Assalaamu alykum..


Update…Its a,months back sice i posted that update. have no computer and a phone only with little internet acsess and time.

Sadly our gilrs were never admitted into this islamic scholl , branch of ahsan ul uloom Karachi under supervision of mufti zarwali khan.

they wasted 1 month on empty promises being admitted and and we had to spent thousands of rupees for books ad on back Tags) in this institution nothing but slime up other backsides, running for positions and family politics and racism rules the day.

Teachers are hired by an unquakified principal not having any educatioanl background in leadership of a school, forget about an islamic school.

women awho wear make up, berelvis etc are hired without checking their standards of ilm in deen anad dunya and real qualifications to teach and graduation certificates of the teaching association.

the curriculum is absolutely laughable, no organisations, books to teACH ARE taken from here and there.

haraam picture activities, paintings on walls of animate objects, principals and teachers with make up, no clue how to teach.

Teachers and parents complains are brushed aside and ideas for improving this school and provide quality education are dismissed.

The female and male principal ( a married couple0 are seldom present in that school n are only busy going to umrah with mufti sahib.

Its all about making money in that school and the owner of that school has no clue, neither his uncle mufti za wali khan, whats going on in that school.

the principals never arrive in beginning  of office timing but close to instead of 8am.  often the female principal is not present several times during the weeek.



Uupdate… due to the Mercy of Allah and the dua of brothers and sisters, our kids joined a Islamic school about a week ago. still they’ll properly will begin first grade in most subject, and besides English, math, silence  in upper levels, maybe Arabic, but hifs and nasara are available to learn. They still want get real quality education considering the country we live in, but thats a huge step toward  a better future. i hope. his believes are still the same and and believes females  should learn in house everything form another women, not a educational institution, ie . I wish that our girls could became a qualified midwives to help other Muslim ladies, females in general. he propagates still that they cant learn like this as in  times of sahaaba they had no school to learn this. this can only be a statement of a man and a person who had no insight how complex actually pregnancy and delivery and postpartum care is which requires anatomy lessons as well, etc..  by  all respect this logic should be applied to madaris education as well and labeled haaraam as in time of the sahaba they were no madaris of the type today existed and no mass graduation or admission took place in form school teachings on schedule ..

too being told its believed to be  jaddo afflicted( me thats why i might state those things and iom not in my senses and my husband would surely never do such things isnt going to help our situation at all!! Im not insane, I’ve not lost my senses , neither do I make up what ive written before.

I swear by Allah, the books, the malaaika and the entire creation Im not a liar and my kids will proof witness to this facts and im  not stating this due to jadoo afflictions!

I’ve contacted local ulema, friends  who are ulema to just sit with us and talk and give us solutions and naseehat to our problems. but no aalim ever replied, no email from hardhat desai has reached my inbox or spam for months.i dint know why

so if this happens to muslim women and her children, what should i do? I can write down my whole live since conversion which was never a easy and pleasant one. but ill might be labeled a complete liar or ungrateful wife and muslim  woman which seem to ne he standard reply when a woman like me resorts for help as nobody is helping or listening.

Yes im ungrateful at times, l.ike most men and women and children. but im not pagal, not shameless, neither disobedient. im broken down .

im still waiting for ulema and their replies.i sent to local madaris and abroad and to hadhrat desai. but i don’t receive any reply on my mails.Perghaps its getting lost on either side


I request any Muslim and especially Ulema Haqq to provide me valid proof for the following claims as
I’m left alone defenseless struggling to provide my children education which my husband , who follows Hadhrat Mufti A.S. Desai.

Our oldest child is 11 Years OLD AND YOUNGEST 6. None can actually read, write or understand their own mother language, forget about other subjects and languages

My husband follows his sheikh in this regard to the extreme( in our marriage which brought much unnecessary suffering and sanctions , loneliness to the point of blank mental breakdown and severe health problem, mockery from tghe ummat, disatncing of Muslims from us, hassad, evil eye ,jadoo on our family..

And my husband , an aalim , and previous twice married man with kafir children and claims All secular education is absolutely haraam and every Islamic and secular school is haraam and girls and females in general are not allowed to receive education in any way but being taught cooking, cleaning, sewing and being a slave as marriage is slavery..

Sadly i think my husband misunderstands it quiet a bit.Nowhere have i read  hadhrat saying this type of stuff and i should show him  my proof in Islam and from hadhrat for me claiming that children, Muslims have the right of education and females are not  prohibited from education.

My husband states that hadhrat desai and sharia rulings states that all secular education is haraam, all Islamic schools all over the world are haraam, girls madrassas are haraam, only stiff plain madrassa education( which by the way has urdu peoetry and urdu language are included and a student has to have some basic secular education in math and urdu in order to study and be able to read and write)Even sex separated schools, even Islamic schools are haraam and teachers faassiq and theyb teach haraam.

girls in particular have no right for education and hadith clearly states to prohibit females from learning writing and reading as it will ruin their character.

Yes, Hadhrat Desai states  that the system of nursery and secular education and intermingling and certain kuffar related educational actions are haraam.( AKA KUFFAR HOLIDAYS, HARAAM PICS, VIDEOS ETC.)

Which makes sense and I agree

So my husband OPTED FOR HOMESCHOOLING. SADLY ONE MAN IN HIS 60’S( HIS AGE) CANT TEACH NEITHER SUPPLY ALL THE NEEDED SUBJECTS, NEITHER MATERIAL OR TEACHERS TO DO THE JOB.besides some math, or English which too has had been not done well and kids still lack behind greatly.

Too we have no relatives or i any friends here to help educating 5 children and helping with housework. too aim chronically sick, weak, exhausted and stressed out and due to some problems we have no peace in our home and all are under non stop stress. kids fight all day and clean for the most part and stay indoors.

I fought for years for the kids to be able to get out and walk and play to use their build up energy and get some light and fresh air daily, which i stopped getting once married in Pakistan to him.Only indoors ,thus many wonderful health problems popped up. And if outside than in thick burqa in black color which dioesen breath and draws the heat on me like a magnets thus giving me breathing and fainting problems for years..( due to injunction of hijaab too females are not allowed ton receive any type of education, as its an excuse to leave the home and in girls madrsaaa girls are only being taught how to argue and disobey their husbands and in laws due so learning’ and thus  their rights . He too claims the same about secual eductaed females and uneducated` females that they only argue and disobey to to their secular knowledge and secular knowledge is waste of time. an and hadith my husband likes to deny)

He , neither I, are skilled enough or educated enough to teach most things to children. Neither do we have the time , material{ halaal without pictures and written by Muslims}, neither any type of curriculum, lesson planning, printers , etc..

Too our personal situation does not allow us to home school and in 6 years of my husband claiming he home schooled , a little English here and a little math here, our kids , aged 11, 10, 9, 7, 6 cant  read really on their own( besides our son who is an exception  by himself, dont know even seasons of the year, month of the year, time telling, comprehension, urdu, Arabic,(arabic numbers, moth..)

i followed by husband obediently in all he taught me and told me. Putting our little girls and me in extreme,e hijaab, spending most of our times indoors, which is no way mentally or biophysical productive. Living in a hot, bad lighted humid moldy home. with growing children . I obeyed. We putt our  little girl in strict hijaab from infancy on.As taught be his sheikh and elders. By age of 2 their all wore burqa and scarf, Even in extreme heat and nights to sleep. Their hair is really damaged.. earlier.

sex separation as well from infancy.

Kept away along with me from society, neighbors. Not allowed to talk to them or play with other kids as they are all faasiq`, and endanger our morals and imaan and i as woman would only gossip outside in front of  door.

Thats also one of the reasons why i and children  couldn’t learn  urdu for 12 years of marriage.

I can elaborate here more but its getting off the topic.

When i reasoned they are illiterate and have right secular education and deen. He states  I’m wrong and the poof is that nabi sslalaahu alayhi wa sallam was illiterate and thus No Muslim need secular or any type of education to worship Allah.

so i replied as well that hardhat advised me , and other ladies, and males to read the books of the pious , aka moral stories of saints , fazali amal or behetsi zevar to get closer to Allah . And ladies too should be able to write ulema for qurries and how in heavens or hell can one find out about halaal and haraam , ie e numbers, vaccine ingredients, etc, if one cant read and write and inst educated about what going on around the world.

Females only have to learn how to cook, clean, have children, raise the,, sew clothe, obey and serve and please their husbands and in laws..

My husband claims our way of live, aka extremes in many points, are in absolute conjuration with hadhrat desai, but he still;  still until today shown me any letter that he stated or supported our way of extremes.

But complains about me and mistrust me and labeling almost all haraam. Beds, carpets, geesers, hot showers, etc.. All haraam and bidat and luxuries…. I will tell on request what in details.

I lived with my kids long enough under self induced poverty, extremes, sanction in name of islam.

I cant take it anymore.

Every aalim and Muslim calls for female staff in schools, madrassa,midwives, lady doctors, dentist, lab  and x ray personal, etc,  hospitals, counters, Muslim engineers, doctors, etc, etc.. hoe in heavens should this happen if everything is labeled haraam. if this would be truly the case than islam would have become a religion of stupidity and ignorance in every field.

the first C section had been performed by sahaaba, one of the first one to write and who m,ade the pen wasIdris alayh  isalaam, manty of the sahaabia were we eduxctae in medince, writing reading, hadith, quraaan

My husband too beilieves that its not good for females to become haafiz due tio their menses. so hr detested that our gilrs become hafiz. i fight for their rights.

One point to note is that he has been married before me and adopted 3 kidfs intio the famikly, /thiose children he put all efforrts in tio eductaed them asecular, deen wise and made sure they bec ame haafis and i have to hear that for years how much he misses those kids and how much he loves them and how much effort he putb into these kids. /fibnally that wife left along with her kids,

theyb were allowed to receive secualr eduicatin, befirsddmn others, hawere in an islamic school, giot deeniay, and became haafuiz and they werte niot in strict purdah is oin  our case, neither then wife. they did not wear niqaab, hijaan amny tyoe dsince age of 2 years, and were not kept indoors  and away form all as in our case.

wehn i con frionted my husband he said he had permission form hnadhrat desia as hadhrta desua saixc he had no right of the kids rtthus he shopuld not buity any hurdle between the wife and ther kids. ie vaccinations are haraa,m ans that wife wanted to get her kids c=vaccinate dso my husvband said they are haraam and he consukted hadhrat and he advi9ced let her vaccinate her children and dont let her decide between you and her kids.

so how much sharia right and zstatue did he have over this wife as he says he has over me , including having the sharia granted right over me to assess my emails, letters, messages, phone calls, etc to prvent me from straying….which i readily gave to him until i had enough , last moth

I feel a bit sorry to go public.

but i dont receive replies and advice from hardhat neither local ulema as they all block and dont want to interfere in other peoples affairs even though i ask for sharia rulings, help a woman in Pakistani and her kids will be always at loss and rights only on papers and men always right and supported

so i have no other option but to go public.

as my husband dont change in this regard at all and we waste precious time and he will be dead one day and m y son has tp

support 4 sisters and me and later his own family. How , though begging and selling onions while he got many abilities and interest which could be .

He says risq is fixed, okaayy. but in which way one dont know and we have to work for our  risq a little bit and dont put our families and ourselves into not needed sufferings!

May Allah forgive me..but i have no choice .We need help

Wa slaam

i feel sorry to state that my life since marriage and conversion is just like the real life book.. Not without my daughter.. Nicht ohne meine tochter. many of those fears and negative extreme report seen and heard in meadi has actually happen to be true. at least in my muslim life and m,y kids life


Mufti Taqi’s fatawa on Pornography on the Internet MUFTI TAQI SAHIB – IT IS NOW TOO LATE!


Honorable Mufti, Its too late now!!!!!

[By Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai]

Hadhrat  Mufti Taqi Sahib has issued the following fatwa:


‘One of the major sinful involvement of our era is viewing the sexually explicit material online. May Allah protect us all from it. Ameen!

It is haraam (impermissible) for a person to have an Internet connection and computer devices if he cannot keep himself from viewing these material online.Throw them away!  This is an essential spiritual struggle (mujahidah) to gain Allah’s pleasure.” 26 Ramadan 1437/2 July 2016, Masjid Dar ul Uloom Karachi. (End of Fatwa)


Mufti Taqi Sahib should take the liability of the sins of millions of Muslims for whom he had  widely opened the avenue of pornography by issuing his baatil, corrupt opinion of the permissibility of video and digital pictures of animate objects. He is responsible for the ruin of the Akhlaaq of innumerable juhala Muslims and so-called molvis who are worse than even the juhala.

The one who initiates a fitnah will have to bear the colossal and terrible burden of the sins of all those who indulge in that fitnah which he had initiated. It is now too late for the statement of condemnation of ‘sexually explicit material’. It is now of no effect to say that such porn on the internet is haraam? It is of no benefit to say “Throw them away!” The addicts of pornography will not throw the computers away.

Mufti Taqi Sahib has addicted them to the porn which once upon a time they had not dared to view. May Allah Ta’ala save us from the traps of shaitaan – Talbeesul Iblees.  May Allah Ta’ala save us from the evil lurking in our nafs – evil which the Ulama of the era present in ‘deeni’ hues.

Mufti Taqi Sahib and ourselves are on the threshold of Maut (Death) which is stalking us  every moment. The Qabr calls on us five times a day: “I am an abode of sand! I am an abode of darkness! I am an abode of worms (and scorpions and snakes, etc.)! I am an abode of torment!, etc.”

Muftis who  have deflected the masses from Siraatul Mustaqeem with their baatil, haraam and corrupt fatwas, should  reflect on Maut and the Qabr as all of us are required to do. There is not much time left  for life to end.

Mufti Taqi’s only succour now is to make valid amends by issuing a massive retraction of his baatil fatwa and then go on a campaign to denounce pictography which is the fundamental basis and root of the pornography which he now says is haraam.

Our evil will live and haunt us into the Grave and into Qiyaamah. Reckless production of corrupt/baatil ‘fatwas’ which open the gateway for fitnah, fasaad, fisq and fujoor which are all the stepping stones for kufr, is the height of satanic irresponsibility displayed by the muftis of this era. A Mufti is required to constantly hover between Jannat and Jahannam when he is about to issue a fatwa. And, this has greater applicability when the Mufti Sahib is in the twilight of life, on the verge of meeting Allah Azza Wa Jal. If this is not his attitude, he will be rudely shocked when suddenly Malakul Maut stands in his presence.

The burden of the sins of the masses shall have to be carried by the Mufti who had opened the avenue for fisq and fujoor thereby issuing a halaal certificate for the villainy which Allah Azza Wa Jal has made haraam.

Do you have high blood pressure and kidney problems. Increase your potassium intake

Assalaamu alykum. Below is an interesting article.

I try to stay alive and not to fall in recurrent epileptic type fits with spikes of high blood pressure and swamping palpitations. Not that long ago i tried again an holistic approach to regain my health after the RECURRING high blood pressure, internal bleedings, uterus tum ores, never ending vertigo, weakness, collapsing , etc, did overpower my imaani and physical state.


Repeatedly i asked why i urinated so excessively and had spurts of severe palpitations, panic , high blood pressure?

i did suspects low potassium and MINnerals and high sodium after having gone through this with one previous hakeem treatment and homeopathic treatments.

but both, and western medical practice as well, had no clue and everybody told me a different thing: you have low blood pressure, malaria, low blood sugar, low HB….. but Nobody ever believed me that i had kidney problems , besides the hakeem who destroyed my kidney health further by pumping steroid in his medicines, diagnoses me wrong , did salt washes for my kidney and liver cleanse etc to rid my body of toxins. but i became severely malnourished and depleted of all minerals besides sodium chloride.


i tried to see many different doctors and get tests done, which is very difficult if one has not the means to do and neither any family support.


so this time , almost 3 month ago . the high blood pressure, palpitations, seizures and internal; bleeding almost killed me. But again i have been told its a kidney infection. this time trusting again another hakeem to get natural treatment as the previous years  my body has been destroyed by steroid treatment for asthma, which i found out i never had but a slipped dics which blocked the breathing center and a displaced belly button.


So i had been treated for more than 2 month with salt . large amount and had been prohibited to consume natural salta any kind but told yo use common table salts. I had been told i have chronic sinus and kidney infection thats why my blood pressure is high, i have breathing problems and palpitations.( i mentioned i had low potassium and high sodium when i came. so what did he do. put more sodium in me)

After some weeks i did experience after some  initially betterment, the same fall back as with the previous hakeem, homeopathic doctors, western medicine.

Myu dizziness, panic, palpitations, breathlessness, severe muscle cramps tight chest , etc. came back even wrth. i kept arguing with the hakeem and docs that i think my calcium, magnesium, potassium is too low.

but all said a different thing and rebuffed me. despite me having shown blood test. So this time our hakeem kicked m\e out his office after i said the mentioned problems are k\not leaving despite his f\diet( no milk and milk products, no potassium rich fruits and vegetables, no fish , eggs, fried, sweets, etc. just papaya and musambi, as its winter and everything else will make me very sick.) i kept telling him since his treatment of purging me and excessive urination i keep breaking my teeth, loose my teeth, developed cavities, get cramps, weaker, etc.ment. i have a lab test showing exactly what i feared.


the hakeem treatment and extensive use of licorice and salt in stomach and kidney preparations  .depleted me of potassium and stressed my liver and kidney even more, cause increase of uterine tumors and bleedings and my blood pressure spikes .( my liver , spleen kidneys  etc have been severely damaged by homeopathic treatments before the visit to the last doctor. i ended up with huge uterus tumors, lead poisoning, internal bleedings so i had to stay on a even stricter diet.)

The hakeem stated its Congestion and navel displacement. i have a lab test showing exactly what i feared. the hakeem treatment and extensive use of licorice and salt in stomach and kidney preparations  .depleted me of potassium and stressed my liver and kidney even more, cause increase of uterine tumors and bleedings and my blood pressure spikes .



I request dua from this ummat for my recovery and strength of imaan to deal with whatever Allah has decreed for me. 10 years i battle  life threatening conditions and stupid doctors of various fields. i listen to my brothers and sisters to trust doctors and seek medical care. but results are further damaging. May allah forgive me sinner and increase us all with ilm of deen and imaan and grant us all aafiyah.


Wa salaam

Written by Dr. Mahendra Prasad
Potassium is widely distributed in the body fluid. An average amount of 4 gm of Potassium is present in the diet. Potassium is easily absorbed. Daily Recommended Potassium 3,500 mg.
It helps in contraction of muscle, maintain in acidity & alkalinity, help in heart function, energy production & sensation in nerve muscles. One of the main functions of potassium is to help your body maintain the proper level of calcium by binding it to your bones, decreasing the risk of osteoporosis. It also helps remove any surplus potassium through your urine. People with low potassium levels are more prone to develop kidney stones.
In addition to helping manage your nervous and circulatory system, people with a normal potassium level usually have lower blood pressure and less likely to have a stroke or heart attack.
Nearly all foods have some potassium, so if you eat awell balanced diet your daily potassium levelshould be just fine.However if your blood potassium levels are low then there are many foods, fruits and vegetables, which will help you raise your potassium.
Bananas: Bananas are everyone’s first choice when they need a potassium rich food. The yellow South American fruit has approximately 550mgs of potassium per medium sized fruit. Although bananas can be eaten baked in bread or mixed into a pudding, you will get the maximum amount of potassium just by eating the banana raw or cut into pieces and mixed in your cereal.
Papaya: Another fruit that is an excellent source of potassium is the papaya. Just one eighth ounce papaya has 936 mg of potassium. In addition to being a food that is potassium rich food, the papaya also helps prevent cancer and easing ulcer pain. The papin in papayas helps cure all sorts of digestive problems.
Cabbage: One cup of cooked cabbage will provide your body with 277mg of potassium. Eating cabbage is also an excellent way to maintain your ocular health. Cabbage has also been useful in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.
Additional potassium rich foods include; skim milk, apples, low-fat yogurt, peanuts, peanut butter, mushrooms, strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, ice cream, pumpkin, and raisins.
Importance of Potassium Rich Foods: If you follow a healthy, well-balanced, and plentiful diet of foods high in potassium, it is not likely that you will need to worry about suffering from mineral imbalance. Potassium is naturally found in fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and dairy products, meat, poultry & fish foods. A number of potassium supplements are available in the market, and quite a few people include these in their daily regimen.
Some people, of course, don’t have much choice. Various ailments deem it necessary for them to monitor their potassium intake, and so it is necessary for them to take supplements which inform them about the exact amount of potassium that is daily ingested.
Athletes and other sports people also require potassium supplements. If you exercise vigorously, keep in mind that sweating brings mineral imbalance and you should take frequent breaks to refuel depleting potassium levels with electrolyte drinks and energy bars.
What foods are high in potassium? Aside from the aforementioned cantaloupe, potassium rich foods include: Bananas, Oranges, Apricots, Avocado, Strawberries, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Cabbage, Cauliflower, mushrooms, Brussels, Turmeric, Parsley, Spinach, Broccoli, Halibut.
Potassium is a mineral salt (electrolyte) that is essential for maintaining the balance of pH levels in our body fluids. It plays an important role in regulating our blood pressure; bone mass, nervous system, muscle function, heart, kidney and adrenal functions. Low levels of potassium can cause potassium deficiency and bring on a whole host of health problems. People with a potassium deficiency are said to be suffering from Hypokalemia. There are number of causes that can bring on potassium deficiency. The usual suspects are a poor or inadequate diet that required potassium rich food. People with diabetes and kidney problems are also likely to suffer from mineral imbalance.
You will know that you are deficient in potassium if you find yourself experiencing an overall weakness and seem to be constantly fatigued. You are also likely to have trouble concentrating on your daily tasks, and may have difficulty with muscular coordination. Potassium deficiency can lead to high blood pressure problems, hypertension, strokes, and heart irregularities.

Lecturer (Kriya sharer)
State Ayurvedic College & Hospital
Atarra (Banda) 210201
Ph. 09451137684

Islamic valentines day- buy your chocolates together with a condom

JAKARTA: Indonesia’s top Islamic clerical body threatened Friday to issue a fatwa against the sale of condoms following reports that the contraceptives were being sold together with chocolate to mark Valentine’s Day.

Pictures of chocolate bars packaged with condoms have been published in newspapers and circulated on social media in the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country in recent days.

The Indonesian Council of Ulema’s chairman Ma’ruf Amin said that the body was investigating the reports, adding that it was against the sale of condoms as they “provide opportunities for people to engage in pre-marital sex”.

“The sale of condoms has led to prostitution and free sex,” he told AFP.

“We have long rejected the condomisation of our society.”

He added that if the reports were true, “it is very possible that we will issue a fatwa restricting the sale of condoms freely in this country”.

Reports said that shops in Malang, on the main island of Java, were selling the condom-chocolate offerings, and authorities in other cities launched raids on stores in search of the items.

Muslim clerics across Indonesia have warned against celebrating Valentine’s Day, which falls Saturday.

They regard it as a Western celebration that promotes sex, alcohol and drug use.

Around 90 percent of Indonesia’s 250 million people are Muslim, but the vast majority practise a moderate form of the religion.

Ahmad Raza Berelvi stats that th Birthday of th Propht Muhammad is on th 8. of Raabi ul awwal

Aala Hazerat (1)



Above is a scanned copy of the books of fatawa of Ahmad Raza Barelvi which the Barelvis study and supposedly follow.

In His book of fatawa he states that the Birthday of Prophet Muhammad , sallaalaahu alayhi wa sallam, was th 8. of Raabiul Awwal and h did on th 12. of the sam month.

So can the barelvis and friends of the shiah perhaps explain why they celebrate and hold big functions on the day Nabi. sallalaahu alayhi wa sallam certainly died ?!

Taableeq Jamaat elders need to rectify their own and their errors and those of their members



Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“In the (human) body is a lump of flesh. If it is healthy, the entire body is healthy. If it is corrupt (diseased), the entire body will be corrupt (diseased). Behold! It is the heart.”


This ‘lump of flesh’ – the Heart – of the Muslim Ummah is the Institutions of the Deen which comprise of the Ulama, the Madaaris, the Khaanqas and the Tabligh Jamaat. Collectively these Institutions constitute the Heart of the Ummah. If these Institutions are corrupt, the entire Ummah will be corrupt. We have to eternally lament and proclaim the truth that this Heart is today corrupt, degenerate –rotten to the core, hence the entire Ummah is rotten to the core. The misery, hardship and humiliation of the Ummah are therefore not surprising.

The nettle must necessarily be grasped. It serves no purpose attempting to sweep the filth and corruption under the carpet. It the corruption was small in measure, sweeping under the carpet would still be possible. However, the deluge of corruption racking the Deeni Institutions (the Heart) is drowning the Ummah. The moral and spiritual diseases are put up for public display. There is no secret to conceal. The corruption is no longer a private malady which can be treated in privacy. It is being perpetrated flagrantly with a self-righteous attitude of justification and camouflaged with Deeni garb and hues.

The futile attempt by the Ulama and the leaders of the Deeni Institutions to slink into a fortress of silence in the futile attempt to save credibility by ‘concealing’ the rot plaguing us (the Heart) and gnawing away the foundations of the Ummah’s structure of morality and spirituality, is the machination of enemies of the Ummah. The Ulama have become the enemies of the Deen.

A current example of the rot and corruption is this month’s (September’s) hooliganism perpetrated by members of the Tabligh Jamaat on Hadhrat Maulana Mateenul Haq, the Principal of Jaamiah Mahmoodiyah Ashraful Uloom in the city of Kanpur, India, and at the Madrasah. This Madrasah was established in memory of Hadhrat Mufti Mahmoodul Hasan Gangohi (rahmatullah alayh), the then Chief Mufti of Daatul Uloom Deoband. The Urdu newspaper, BASEERAT, reporting the hooliganism, wrote:



Kanpur: An extremely shameful incident occurred at the famous Deeni Madrasah, Jaamiah Mahmoodiyah of Kanpur City. This Madrasah was established in memory of the Chief Mufti of India, Mufti Mahmoodul Hasan Gangohi (rahmatullah alayh). An Ustaadh of Jaamiah Mahmoodiyah was subjected to the most disgusting behaviour and a Student was assaulted when the Principal had endeavoured to rectify the ideas of members of the Tabligh jamaat.

It is noteworthy that in this region for the past 12 years, the Jaamiyah has been engaged in Ilmi and Islaahi duties. Along with this, the Jaamiyah was also fulfilling the important obligation of Tableegh. However, the local members of the (Tabligh) Jamaat could not digest the Madrasah. Frequently they plotted to assault the Asaarizah and the Talaba.

The day before yesterday, the people of the Tablighi Jamaat incited about 50 to 60 persons and raided the Madrasah. They acquitted themselves with intolerable insolence towards the Principal (Hadhrat Maulana Mateenul Haq Sahib). At the same time they attempted to assault an Ustaadh. Two students stepped forward to protect the Ustaadh. The members of the Tabligh jamaat, chased and assaulted these Guests of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) (i.e. the Students).

They sunk to the ebb of attempting to break down the door of the room of Maulana Mateenul Haqq, but were unsuccessful. Damage was also caused to a section of the Madrasah which was under construction.

The responsible residents of the region were greatly distressed by this incident. People are asking: “Are those engaging in da’wat, now also indulging in hooliganism?”

A few years ago, the people of the (Tabligh) Jamaat had caused a similar disturbance when they labelled a senior Khalifah of Hadhrat Maulana Abraarul Haqq (rahmatullah alayh) – Hadhrat Thanvi’s Khalifah – as a Jewish agent. However, when the Ulama had sent a written complaint to the Kanpur and Delhi Markaz (of the Tablighi Jamaat, they received no response.  People are saying that the seniors of the Tablighi Jamaat have not instituted any remedial measures in this regard, and that in Kanpur the members of the (Tabligh) Jamaat are systematically conducting a plot (of harassment) against the Ulama.”

(End of report)

When extremism sets into a movement, the prescribed limits of the Shariah are transgressed. Then the Movement of Haqq is deflected from Siraatul Mustaqeem, its original Path and lapses into bid’ah and dhalaal. If this satanic deflection is not arrested and remedied, the time will come when the Tabligh Jamaat will becomes just another baatil sect. It is therefore imperative that the elders of the Jamaat sit up, take stock and attend to the general ghulu’ which has crept into its ranks.

13 Zil Qa’dh 1435 – 8 September 2014

Sign this petiton to free Dr. aafiyah Siddiqui.. send it directly to Obama/white house

Thank you for submitting your signature to the We the People petition “repatriate Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, imprisoned for more than 11 years, as a matter of urgency.” via






Petition Title: repatriate Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, imprisoned for more than 11 years, as a matter of urgency.

In the name of ALLAH, The Most Compassionate, The Most Merciful. We appeal to you as brothers and sisters in humanity to relieve the suffering of an innocent woman. In March 2003, Dr. Aafia Siddiqui was abducted with her three young children in Pakistan on the basis of faulty intelligence, a rendition operation that a former Pakistani official has since admitted. Five years later she mysteriously reappeared in a weakened state in Afghanistan; she was shot and later charged in a federal court with attempted murder. Dr. Siddiqui was sentenced to 86 years for a “crime” in which she alone was injured, she has now suffered needlessly for more than 11 years. We ask the government to affirm the American ideals of “liberty and justice for all.” End Aafiaxs suffering; reunite her with her family.



Shiah religion and Shiah lies==Taqiyah



Taqiyah is the Holy Hypocrisy-Holy Lies doctrine of the Shiah religion. In terms of the Shiah religion of Kufr, practising Taqiyah is one of the loftiest acts of piety. In fact, it is integral to Shiah belief. The satanic belief requires  the adherents of Shi’ism to  conceal their kufr with lies and to dupe Muslims with lies in order to gain the confidence  of the People of the Sunnah. Shi’ism with its pernicious doctrine of Taqiyah sanctifies, glorifies and glamourizes LIES disgorged in the name of religion.

A Shiah, one Abdul Salam Islam, in a propaganda stunt to pull wool over the eyes of unwary and ignorant Muslims,  published an article, Beware of Propaganda Against Shi’ism. In his baseless article employing Taqiyah, he abortively attempted to respond to and refute  the book on Shi’ism authored by Maulana Khalid Dhorat.

The essay written by the Shiah Abdul Salam Islam, is a typical sample of Shi’i red herring obfuscation. It attempts, but fails, to divert  the focus from the actual beliefs of kufr of the Shiah religion  and cloud the issue of Shiah KUFR with peripheral issues unrelated to its (Shi’ism’s) fundamental doctrines of kufr which cast Shiahs out of the fold of Islam into the dregs of Jahannam.

The Shiah lost soul lamentably seeks to equate Shi’ism with Islam for gaining acceptability within the ranks of Muslims,  the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah. It is indeed queer that whilst Muslims have no desire to be be aligned with Shiahs, the latter (i.e. Shiahs) are perennially at pains to proclaim that shiahs and Sunnis are ‘brothers’. While Shiahs are always wooing the Ahlus Sunnah in their desperate plot to gain the confidence of Muslims,  the latter  shun them and are averse to their hypocritical overtures of ‘brotherhood’. Muslims can never be brothers or friends with rubbishes who

  • Deny the authenticity of the Qur’aan
  • Claim that the  vast majority of the Sahaabah became murtad after the demise of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam)
  • Accuse Hadhrat Aishah (radhiyallahu anha) of having committed adultery
  • Utter special, vile curses on Hadhrat Aishah and the first three Khulafa of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam).

Besides the abovementioned  acts of Shi’i kufr, the evil and villainy of Shiahs in both belief and practice, are numerous. All of their vile kufr and filth is well documented in their own books of theology. Numerous Ulama of the Ahlus Sunnah have written elaborate expositions to lay bare the filth and kufr of the Shiahs.

The Shiah writer of   the ghutha essay attempts to pass off Shi’ism for Muslim consumption by avoiding the charges  which Muslims level against the doctrines and practices of Shiahs. His claim that shiahs are Muslims simply because they ostensibly  assert their belief in Allah and Prophethood of  Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), does not make them Muslims. Qadianis as well as other deviates also subscribe to this kalimah. But mere profession of the kalimah is inadequate for validity of Imaan. The brief Kailmah formula  comes  with all its essential demands and requisites – fundamental doctrines and articles of faith, rejection of just one rendering the denier a kaafir.

Shiahs refute, deny and rubbish not just one of Islam’s fundamental requisites. It denies the WHOLE of Islam as believed by Muslims. Denial of the authenticity of the Qur’aan is tantamount to the denial of the WHOLE of Islam. Similarities in a handful of practices  do not elevate  a man to the pedestal of Imaan and Islam. But the fact is that Shiahs do not resemble Muslim in even a few  beliefs and practices.

The Shiah’s claim  of believing in the Qur’aan – the Qur’aan which we Muslims believe in – does not save the Shiah  kufr skin from the edict of KUFR which Muslims apply to Shiahs. Our contention is structured on sound grounds. It is not a joke to label  askaafir an entire community of a hundred million souls. The Ahlus Sunnah has a solid basis for proclaiming  Shiahs kaafir.

The assurances of  the Shiah, Abdul Salam Islam,  as to the hallucinated correctness of Shiah beliefs, may befool morons among the Muslims. Perhaps he too is a moron if he sincerely believes that the doctrines of Shi’ism are not kufr.  For ascertaining Shiah beliefs regarding the Qur’aan, the Sahaabah, etc., etc., articles written in defense of Shi’ism, are red herrings and a waste of time. The need is to research the kutub (kitaabs) of the Shiah clergy. What their great priests say and write is the criterion for understanding and judging Shi’ism. What moron writers say is of absolutely no significance for determining the beliefs of Shi’ism.

The Mujlisul Ulama of S.A. has published the following books in exposition of Shi’ism:

(1)  Shi’ism  Part 1

(2)  Shi’ism Part 2

(3)  Shi’ism Exposed

(4)  Who are the Shiah.

(5)  Why I left Shi’ism  (This is an essay by a former top Shi’i cleric who abandoned Shi’ism, and who was in consequence murdered by the Shiahs)

In addition, Maulana Manzoor No’maani as well as other Ulama have written  much on Shi’ism. All of the  abovementioned books cite the original kutub of the Shiah religion. The charges we lay against Shi’ism are not based on opinion or hearsay. We have structured our case of KUFR on the beliefs of Shi’ism as propounded by the highest ranking Shiah clergy (Mujtahids and Aayatullas) in their own books of theology.

Muslims should not  be beguiled  unto the snare of self-pitying Shiah writers who are at pains to depict Shi’ism as Islam. Don’t be befooled  by the Shiah writer’s averment:

“….they (i.e. Shiahs) do not disregard the companionship of the Sahabas nor do scholars encourage hatred towards Sunni.”

Read what their highest-tanking scholars say about the Sahaabah and the hatred they propagate for the Ahlus Sunnah spearheaded by the Sahaabah. For gaining political capital and for political expediency, the Shiah  notoriously resort to their  Taqiyah belief of holy hypocrisy.

It devolves on the morons who abortively  seek to vindicate Shi’ism to debunk with logical and rational facts the numerous citations of kufr  which we  have extracted from their own  kutub, and which we have published. Read the books we have enumerated above. Write to us for copies of these books.

Mr.Abul Salam Islam, the Shi’i writer, despite   saying, ignorantly or by Taqiyah design, that Shiahs accept the Sahaabah, is constrained by the force of   the reality of Shiah kufr  to say:

“Historical facts prove that the Prophet (pbuh) did appoint a successor a few months before his death…”

Now what is the logical conclusion of this  veiled slander against the Sahaabah in general, and against Hadhrat Abu Bakr (radhiyallahu anhu) and Hadhrat Umar (radhiyallhu anhu) in particular? The conclusion of this Shi’i LIE is that  the Sahaabah had rejected the appointment made by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam); that Hadhrat Abu Bakr (radhiyallahu anhu), first, and  Hadhrat Umar (radhiyallahu anhu), second, and Hadhrat Uthmaan (radhiyallahu anhu), third, had usurped the Khilaafate by having rejected  the express appointment of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). And, what is the conclusion of rejecting the order of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam)? Every moron Muslim will understand that a person who rejects the command of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) is a kaafir. It is on this very basis as outlined above, that Shiahs proclaim that the first three Khulafa were the worst of kuffaar, hence invoking la’nat (curse) on them is an act of lofty ibaadat. Don’t be trapped  in Shiah kufr and  their ‘holy’ lies.

There is no academic expertise displayed in the Shiah moron’s  criticism of Maulana Dhorat’s book. He (i.e. the Shiah)  endeavours to  compile a puzzle from incongruent pieces of  self-opinion  based on generalities. He struggls to present a  coherent picture which will depict Shiahs as Muslims and as ‘brothers’ of the Ahlus Sunnah, when the reality denies such propaganda.

He lauds Khomeni and cites some deceptive statements of Shiah clerics while ignoring what Khomeini  said about the Sahaabah. All the facts on which we base our view are available. The Shiahs  have failed to conceal their books of theology in which their beliefs of kufr and belief of hatred for the Sahaabah are cast in stone. It does not serve the cause of the Shiah writer to  resort to obfuscation in his defense of Shi’ism. He will gain nothing. He should rather  respond to the charges which we  have structured on the basis of the  beliefs which are very conspicuously and unambiguously  recorded in the highest-tanking books of Shiah theology, and made by the highest-ranking priests of Shi’ism.

Shiahs are not Muslims. Shi’ism is a religion entirely apart from Islam. Shi’ism is anathema to Islam. Those who hate the Sahaabah – those who slander Hadhrat Aishah (radhiyallahu anha) can never be the friends and brothers of Muslims.


In  AN EXTREMELY remote, desert region on the borders of Baluchistan and Punjab, our surveying
team of brothers discovered numerous villages populated by Muslims where poverty and total
ignorance of the Deen prevail. For decades these people have not even heard an Athaan. The region
is spiritually barren. There are no Musaajid and no Makaatib to cater for the very basic Deeni ta’leem of
the children. Generations have grown up without any Deen.
There are no missionaries in this region, and to break the ties of these ignorant people with the Deen there
is no need for missionaries to convert them. Ignorance has already done the work of the missionaries, and
is continuing to take a heavy toll. Like many other regions all over the Muslim world, Islam is becoming
Despite the fact that there are hundreds of Madrasahs and Darul Ulooms in Pakistan, no one is interested
in these gone and lost areas where the Ummah is being decimated and effaced by poverty and ignorance –
more than poverty, the disease is ignorance.
Here people die and are buried without ghusl and Janaazah Salaat. Yet to stem this tide of kufr by
ignorance and to remedy the situation, the task is not insurmountable. There is a need for some Brothers
to open up their hearts and come to the aid of this lost segment of the Ummah.
Our plan is to construct as many small Musjids as possible in this region. Engage Aalims who will have
to be imported from another province. An Aalim will be the Imaam and Ustaadh to operate a Maktab in
the Musjid for the children of the village. This Ustaadh will at the same time teach the adults who are just
as ignorant as the children.
We have spoken to the village people and explained the danger in which they are wasting away their
lives. They have understood are prepared to offer whatever assistance they are able to. In this regard, the
village folk will put up the walls of the Musjid. The Musjid will be built with mud bricks which they
themselves will make. Our share will be to complete the Musjid by arranging for the roof, windows,
doors, etc. The cost to us will be between R15,000 and R20,000 per Musjid.
It is our intention to initiate the Project with ten Musjids. The initial cost will be about R15,000. Then the
monthly wage for the Ustaad, etc. will be R1,000. Thus for ten Musjids the cost is approximately
R150,000 – R200,000. Add to this R10,000 running expenses per year for a Musjid-Maktab.
If any bandah to whom Allah Ta’ala has bestowed wealth has the heart to undertake this Project wholly or
partly, it shall be appreciated. Build up your capital in Jannat. Be an active cog in the Project to save a
segment of the Ummah of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) from spiritual and Deeni destruction.
There are numerous men of means in our community for whom R200,000 is a paltry sum. They waste
considerably more in weddings, going for Umrah and other holidays, and spending on unnecessary
luxuries. We ask them to reflect and understand that according to the Qur’aan, there will be a reckoning
for the Amaanat of wealth. May Allah Ta’ala grant you the taufeeq to clamber aboard this vital Project of
the Deen.
The lamentable situation explained above is not confined to this particular region. This problem is
endemic and prevails throughout the Muslim World. We are, by the fadhl of Allah Ta’ala, working in a
number of areas. But, it is a mere drop in the bucket


Our activities currently consist of:
(1) Approximately 3,500 Maktabs catering for approximately more than 200,000 children who would be
totally deprived of Deeni ta’leem without these Maktabs. Over the past two decades more than million
children have passed through the Maktab course. We operate these Maktabs in Pakistan, India,
Bangladesh, Indonesia, Mozambique, The Gambia and a few in South Africa.
The cost of maintaining a Maktab is about R10,000 a year. We do not build Maktab structures. An
existing Musjid or a hut, etc. serves the purpose.
(2) Building Musjids in villages where there is no Musjid. The Musjid is also used as a Maktab. The cost
of a Musjid varies, depending on the size of the village and region. The cost varies from R15,000 to
R60,000. A R60,000 Musjid is a brick structure.
(3) Boreholes, wells and water tanks. This is indeed a sorely needed necessity in many areas where people
have to trek miles for water. The cost varies from R10,000 to R250,000. Recently we constructed a
borehole on the border of Tanzania to serve the folk of five villages (approximately 25,000 persons). The
cost of this borehole was R260,000. The cost depends on the depth of digging. In rocky terrain, the cost
escalates. In Rajistan (India), which is total desert, the only method is to construct huge concrete water
tanks. If a tank is constructed, the municipality will fill it with water. But the municipality refuses to
build tanks. The tanks serve the whole village. The cost of a tank is R16,000.
(4) Widows and Orphans: We have presently about 200 widows receiving R500 monthly stipends. All of
them have children. This is a huge problem in Pakistan.
(5) While the aforementioned are our main activities, we are engaged in a number of other charitable
Deeni projects. Which develop from time to time.
P.O.Box 3393, Port Elizabeth 6056
Our Banking details are:
Mujlisul Ulama of SA
A/c no. 1217 040 145
Commercial Road Branch
(Branch code 121 717)
Port Elizabeth
MUZO of S.A. (Standard Bank)
Acc No: 080645240
Branch Code: 050217
Branch: Berry’s Corner, Port Elizabeth

Please notify us of your contribution deposited into any of our banking accounts. A copy of the
deposit slip will be appreciated. Email, post or fax it to us.
Our tel/fax number is: +27- 41 – 451-3566

For any further enquiries, contact Abdus Samad Mall, Cell phone 082 786 666 2


Protest over suggested ban on alcohol in Pakistan

The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) has advised the Parliament to make drinking alcohol punishable for all, including non-Muslims and foreigners.

“In a recent meeting of the body, we have discussed this issue in length,” CII Chairman Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani told The Express Tribune. The council had also had interaction with representatives of other faiths, who had demanded the government stop issuing permits to non-Muslims.


“Hindu and Christian leaders have said their respective religions also prohibit alcohol and that they will table a resolution in the National Assembly demanding amendments in the existing laws that allows usage of alcohol for non-Muslims,” he said. The proposed ban would involve amendment in the Hudood Ordinance against theft, adultery and drugs, he added.

During a discussion, the CII members said that according to the principles of the Holy Quran, the use of alcohol or hemp is repugnant even for medical purposes, irrespective of quantity or percentage in a mixture.

“Such drinks should be considered prohibited even if prescribed by a qualified doctor or medical authority,” one of the CII members said. “The only exception would be the case of an addict admitted to hospital where medics consider alcoholic drink indispensable for treatment.

“Alcoholic preparations could also be used if it is medically determined that without their use, a life would be in danger and no substitute is possible,” he added.

He said the use of alcohol could be declared lawful, though with abhorrence, for scientific and industrial purposes, adding that production of alcohol for these purposes could be allowed by an official agency, but not by any individual, Muslim or non-Muslim.

“Such an arrangement is necessary to prevent misuse of alcohol,” another CII member added. They said that the CII had also proposed that a fee or tax could also be levied on alcohol production.

Talking to The Express Tribune, former federal minister J Salik also demanded amendments in the existing laws as he referred to the misuse of the law. Salik, who represents the Christian community, said the existing laws were absolutely corrupt. “It is a conspiracy against minorities. It is never our demand to allow alcohol,” he said, adding that they wanted welfare steps for their community. “Through alcohol, our children are drifting towards criminal activities,” he said.

Existing laws on alcohol

Former prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto had imposed a ban on alcohol in 1976. Now only non-Muslims can drink alcohol, but they must get a permit from the government and pay a fee. They get a fixed quota of alcohol every month. The permit holder must renew the permit every year. The government fixes the quota based on a person´s income. The permit is not issued without a religious certificate available also to church authorities.

Published in The Express Tribune, June 1st, 2014.

Article taken from The Express Tribune –
URL to article:

Muslim Driver Fights St. Louis Taxi Wardrobe Rules- a man with true Imaan, a Muslim

An Islamic cab driver in St. Louis is challenging the regional taxi commission’s wardrobe rules in court after receiving dozens of tickets for wearing traditional religious clothing.

Raja Naeem, 50, is a native of Pakistan who immigrated to the United States two decades ago and now lives in the St. Louis suburb of Manchester. He says his religious beliefs require him to wear a traditional head covering known as a kufi, a billowy shirt called a kurta and loose-fitting pants rather than the Metropolitan Taxicab Commission’s mandated uniform of black slacks and a white, button-down shirt.

He sued the taxi commission in St. Louis Circuit Court, alleging harassment and retaliation based on his religious views — including an arrest at Lambert-St Louis International Airport. On Monday, the two sides squared off in a case Circuit Judge Robert Dierker Jr. took under advisement without issuing a ruling.

“I want to practice my religion as well as provide for my family,” Naeem, a father of four daughters, said in an interview after the hearing.

Attorney Neil Bruntrager, who represents the taxi commission, said the regulatory agency has tried to accommodate Naeem’s ideology while still enforcing its wardrobe rules, which he said were created to help passengers clearly identify approved taxi drivers.

Bruntrager noted that the commission offered a compromise that would have allowed Naeem to wear a kurta as long as it was white and didn’t extend below thigh length. The commission agreed that he could wear the kufi on his head but said his pants must be black rather than the white leg coverings Naeem favors in tribute to the prophet Muhammad.

“All the tickets had nothing to do with him wearing (religious) clothing,” Bruntrager said in court. “It was the color requirements … Inherent in all this is the idea of easy recognition.”

Drew Baebler, Naeem’s attorney, said the taxi commission overstepped its authority when it interviewed Naeem’s imam about his religious views in an effort to resolve the dispute. He also noted that the commission allows drivers to wear sports jerseys when teams such as the St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Blues make the playoffs.


Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) often a false diagnosis really caused by vaccines

for the mufti says bloggers and docs on that forum who keep promoting vaccines and insult those who do their research open minded, and say i post  my opinion while i always give the proof and original articles by experts only so i am not accused of giving m,y opinion.

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) A woman who had no prior history of violence was released from prison in April after serving nearly half of a 20-year sentence for the murder of an infant in her care.

Jennifer Del Prete was a daycare worker who maintained her innocence throughout her entire ordeal. She was convicted of shaking four-month-old Isabella Zielinski after the child fell unconscious in her care. She never woke up from a coma and died in the hospital 10 months later.

During Del Prete’s trial, prosecutors insisted that it was a classic case of violent and intentional shaken baby syndrome (which is now officially known as “abusive head trauma”), and they had the medical experts to “prove it.”

‘Groundbreaking’ ruling

Now, however, U.S. District Judge Matthew Kennelly, who ordered Del Prete’s release, is not convinced of the shaken-baby verdict, or even that the typical symptoms that are used to diagnose it are sufficient to prove a person guilty of child abuse or murder.

As reported by the website

In a comprehensive 97-page opinion, Kennelly draws attention to the controversial science behind SBS, going so far as to suggest: “a claim of shaken baby syndrome is more an article of faith than a proposition of science.”

Kennelly’s ruling is being considered groundbreaking in some circles, because for the first time it condemns the shaken-baby diagnosis, which has been upheld in scores of courtrooms and has been used to convict hundreds of people on charges of child abuse and murder, as unreliable.

Since the 1990s, the website reports, more than 1,000 cases of shaken baby syndrome (SBS) have been heard in court. Between half and three-quarters of these cases have relied on an SBS-associated triad of symptoms as the only medical evidence “proving” the crime.

The triad — subdural hemorrhage (or bleeding surrounding the brain), retinal hemorrhage and swelling of the brain — has been used by prosecutors as irrefutable evidence that determines almost all important aspects of the case, such as how the child died (from being shaken violently), who did the shaking (the last person with the child) and what the state of mind was for the murder at the time (angry and intentional).

Vaccine reactions can mimic SBS symptoms

Additional physical symptoms like bruises and cuts that you might expect to see in cases of very extreme child abuse mostly did not need to be present to convict someone of SBS. It also was not necessary for any witnesses to have been present. So, the result was an overwhelming faith in the triad, in which it alone was powerful enough to determine a person’s guilt:

This is troubling for several reasons, not the least of which is that the science behind the triad is coming into question. Many doctors now acknowledge that the same symptoms that once were used to definitively conclude that SBS had taken place could actually be caused by other conditions, such as infections or bleeding disorders. There have also been findings that dispute that the assumption the shaking need necessarily be violent and intentional for these symptoms to take place.

And some experts believe that adverse reactions to vaccines, which can cause symptoms similar to SBS, are actually responsible for the deaths of some babies.

“Del Prete’s case can teach us about much more than the controversy surrounding SBS,” says. “It shows us how crucial it is that evidence not be based on one idea alone. Theory is important, but over-reliance on it can be a bit like trusting a single witness when the rest of them have nothing incriminating to say. We need to be comprehensive in our trials, otherwise ‘innocent until proven guilty’ loses its meaning.”

For more information and breaking news regarding the dangers of vaccines, visit





Extract out the booklet—-those acts and inhuman crimes occur regular in Pakistan as well


The following is a report exposing the gruesome, brutal, immoral and satanic acts of horrendous torture perpetrated by the kuffaar Saudi authorities masquerading as Muslims.

This report was issued in 1998 when about 2,000 Mujahideen were held in the torture-hell of the Saudi regime. Today approximately 40,000 brothers including numerous Ulama and academicians are languishing in the most horrid and brutal conditions for which Saudi torture
chambers have acquired infamy and notoriety. – Report issued by Azzam
Publications of United Kingdom.



From time to time, Azzam Publications would like to bring authentic news reports to everyone around the world. We would like to say that our news is verified, authenticated and from DIRECT sources, not Western media or anything like that.
If you do not hear from us for some time, then that is not because nothing is happening around the world, but we do not have any AUTHENTIC DIRECT news to tell.

The following news article should be read from beginning to end for maximum effect. This and previous news articles maybe found on our web site.

As this news bulletin goes to press, there are stil l currently over 2000 Mujahideen that have been imprisoned in Saudi Arabia during the latest oppression that began a few days before Hajj, 1998.

Azzam Publications has managed to conduct another exclusive interview with one brother who spent some time in a Saudi prison within the last few months. He was arrested when he returned from a land of Jihad, and released after one year, when no evidence of criminal activity was found on him.

Azzam Publications is still in contact with this brother and able to answer any questions relating to it.
We would like to say that what you are about to read is not a fabricated or second-hand account.

This account was taken DIRECTLY from the mouth of the brother who underwent this torture and spoke to his brother inmates. After our last report titled: ‘Torture in Saudi Prisons: Exclusive Report



Only possible in Pakistan- 5 year old arrested in murder case!!!

LAHORE: An additional district & sessions judge on Friday confirmed the pre-arrest bail of a five-year-old kid allegedly involved in thrashing a minor girl, attacking a woman and throwing stones at a house.

The judge, Naveed Iqbal – granting bail to accused Ali Hassan, 5, and other co-accused Shehbaz Ahmed, and his father Abdul Hameed against bail bonds of Rs50,000 each – directed the CCPO Lahore to take departmental action against the police officials, who filed the FIR, and submit report by June 4.

On Friday, the five-year-old minor appeared in the court, holding his father’s hand. He looked quite tense and remained silent in the courtroom.

When the judge entered the courtroom, the accused was standing in the dock. However as he was not visible due to his height, the judge directed the father to lift him in his lap and come to the rostrum.

The counsel for the accused described the incident as a scuffle of minors. He said that complainant’s side had badly thrashed the accused party and had also registered an FIR against them in connivance with local police.

According to FIR – registered by a Hassan Shehzad under section 354/427 of Pakistan Penal Code – the accused Ali Hassan first beat the female cousin of the complainant.

It said that when the matter was brought to the knowledge of his father, Abdul Hameed, the accused also badly thrashed the complainant’s mother and hurled stones at their house and broke their windowpanes. It said the accused also used foul language and threatened him with dire consequences

Talking to The Express Tribune, Ali Hassain said he did not know why his father had brought him to that place. When asked if he was aware that police had implicated him in a case, he said he had no idea. He said he had not beaten anyone nor had thrown stone at any house. This is the second incident in which police registered FIR against a minor. Earlier the Muslim Town police in Lahore had registered a case against nine-month-old Moosa, who was nominated for attempted murder and interfering in state affairs.

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had taken notice of the incident and sought a report from the Inspector General Police. However, the police were quick enough to shift the blame on the plaintiff of the FIR, Assistant Sub-Inspector Kashif, saying he did not know that one of the accused was a child.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 31st, 2014.

If she can walk around in skin-tight clothes, why can’t I wear my veil?

In opposition to oppression, I feel a wonderful sense of freedom in my hijab. I feel protected and sheltered. PHOTO: AFP

Many people believe that the Islamic veil represents extremism, that it is a symbol of oppressing women. In April 2011, we saw France becoming the first European nation to ban the wearing of the veil in public. Several other countries, like Germany, Italy and Belgium among others, took inspiration from France and passed legislations banning the ‘hijab’. The irony is that even in the so-called Islamic Republic of Pakistan, a few schools forbid the wearing of the veil.

Ayman Mobin, a straight A’s student in O/A Levels and now a medicine student at Dow Medical College recalled,

“The director of Karachi Grammar School insisted I abandon my veil if I wanted admission there. Apparently, it was against their policy.”

The extremism concept works both ways. To be against the veil is one thing but to actually ban it and forcibly prohibit Muslim women from wearing it is the secular extreme. The veil is a religious issue, and hence, a highly personal one. To prevent women from wearing the veil is patriarchal dictatorship at its worst. The NGOs and feminists demand freedom and independence for women from their society. They argue that complete liberation of women will be only achieved when women will be allowed to do as they please. However, these organisations are strangely silent on the veil issue. This is inexplicable.

If a woman is allowed to saunter along the Karachi beach in skin-fitted Capri pants and shirt, a woman should be at complete liberty to walk the same length of a beach in the hijab. After all, in the industrialised pre-modern society we inhabit, the individual choice culture is prioritised. Insofar as the action of the person is not destructive to the social order and stability of the society, the person in question should be allowed to carry out the action he or she desires. It is true that in official, government-run places, like the court, NADRA or passport office, check-posts, prison or hospital, an identity check is imperative. In such cases, the veil-wearing women are perfectly willing to cooperate. They will show their faces if and when required.

Our reasons for wanting to cover our faces are very straightforward and simple. Firstly, it is the way we interpret a particular verse of the Holy Quran which tells women not to publically display their beauty or adornment (24:30). There are various interpretations offered for this verse and it is a basic human right to be allowed to follow one’s own religious leader’s interpretation, as long as the belief is not detrimental to the social security.

Some argue that the verse does not mention the covering of the face whereas some argue it does as the verse includes the word ‘zeenat’, which simply means beauty. And because one’s face goes a long way in determining how beautiful and attractive one is, women feel obliged to hide it as per the command in the Holy Quran.

I believe the veil maintains the social order of the society. Amina Ahmed, a trainee journalist in the UK, published an article in the Guardian titled, ‘My Niqab is my Identity’, where she refers to this conception as,

“A verse in the Quran tells us to cover our beauty and lower our gaze and to be modest so that we are not taken advantage of – and so that there are no out-of-marriage relationships, unwanted pregnancies and a society where children do not know who their father or mother is. It is not to oppress us, rather give us the privacy and respect we deserve.”

In opposition to oppression, I feel a wonderful sense of freedom in my hijab. I feel protected and sheltered. It gives me the privacy I desire and yearn for. Being a Muslim woman, it is part of my identity and it defines who I am. To have others dictate my mode of dressing by banning the veil only shows how rigid and inflexible people with power and authority can sometimes get.

It is my choice, it wasn’t enforced upon me. I admit there might be women out there who were forced into wearing the veil. But I’m not one of them and there are several other women like me. By banning the veil, the pattern of coercion actually just continues. Women who did not want to wear the veil were forced to wear it because they were probably ordered by the domineering men of their families. And, consequently, if banned, women who originally wanted to wear the veil would be prohibited from wearing it, forbidden to do so by the ruling state.

Either way, both scenarios boil down to compulsion and that is an ugly word in this era. Banning should not even be an option. I believe it is high time for people to dump their bias and prejudice towards what is simply a matter of one’s own choice.

The Racism of the Arab countries

Pakistani couple incurs SR128,000 hospital bill in delivery of baby girl

A poor Pakistani farm worker in Taif is desperately trying to pay the mounting hospital bills which he incurred after his wife gave birth to a premature baby girl. He cannot take his baby home until he pays the money in full.
Mohammed Ishaq, a 26-year-old Pakistani, works as agriculture farm worker cum driver in Taif. His wife, Hasina Nader Mohammed had a premature delivery on Feb. 10 of this year giving birth to a baby girl weighing 1 kg and suffering from respiratory distress syndrome. Ishaq was billed a total of SR127,680 according to the medical records.
The Pakistani couple was unable to bear the huge cost as both are not covered by health insurance.
The baby was placed in an incubator at the Al Nahda Hospital in Taif for 22 days where she was treated with antifungal medication and supplied oxygen. She also spent 43 days in the ICU for respiratory treatment and given artificial ventilation.
“The hospital is demanding the payment of a sum of SR127,680 as their service charges before they agree to discharge my daughter,” Ishaq said.
He said that he worked on a farm and drove his sponsor’s vehicle. “My wages are not sufficient to pay such a large amount of money,” he said adding that he wouldn’t be able to raise this amount even he worked for another ten years in the Kingdom.
When asked about the medical insurance cover, he replied, “Domestic employees such as house drivers, maids and farm workers are not covered in the mandatory medical insurance cover.”
Ishaq said that he knew some Pakistani workers in Taif but that they were of the same social status as himself, and were

unable to raise the sum. “My wife and I are grief-stricken and at a loss as to where to go and whom to ask for help,” he said sorrowfully.

Honor Killings of women in Islam



Is there any basis or ruling in islam for ‘honour killings’. Many tribes in the indo pak cont practice this..i would like to know this have any place or justified in islam?




In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh.

Islam has protected every innocent soul. Unjustly taking a life is a major crime. The Quran very clearly states,

وَمَنْ يَقْتُلْ مُؤْمِنًا مُتَعَمِّدًا فَجَزَاؤُهُ جَهَنَّمُ خَالِدًا فِيهَا وَغَضِبَ اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَلَعَنَهُ وَأَعَدَّ لَهُ عَذَابًا عَظِيمًا (النساء: ٩٣)

And whoever kills a believer purposely, his retribution is Hell Fire forever and Allah’s anger and curse. And Allah will prepare an enormous torment for him. (Al Nisā’: 93)

Nabī (salla Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) has said,

لَا يَحِلُّ دَمُ امْرِئٍ مُسْلِمٍ إِلَّا بِإِحْدَى ثَلَاثٍ : زِنًا بَعْدَ إِحْصَانٍ، أَوِ ارْتِدَادٍ بَعْدَ إِسْلَامٍ، أَوْ قَتْلِ نَفْسٍ بِغَيْرِ حَقٍّ، فَقُتِلَ بِهِ (جامع الترمذي، كتاب الفتن)

The blood of a Muslim is protected except for three reasons: Adultery, apostasy, and murder (Al Tirmizi)

The concept of honor killing has no basis in Islam. In fact, it is a major crime. A person guilty of honor killing will be put to death in an Islamic state where the qādi (judge) has the right to regulate and implement capital punishment. 

And Allah Ta’āla Knows Best

Hisham Dawood

Student, Darul Iftaa
Chicago, USA

Checked and Approved by,
Mufti Ebrahim Desai.


















7 Rajab 1435 – 7 May 2014

Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias’ Fatwas on Maulana Tariq Jameelstion




    Question number

    #8399 – 28/10/2012


    Assalamualaikum,Mufti saheb..I would like to know Islamic status & truth of the views of an Alim who calls himself Sunni,Hanafi & Deobandi.These are the views from his talks:1)We are raw Muslims.To get out of this whirlpool,we will not find way from the age of Sahaba.We will have to go back to Bani Israil.2)It was not proper for the government to fall into the hands of a senior Sahabi,so Hazrat Muaviah(ra) was made Khalifa.Certainly Hazrat Ali(ra) was on truth & Muaviah(ra) was at mistake.In this issue all Ahlus Sunnah become Shia.3)If the imputer of Hazrat Ayesha(ra) can be forgiven,then why not Shia of today?4)There should not be any difference in the ummah;this prayer was not accepted.Because of this reason Prophet(saw) did not appoint.Had he appointed,the difference would not have arisen that there would be Abu Bakr(ra) after him.Shia would have said,’He gave Khilafat to us’.We say,’He has given it to Abu Bakr(ra).There is no clarification in the indication.Prophet(saw) did not appoint anyone.He has preserved it on the will of Allah.Almighty Allah said,’There will be difference’.5)There was second thing also.Had Prophet(saw) appointed,and had there been failure in that and it had to fail,since now first time this is happening in history of the world that a non-innocent(ghair masoom) is taking the place of an innocent(masoom).Till today it did not happen that a non-innocent was taking the place of an innocent.First time this is happening in human history that a non-innocent will sit in the place of the innocent,so non-innocent is there only that he has to make mistake.The Prophet of Allah selects and places him at his place,then if he fails and falls short in that,then it will be attributed to the Prophet of Allah.6)The second thing was that,had he appointed(Khalifa) and had anyone refused it,he would have perished.7)And there was another thing also that,had Prophet(saw) appointed,and had there been failure in that and it had to happen.8)Neither we consider them(Sahaba) masoom nor we consider them mahfooz.9)I tell you this also often,this is extremism to transgress in refutation of Shia.10)Contemplating on that,this thing emerged that appointment by the Prophet of Almighty Allah,then had there been any failure in that,then no one would have objected.The dereliction would have been ascribed to the Prophet of Allah.Prophets are to be kept clean.No dust should affect them,neither in their life nor on their death nor after their death.11)This is fanaticism that we make Sahaba(ra) masoom against Shia.I never had this mind that they are masoom.Masoom and mahfooz is the same thing.12)The preference for Khilafat is not piety(taqwa).The preference for Khilafat is policy(tadbeer),as to how he is in policy.13)Muaviah(ra) was not even equal to the nail of Abdullah ibn Umar with respect to grade.14)Their(Sahaba’s) acquittal(bara’at) is a part of our faith;it is right.They were not masoom,were not Prophets,were not mahfooz.This Asmat and Tahaffuz is the same thing.Is there any difference between them?If Allah forgave them,then defence of Sahaba like this is not proper that you start interpreting(taweel) their mistakes.15)Umar(ra) got 99% close to Asmat but he could not score 100 marks.The century scorer will be masoom,so we can give him 99.5 marks;we will leave the half so that there should be difference between a Prophet and non Prophet,so that no dust should come over the personality of Prophets;it should be clean.16)I told the student:Addeenun naseehah.Its common meaning is well wishing.You wish well for a disbeliever,wrong doer.You will lead him to paradise or hell?He said,to paradise.I said,’Considering a Shia kaafir is a way to lead him to paradise or hell?Silent!I said,’Christians are big disbelievers or Shia?He said,’Christians’.I said,’Hate Christians’.These abuse Sahaba(ra);those ascribe son to Allah.Ascribing a son to Allah is big crime or calling Abu Bakr and Umar(ra) kaafir is bigger crime?17)The creed of Barelvis keeps them within Islam.I heard from Moulana Abdullah saheb about Imam Ahmad Raza that disbelief is not found in his writings.He reached the extent of Bid’at just in passion of love.18)I do not know if anybody till today has called its(Shia’s) slaughter impermissible.Slaughter of a Jew and Christian is permissible and Shia’s is impermissible?How strange this is?I have heard this for the first time.19)Shia do not believe in the addition in Kalimah.Aliyyun Waliullah is also addition of their common people.Whatever you all have read,heard is all trivial.

    1) This is contrary to what Rasulullaah (S.A.W) himself said, this view of the so called Deobandi Alim is totally wrong. 2) Hadhrat Muawiya (A.S) cannot be criticized in anyway – See on site ‘Hahrat Muawiya at a glance’ This Alim is totally confused. Perhaps not mentally well. 3) The Shia of today has beliefs of Kufr. His analogy us mud-pisitioned. 4) Now this person is even trying to attach Nabi (S.A.W). There was no difference in the appointment of Hadhrat Abu Bakr (R.A.) – Hear tapes on out site. 5) The person is confusing the Role of Nabi and non-Nabi. He is a babbling BunKum. 6) Why create un-necessary un-called luxurious possibilities. 7) as (6) 8) Sahabah (R.A.) are Mahfooz is the view of the Ahlus Sunnat wal Jamaat. 9) He could be a hidden Shia – expose him by name so the general public are aware. 10) as (6) 11) Masoom and Mahfooz are NOT the same. This person does not know simple basics. !2) It is Taqdeer with Ilm coupled with piety. Now that it is has happened. Accept it for it cannot be changed. 13) Where is the proof of this statement? 14) as (11) 15) as (8) 16) Both are crimes. A crime is a crime. 17) This is a quick, rash, hasty statement. 18) This person should read ‘Encyclopedia of Qurbaani Laws’, for details on Shia slaughter being Haraam. 19) See on site – ‘Historical record’ for further details on Shias and their own Kalimah. This person is lost and trying his utmost to loose others. Expose him totally so that the Imaan and Islaam of others are protected.
    And Allah Knows Best

    Mufti Elias (May Allah Protect him)
    Category: Aqaaid (Beliefs and Practices)

    Question #8402 – 28/10/2012

    Assalamualaikum,Mufti Saheb.I would like to know the truth & Islamic status of the views of an Alim who calls himself Sunni,Hanafi & Deobandi.These are his views quoted from his talks:1)There was no introduction of the ulama of Deoband in Arab.2)Imam saheb(Abu Hanifa) has met two Sahaba(ra).3)Fathima(ra) became displeased.It is natural.Not that she had greed for things.She would think that Abu Bakr(ra) did not give them heritage,whereas it was their right.So she got displeased because of the right,and the saying of Hazrat Ali(ra):’You people did not share with us’.This is also right that then the council which took place about Khilafat,Ali(ra) was not present in that.He was present there in giving bath that exactly at that time this issue arose,and his stand was that at least he had some right because of the relationship.4)Now Saa’d bin Ubadah did not accept(Abu Bakr(ra)as Khalifa),he did not accept till end.Khalid bin Saeed bin Aas did not accept,Ali did not accept.He took Bai’ah after the demise of Hazrat Fathima(ra).Khalid bin Saeed also had spent 4 or 5 months,then he took Bai’ah.5)A Khariji was brought before Abdul Malik bin Marwan.He scolded him,’Why they always fight?He asked,’Why the Prophet of Allah did not appoint Khalifa?Abdul Malik kept quiet.The Khariji said,’He did not do it because difference had to remain in ummah,so he left it to the will of Allah’.I liked this answer very much.6)Hazrat Ali(ra) said:’We have complaint that we had to be included.And the matter was right that they were the closest relatives and they also were right that they had not gone there with any plan.Such an uproar had created there that if it had not been dealt with immediately,do not know what would have happened.On the first day itself ummah would have divided into 2 groups.So respect everybody.7)Read the discourses of Hazrat Thanvi(rah);there is no way for a common man to benefit from it.The language is so complicated and scholarly.It seemed that there used to be mostly ulama before Hazrat Thanvi(rah),and common people also were such that whose scholarly desire,consciousness was awake.So the writings of our elders were very complicated.There was scholarly appearance,scholarly hue in that.Moududi saheb is the first person who presented Deen in easily comprehensible way,and people understood that also.8)The maslak of Jumhoor is that Prophets are alive in their graves with respect to body and soul…but the matter which emerged,which was started by Moulana Husain Ali…on the arrival of Qari Tayyib saheb,from the Mamatis Moulana Ghulamullah Khan had retracted.9)This is an addition of Moulvi Shahid saheb.Moulana Zakariyya did not write any booklet.There was an Alim who had studied at Saharanpur.He joined with Moududi saheb.Moulana Zakariyya saheb wrote him a letter.The letter was of personal sort.Grandson after him is a publisher,businessman.He published it from business point of view and gave it a very improper name ‘Fitna-e-Moududiat’.

    1) This has been done on a limited scale. 2) Move 3) In the beginning there was some doubt concerning the inheritance but upon clarification of Hadhrat Abu Bakr (R.A.) all doubts were removed. Hadhrat Ali (R.A.) to erase any doubt subsequently publicly took allegiance to Hadhrat Abu Bakr (R.A.). This person does not not know his own History. 4) Lack of proper history knowledge leads to such drivel 5) The non-appointment by Nabi (S.A.W) has its wisdoms but for differences. 6) This is voicing Shiasm. 7) So simplify Moulana Thanvis works. Maududis Sahib is deviate. See site for details – publications – Maududism is Shia pocket edition. 8) What is being said, I do not understand? 9) The content matter of the letter was/is Valid and still stands.
    And Allah Knows Best

    Mufti Elias (May Allah Protect him)
    Category: Deviated

    Question #8403 – 28/10/2012

    Assalamualaikum,Mufti saheb.I would like to know the truth & Islamic status of the views of an Alim who calls himself Sunni,Hanafi & Deobandi.I have already sent two questions regarding Aqaid and Tarikh.I expect answer of each view separately.These are his views quoted from his talks:1)Work is done on negative aspect in madrasas.2)All(Islamic) movements of the past hundred years failed.3)Debates are waste.4)Madrasas have been ruined because of clash between Qadri,Naqshbandi sects.5)The environment of madrasas is based on fanaticism.6)Negative mode of education prevails in madrasas.7)The share for the Qur’an and Hadith is less in our pattern of teaching.8)Let all the sects remain in Islam.9)Moulana Sarfaraz Khan saheb is crown of our head,but he has written all his life on negative aspect.Extremism takes birth in pen by keeping on writing on negative aspect.In his books is refutation of Barelviat,refutation of Rafziat,refutation of Ghair Muqallidiat;refutation,refutation,refutation.He has spent all his life in refutation.So one who keeps on refuting,extremism creeps in his view.10)Moulana(Ameen) Safdar saheb(rah) who would refute Ahle Hadith from us;there was very much harshness in his style,and there was too much intensity.I had sit with him for 4 hours.I had gone to him to benefit.On that,whatever he said,he kept saying.I had been listening.

    1) I studied in Deoband, very little or next to nothing was mentioned about deviates. 2) We require details of this sweeping statement. 3) What about the debates between Hadhrat Ebrahim and Nimrooz and Hadhrat Moosa and Firoun and Nabi (S.A.W) and the Kufaar and Mushriks. This person is silly. 4) Kindly supply proofs. 5) Supply proofs 6) as (5) 7) Nonsense – which Darul Uloom has this person studied in? 8) Define ‘sects’. 9) His great services cannot be forgotten. His Tafseer is famous. His ‘refutations’ have salvaged millions. What exactly has the objector done for the service of Deen in any field? 10) Another Pillar of Islaam. Again, show us what you the objector has achieved? This person is highly confused between Shiasism and Maududism and is making a wrong claim of being from the Ahlus Sunnat wal Jamaat. Stay far from him.
    And Allah Knows Best

    Mufti Elias (May Allah Protect him)
    Category: Deviated

    Question #8408 – 29/10/2012

    Assalamualaikum,Mufti saheb.I would like to know the truth and Islamic status of the views of an Alim who calls himself Sunni,Hanafi and Deobandi.I expect separate answer for each view.These are his views quoted from his talks:1)The ulama who object to Ahle Hadith,they are wasting their time.Remember,these four modes have to function.2)All your research is up to ‘Tajalliyat-e-Safdar(by Moulana Ameen Safdar rah).3)Ahle Hadith are three or four crores.Ahle Hadith is not a sect.4)Calling a Ghair Muqallid deviant is fanaticism.5)Moududiat is not a sect.Moududi saheb is from true people.6)In refutation of Shia we call Sahaba mahfooz.

    1) Ahle Hadith do not form part of the four Mazhabs. 2) Whose research? 3) Ahle Hadith themselves say that they are a sect. 4) Do you think Ulema-e-Haqq are fools? 5) Then what is Jamaat Islaami. For proof that Maududi is a deviate see on our site exposing him – under publications. 6) Sahaba (A.S.) are Mahfooz is the belief of the Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat, so it will be against anyone who goes against that particular belief. This person cannot be a Deobandi Sunni Hanafi.
    And Allah Knows Best

    Mufti Elias (May Allah Protect him)
    Category: Deviated

    Question #8409 – 29/10/2012

    Assalamualaikum,Mufti saheb.I would like to know the truth and Islamic status of the views of an Alim who calls himself Sunni,Hanafi and Deobandi.I expect separate answer for each view.These are his views quoted from his talks:1)The Imams of Haramain also do Masah on socks.2)Had Imam-e-Azam(rah) been alive,he would have retracted on the Masail of Haj.2)There is difference of everybody in the principles of Fiqh,because this is purely a thing of Ijtihad.Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamat are one thing.Further,everyone has his own preferences.There are different forms of practices.Ibn Taimiyyah is the first person who called triple Talaq one.Ibn Qayyim endorsed it.Now since both of them are amongst the predecessors of Ghair Muqallideen,so somewhere they accept one’s and somewhere other’s.Our state is also same that somewhere we accept Imam Abu Yusuf’s,somewhere Abu Hanifa(rah)’s.3)If they consider triple Talaq single and after that they return,it is right according to them.It is not right according to us.You(Ahnaf) also ruin house deeming the forced one(Talaq Mukarrah) permissible,whereas you do not have any proof of forced Talaq.Do not force your Fatwas on them nor act on their Fatwas.There will be weak and sound narrations in every Mazhab.

    1) On what type of socks? They are not ‘Hujjat’ (proofs) in Shariat 2) Which Masaail? Why? – Does he think Imam Abu Hanifa (R.A.) is a non-competent person. Compare likes to likes not otherwise. Separate the wood from the trees is not difficult but not for this person. 3) See on site on 3 Talaaq issue. 3 Talaaqs is equal to one is not valid.
    And Allah Knows Best

    Mufti Elias (May Allah Protect him)
    Category: Aqaaid (Beliefs and Practices)

    Question #10165 – 11/10/2013
    BY ADMIN ON OCTOBER 15, 2013

    Assalaamu ‘Alaykum What is the view of the ‘Ulama of the Din regarding the recent visit by Mawlana Tariq Jamil (HA) of Pakistan to the Shi’ite center in Gilgit, Balitistan where he met with the Shi’ite leadership at the centre, addressed them and later posed for photographs with them which was published in newspapers and websites. Is there any precedence in this life of the Salaf al-Salihin and the respected and honourable ‘Ulama of Deoband to associate, visit, address Shi’ites in their religious places of worship? Your view on this would be highly appreciated. Jazak Allah khayr Was-salaam

    There is absolutely no precedence for such a ludicrous act. May Allaah guide us all.
    And Allah Knows Best

    Mufti Elias (May Allah Protect him)
    Category: Deviated

    Question #10208 – 21/10/2013

    Assalamu alaykum,Mufti sahib. Recently while browsing the internet I came across this link…Jameel-Exposed concerning the deviated aqaid and views of Maulana Tariq Jameel sahib.In the link in post #1,2,4,8,9,12,13,25,31,40,43,55,57,61 & 69 some of his views have been quoted from the book ‘Kalimatul Haadi Ila Sawaais Sabeel Fi Jawaabi Mallabisal Haqqa Bil Abateel’ written by Mufti Muhammad Isa Khan Gormani(db) the student of Allama Sarfaraz Khan Safdar(rah).This morning I came across your website and went through the contents.In the deviated section I saw the same views of Maulana Tariq Jameel sahib in the question No. 8399,8402,8403,8408 & 8409 asked by someone long back without naming him.The questioner has not been so lucid in translating some Urdu words in the questions,but the translation is correct.I even saw Maulana Tariq Jameel sahib on internet visiting a Shia center in Gilgit and addressing the kaafir Shia as brothers.Mufti sahib,is the refutation right given the popularity of Maulana Tariq Jameel sahib in Da’wat and Tabligh,his huge number of likers? Won’t this refutation affect the efforts of Tabligh Jama’at?

    The Tabligh Jamaat should distance themselves from the wrong views of Moulana Tariq Jameel. The work is not based on individual projection or promotion thus it will not suffer.
    And Allah Knows Best

    Mufti Elias (May Allah Protect him)
    Category: Society and Domestic


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