakistani government, army, airforce and navy are all in the control of Shiahs and  Ahmadis, and these miserable  traitors to Islam are the active agents of the West, hence  the insane pressure   to entrench theharaam vaccination programme.

The  haraam ingredients and the very grave and harmful   health consequences of vaccination have been confirmed scientifically by leading non-Muslim medical authorities and experts in the western world. Thousands of articles and books have been written  to explain scientifically and rationally the extremely  ruinous consequences of vaccination. Yet  somejuhala ‘ulama’ in Napakistan (the Land of Impurity) have issued corrupt and baatil fatwas of permissibility. The QabarPujaari (Grave-Worshipping) Barelwi  morons posing as ‘ulama’ have descended  further into the quagmire of corruption by pretending to have received Wahi (revelation) to the effect that abstention from the kuffaar vaccination programme is haraam and akabeerah (major) sin.

While such corrupt ‘fatwas’ are entirely expected to emanate from the QabarPujaari impostors, it is not expected from Ulama of our School (Deoband). But, Alas! Even the Ulama of our School are increasingly joining the Fraternity of  Ulama-e-Soo’. The dollars have corrupted them as well. While we lament, we have to accept that Rasulullah’s predictions have to materialize. Nabi-e-Kareem (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“There will dawn an age over the people when the worst under the canopy of the sky will be the ulama. Fitnah will emerge from them, and the fitnah will rebound on them”

“Verily, I fear for my Ummah the Aimmah who will mislead.”

We are faced today with this reality. The situation will deteriorate further. It will not improve.

8 Safar 1435 (12 December 2013)


Syrian mother: Murdered son came back to me in a sack

A Syrian refugee has revealed how her murdered son’s body was returned to her – chopped up and in a sack.

Salima told how one of her sons, 36-year-old Jalal, remains missing after being abducted – but the other, Jabar, 23, arrived with his limbs removed and his head split in two.

Another victim of the civil war, Mustafa Abdul Latif, described fleeing Homs after his sister and her two children had their throats slit in a neighbourhood massacre.

A Syrian refugee boy stands by at the Zaatari refugee camp near the Syrian border, in Mafraq, Jordan (Picture: AP)

The harrowing stories have emerged as Britain’s biggest Islamic charity launches a Ramadan appeal calling for Muslims to ‘declare war’ on hunger.

Islamic Relief wants to supply more food to the refugee camps bordering Syria where people are living in crowded threadbare tents as they try to come to terms with their personal tragedies.

Salima, 55, has now been transferred from the violent Za’atari camp to an apartment in Jerash, where she is caring for her fatherless grandchild but another grandmother has not been so lucky.

A newly arrived Syrian refugee receives aid and rations in Jordan (Picture: Reuters)

Vasmeh Abu Neim remains at the camp with her family which includes her rebel fighter son, Ibrahim, who was shot by the military and transferred there for treatment – but cannot afford the £55 needed for an X-ray.

Vasmeh’s husband Qasem said: ‘It’s a very bad situation here – we wish we could go back to our country.’

The unrest has claimed about 100,000 lives since the 2011 uprising against president Bashar al-Assad.


I, as a simple Muslim have some puzzling questions regarding the Shias of Iran. If someone can answer these,
then this will be most welcomed.
1. Why only 3 salaat times are mentioned in Tehran Times?
2. Are there any Churches in Tehran and their number?
3. Are there any Temples in Tehran and their number?
4. Are there any Sikh Temples in Tehran and their number?
5. Are there any Fire-Worshippers Temples in Tehran and their number?
6. Are there any Sunni Masjids in Tehran and their number?
Tehran is the Capital of Iran.
7. The Muslims were performing Jumuah Salaat in Tehran at the Pakistani Embassy-does this still go on? Or has it
being stopped? And why?
8. Are there any Hifz Madressahs in Iran? Where? How many? Number of Hafiz that qualified during the last 3 years?
9. Are the Shias performing Taraweeh Salaat in Iran? Where? How many Rakaats? Name some Masjids?
10. In literature from Iran after the name of Hadhrat Fathima – (AS) is written – Is this not only used after the Names of
the Prophets?
11. In the same way (AS) is used after Hadhrat Zainab or the Imams – Is this not special to the Prophets?
12. Moreover why only the mention of Hadhrat Zainab (RA) or Hadhrat Zainab (RA) is made and not the names of the
pious women of Islam like Hadhrat Ayesha (RA)?
13. Why absolutely no mention of Hadhrat Ayesha (RA)?
14. Why no (AS) or (RA) after the name of Hadhrat Khadija (RA)?
15. President Rafasjani stated that Iranian males must engage in “Muta” – temporary marriage–Is this true?
16. What is “Muta”?
17. Do the Shias consider Hadhrat Muawiya (RA) a Muslim?
18. Why do Iranians prostrate on clay blocks?
19. It is written in the Iranian Constitution that only a Shia Ithna Ashari can become President. What about a Sunni
Ahle Sunnat wal Jammat becoming President for the sake of Shia Sunni unity?
20. Did Abu Talib die as a Muslim?
21. We see Iranians during Muharaam and Pakistani;
a. beating their chests-drawing blood;
b. cutting their heads with razors-drawing blood;
c. hitting their chests with chains-drawing blood;
Is all this humane? Or logical? Is Deen so cruel?
22. I am a lay man. Do the Shia have their own Hadith Books?
23. Do they have their own Fiqh – Jafaari Fiqh?
24. Do they extend their Sehri time?
25. Do they delay their Iftaari time?
26. Do they make Masah on leather socks?
27. Do they recite peace and salutations on Hadhrat Abu Bakr (RA)?
28. Do they recite peace and salutations on Hadhrat Umar (RA)?
29. In Madina we see they do not do so, why?
30. Lately in a Iranian show, they played a Azaan having Hadhrat Ali (RA) name in it. Why? What was that addition
31. In their literature why no praise for Hadhrat Abu Bakr (RA)?
32. Similarly why no praise for Hadhrat Umar (RA)?
33. Similarly why no praise for Hadhrat Usman (RA)?
34. Similarly why no praise for the Sahaba in general?
35. If Shia and Sunni is one, then why ask for separate Deeni Syllabus in Pakistan? Why cause riots for this? Why use
force to obtain this?
36. Why have finally approved?
37. Why have separate Majids in Dubai?
38. Why have separate Madressah arrangements in Dubai if Shia and Sunni are one?
39. From any reliable and authentic Shia book prove the following 39 to 48; Taziah in Muharaam?
40. To have a Horse parade in Muharaam?
41. To re-act the scene of Karbala in Muharaam?
42. To act the Passion Play in Muharaam?
43. The wearing of black clothing in the month of Muharaam?
44. The beating of chests in Muharam?
45. The marriage of Qasim at the time of Karabala?
46. The hitting of chests with chests in Muharam?
47. The cutting of heads with razors in Muharam?
48. The additional words in the Azaan?
49. How many daughters did Nabi (SAW) have?
50. Karbala took place on the 10th of Muhraam at Asr time. Why the mourning and groaning from the 1st.?-before the
event? Why terminate on the 10th ? after the event ? Does one mourn before the death of a person or after?

author unknown

Shiah exposed.. the true and dark side of the Shiah

110 Waves Upon Waves OF Darkness  In Shiah Literature


Every single one of the following 110 points can be found in Shiah books.


So from this we can see what evil and filthy people these are. (May

Allah save us and keep us on His straight path. Ameen)



1. The Shiah Kalimah is different from the Muslim Kalimah Shahadah. The Shiah Kalimah is:

“La Ila Haa Illallahu Muhammdur Rasoolullahi Aliyun Waliyullahi Wasiyyu Rasulillahi Wa

Khalifatuhu Bila Faslin”.

2. In the Shiah Adhan the words ‘Ashadu Anna Aliyan Waliyullah’ and ‘Hujjatulllah’ are added

and also the words ‘Hayya ‘Ala Khayril ‘Amal’ are added.

3. The five pillars of Shiism are: Wilayat/Imamat, Salat, Fasting, Zakat, and Hajj.

4. One should recite after every Salah: “O Allah! Send down your curses upon Abu Bakr, Umar,

Othman, Muawiyah, Aishah, Hafsah, Hind, and Ummul Hakam”

5. Lying is extremely meritorious and rewarding.

6. It is extremely important to conceal one’s faith.

7. Deceit and deception is a noble act.

8. Taqiyyah is permissible which is to pretend by doing or saying exactly the opposite of what a

person believes or feels. Obfuscation of Shiah beliefs is allowed.

9. Nine-tenth of the whole religion lies in Taqiyyah.

10. Looking at private parts of non-Muslims is permissible and it is just like looking at the private

parts of an animal.

11. Only the color of the skin has to be covered (if the skin is painted, then a person can walk

around without clothes). Imam Baqir appeared without any lower garment and he said it was

permissible because he had put lime on his private parts.

12. Anal sex is permitted.

13. Marriage can be conducted without any witnesses.

14. A person will enter Paradise if they wash and consume a morsel of food which has fallen in


15. Mutah i.e. temporary marriage/renting out the female body for whatever time period is


16. The sordid act of Mutah is more rewarding than Salat and Fasting.


17. If Mutah is done once, a person attains the status of Husain, if done twice, the status of

Hasan, if done three times, the status of Ali, if done four times, the status of Prophet


18. Whoever does Mutah three times, he will be completely emancipated from the fire of hell.

19. A person is allowed to let someone else benefit from his wife’s private parts.

20. Sunnis are worse than dogs.

21. Sunnis are worse than illegitimate children.

22. Sunnis are not allowed to name their children in Iran with names like Abu Bakr, Umar,

Aishah etc.

23. According to Shiah narrations, Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam secretly dictated a

manuscript (sahifah) to Ali Radiallahu Anhu that was (upon completion) “seventy feet long”. It

contains all the laws of halaal, haraam and everything else a person needs to the extent that it

even contains the penalty of a scratch. It is also called the Saheefah of Ali.

24. Jafr is a container made from skin that contains the knowledge of all the Nabis, Wasiys, and

Ulema that passed among the Bani Israeel.

25. In a lengthy discussion between Imam Ja’far Saadiq and Abu Basheer, the imam describes

the mushaf of Fatimah saying: “A mushaf in which is three times more than your Qur’an. By

Allah, not a single word of it is in your Qur’an”.

26. The angels made an error and were in a misunderstanding when Husain (R.A.) was


27. Feet are not washed in Wudhu. Only Masah and wiping of the feet should be done.

28. Sajdah Tilawat and funeral prayers are permitted without Wudhu and Ghusl.

29. It is permissible to perform prayers in the direction of the graves of the Shiah Imams.

30. Shiahs break their fast about ten to fifteen minutes after sunset.

31. Tarawih prayers in Ramadhan are not performed by Shiahs.

32. Mutah Dawriyyah is permissible where ten or twenty men can have sexual relations with

one woman in one night.

33. The land of Karbala is better than the Kaabah.

34. To ask help from Ali by saying, “Ya Ali Madad”, is not shirk.




35. The doctrine and quality of Badaa is ascribed to Allah which means that Allah makes

mistakes and Allah forgets.

36. In a state of anger, God can not differentiate between friends and enemies.

37. Allah was scared of the companions of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam

38. Allah must judge and decide according to what the human intellect deems beneficial for


39. Allah did not create everything.




40. Qur’an is incomplete and it has been tampered with, interpolated and altered.

41. The Shiah Qur’an is with the final Imam who has been hiding from the age of five in a cave

in Iraq since the last 1200 years.

42. Current Qur’an completely different from Shiah Qur’an.

43. The current Qur’an right now has more than 6000 verses but the Shiah Qur’an has more

than 17000.




44. Prophet Adam (A.S.) is worse than Satan.

45. Accuse Adam (A.S.) of rebellion, jealousy and malice.

46. Prophets make mistakes which eventually deprives them of Prophethood like Prophet Yusuf


47. Ismaili Shiahs believe in the continuation of Prophethood.

48. Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam was scared of the creation of Allah and did

not propagate correctly.

49. Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam rejected a gift of Allah.

50. Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam asked for compensation for teaching.

51. Ali (R.A.) had the choice and the option of divorcing the wives of Prophet Muhammad


52. The wives of the Prophet are not considered to be from the family of the Prophet.

53. All the Sahabahs except a few turned apostates and turned away from Islam after the

demise of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihe Wasaalm.

54. One should dissociate with the 4 idols: Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthmaan, Muawiyya and 4 women

Ayesha, Hafsa, Hind and Ummul Hakam.

55. One should curse the above after each prayer.

56. Aishah (R.A.) and Hafsah (R.A.) poisoned Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam.

57. Aishah (R.A.) was a traitor and a hypocrite and she is remembered with the vilest epithets.

58. Aishah (R.A.) committed adultery.

59. Less than ten Sahabah remained on Islam after the Prophet’s death.




The concept of Imams is an integral belief of Shiism. This concept is completely

different from the four Imams of Fiqh. The four Imams of Fiqh of Islam are cursed by Shiah

authors and the four illustrious Imams of Fiqh are specifically called ‘dogs’.

60. Shiahs believe in the concept of 12 Imams.

61. The Imams are appointed (mansoos alaih) by Allah just as the Prophets.

62. The 12 Imams are on the same level and are on par with Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu

Alaihe Wasallam.

63. The first Imam is Ali (R.A.) and the last Imam is hiding since the age of five in a cave in Iraq.

64. Shiah Imams are born from the thighs of their mothers because the private parts are


65. Shiah Imams are Hazir Nazir i.e. they are present every where and they are omnipresent.

66. The Imams are ma’soom (i.e. infallible, sinless) like the Prophets.

67. It is compulsory to bring Imaan on the Imams. To reject any Imam is disbelief just as it is

disbelief to reject a Prophet.

68. The unconditional obedience of the Imam is compulsory.

69. The Imams receive wahi and revelation.

70. Just as the Ambiyaa and the Prophets are bestowed with certain mu’jizaat and miracles that

are proof of their Prophethood, similarly the Imams have been bestowed with certain mu’jizaat

that are proof of their Imaamat.

71. The Imams have the right to abrogate any command of the Shari’ah. It is permissible for

them to declare a haraam thing halaal and vice versa.

72. Hazrat Ali Radiallahu Anhu and the rest of the Imams have a greater status than the


73. The Imams have more knowledge than the Prophets A.S.

74. The entire creation including the Prophets were created for the sake of the Imams.

75. A covenant was taken from the Prophets regarding the imaamat of the Imams (that they

accepted their imaamat).

76. The Prophets received prophethood because they had accepted the imaamat of the Imams.

77. Allah Ta’ala had compelled the entire creation including the Prophets to accept, whether

willingly or unwillingly, the wilaayat of the Imams.

78. The Ambiyaa gain ‘noor’ and light from the ‘noor’ of the Imams.

79. On the day of Qiyaamah, Ali Radiallahu Anhu will be ahead (in front) of all the Ambiyaa.

80. On the day of Qiyaamah, Ali Radiallahu Anhu’s chair will be on the right of Allah Ta’ala’s

throne (arsh) while the chairs of the Ambiyaa will be on the left of the throne.

81. The supplications of the Ambiyaa are accepted through the mediation (tufail) of the Imams.

82. The reason for Adam Alaihi Salaam not being included among the Ulool Azam Ambiyaa is

that he was jealous of the status of the Imams.

83. Ibrahim Alaihi Salaam was first given nubuwwat, thereafter khullat (i.e. he was made the

khaleel and bosom friend of Allah) and only then was he given imaamat.

84. Ayub Alaihi Salaam was afflicted with a severe illness because he doubted the imaamat of

Ali Radiallahu Anhu.

85. If Musa Alaihi Salaam was alive it would be compulsory for him to obey the imams.

86. Yunus Alaihi Salaam was swallowed by the fish because he rejected the wilaayat of Ali

Radiallahu Anhu.

87. The entire earth belongs to the imam.

88. Shiahs attribute the following statement to Ali Radiallahu Anhu: “I grant life and death. I am

all living and I never die.”

89. Shiahs believe that their Imams know whatever is in the hearts of people and they are


90. Shiahs maintain that Rasullullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam told Ali Radiallahu Anhu:

“O Ali! You are the dayyaan (one who will give reward) of this ummah and you are responsible

for their account. You will be the ‘Rukn e A’azam’ of Allah on the day of Qiyaamah. Listen!

Certainly the people are going to return to you and you will be responsible for taking their

reckoning. The bridge (siraat) will be yours, the scale will be yours and the place of standing

(mauqaf) will be yours!”

91. Many Shiah narrations mention Ali Radiallahu Anhu’s title as “Distributor of Jannat and


Allamah Baaqir Majlisi has established a separate chapter in his book “Bihaar Ul Anwaar”

entitled: “Certainly he (Ali) is the distributor of Jannat and Jahannam.”

92. Allamah Baaqir Majlisi the famous Shiah scholar writes in his book “Hayaatul Quloob” : “The

status of Imaamat is higher than nubuwwat”.

93. The imams have knowledge of everything that occurred in the past and everything that will

occur in the future and that nothing in the earth and skies is concealed and hidden from them.

94. The imams know when they will die.

95. The imams know the reality of the faith and hypocrisy of every person on earth. They have

in their possession a list of all those who will enter Jannat and all those who will enter


96. The imams know all the different languages of the world and converse in them also.

97. The imams know the languages of the birds and animals.

98. According to Shiah narrations, the souls of the imams go on mi’raj on the eve of every

Jumu’ah. During this mi’raj they reach the throne of Allah where vast knowledge is given to


99. According to Shiah belief, a special book is revealed to the imams every Laylatul Qadr. It is

brought to them by the angels and Ar Rooh.

100. As soon as the Imams are born, they read all the divine books.

101. The Imams are capable of performing all the miracles of the Prophets.

102. Shiahs do not criticize the quarrels which took place between the followers of their Imams.

103. The companions of the Shiah Imams were bereft of truthfulness, trustworthiness and


104. The companions of the Shiah Imams did not correctly acquire the knowledge of the Usool

(fundamentals) and the Furoo’ (branches) of religion.

105. The final Imam has been in hiding since the last 1200 years in a cave in Iraq. When he will

appear, the Prophet and Ali (R.A.) will pledge allegiance to him (Bay’ah).

106. The final Imam will exhume the bodies of Abu Bakr and Umar and he will hang up their

naked bodies and flog them and he will cause them to die 1000 times in a day and night.

107. Aishah will be brought back to life and she will be flogged as well by the final Imam.

108. The final Imam will slaughter all the Sunnis and he will start killing their scholars first.

109. If one does not accept the Shiah concept of Imaams then the person is a Kaafir and a


110. The final imam will appear when there will be 313 sincere Shiahs.




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