Steroid, interferon, hidden in unani medicines from Hamdard and Qarshi

 Assalaamu alykum.


Below is and article which shocked me but confirmed i had suspected a long time.

The big name brand  for unani medicine Qarshi and Hamdard are well known to lace their preparations with synthetic steroids to claim much more money and patients and popularity.,

This practice is being done as well by local hakeems who prepare their own medicines. As we did not know much about hikmat we believed our friends who told us he is a great hakeem and his medicine is pure and home made and free from steroids. sadly the truth was  a suffering and differnt story. the health of my whole family has been destroyed by this quack and the products w\e switched to to avoid hakeems , not knowing that steroids are hidden in it.

by now i know reactions of our bodies toward steroids. and again we seem to have fall victim to another hakeem who makes medicines himself and sates he does not use steroids. my experience here, in Karachi , is that the hakeems make one purposely sick  to keep you as a patient and then claim victory over the so bad illness. while many problems could be avoided and just the tons of  salt, licorice and sugar and preservatives left out their medicines and a realistic approach toward diet plans and nutrition would be held.

Our last hakeem claimed i need at least 6 month treatment( without checking pulse, blood pressure, lab tests, etc, without checking me he blurred out what i have which turned out was not really the problem) to get all the steroids out my body to cure my weak liver, anemia, etc. but what did he do. he pumped me full with salt, sodium, sugar, licorice, diuretics and a severe restricted diet and no allowance of supplements to supply the severe short comings. when i told him i don’t get better and worse in many ways , he simply kicked us out his office. i stopped his medicines, supplied mty much needed nutrients, changed my diet to alkaline a b it more, left out salt, etc, and lo i got much better.


Sadly the long term damage of steroids in the medicine and previous daily treatment with steroids for breathing problem during pregnancy, cant be cured….


i can  not recommend hospital visits , neither homeopathic and unani doctors her in pakistan


I went to another well recommend hakeem this time who has a beard and prays for a change and has no ty\v. pics. or magazines of prostitutes, and cooking channel in his office running, as i had pain in my liver and severe acid reflux, which some diet changes and supplement may have triggered.

Now i feel as the last time when steroids were found in the medicine. horrible.and the wrong diet approach again leaving me with asthma attacks and sever panic attacks, high blood pressure, water retention, etc. all i just got rid of myself..

Me and my family fell victim to one such l hakeem who treated us for 3 years .

My family and me had to go through all those suffering to find out about all those horrid things and to learn from our mistakes and to aplly diet and sunnat even more precise



Ministry unmoved over misuse of steroids, Interferon

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of National Health Services is alleged to have been involved in safeguarding the commercial interests of certain mafia and pharmaceutical firms at the cost of millions of human lives in Pakistan.


Besides other major wrongs and alleged criminalities, the ministry is blamed by none else but the state’s top anti-corruption watchdog — the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) — for allowing the marketing of a Hepatitis-C injection for anti-dengue fever.


Adding insult to injury, the said injection is manufactured from the “laboratory grade” material, which is not safe for human consumption.“Allegedly, this action is taken to promote the commercial interests of the firm with mala fide intent,” the NAB said in its seven-page letter to the ministry.


The ministry is also accused of keeping silence when steroids are being used injudiciously and irrationally in Herbal, Unani and Ayurvedic medicines. It is said 5,500 kgs of cortisone steroids have been imported and are being used by the alternative medicine manufacturers.


The ministry spokesman and officials concerned, when approached, said the NAB letter contained issues which were partly true and partly untrue. The spokesman said the ministry was presently ascertaining the facts and would soon respond to the letter.


Regarding the authorisation of substandard Hepatitis-C medication for anti-dengue fever use, the CEO of Drug Regulatory Authority said though the ministry had never authorised it yet it was being probed if the patients were being prescribed the Hepatitis-C medication for dengue fever.


About the standard of the said Hepatitis-C medicine, the official said the case was being reviewed to conclude if the NAB information was correct or not.About the use of steroids for alternative system of medicines, the ministry spokesman and the CEO DRA said there had been no regulatory mechanism for alternative system of medicines.


In Nov 2012, it is said, a law was enacted to regulate the alternative system of medicines for which the ministry was presently evolving a detailed mechanism.


The NAB, which is presently investigating this unique but serious case of corruption risking millions of human lives, noted with concern: “The Ministry is under tremendous pressure of pharmaceutical firms and hence is working to safeguard the commercial interest of certain mafias.”


It added, “Interest of the public at large is being severely compromised.”The ministry is advised to ensure that its officials are protected from the direct contact of the representatives of pharma industry.


The NAB letter also revealed: “It is learnt that Interferon prepared by Mector Company for Hapatitis-C (Liver patients) is now being marketed for the anti-dengue fever after approval of the ministry.


“Allegedly, this action has been taken to promote the commercial interests of the firm with mala fide intent. It is further alleged that the subject Interferon is manufactured from the ‘laboratory grade’ material which is not safe for the human consumption.


“In this serious matter relating to public health, the ministry is advised by the NAB to take immediate remedial and punitive action as per law.


“The ministry is also asked by the NAB to inquire into the matter and proceed against the officials concerned who had issued NOC without caring for the damages it may case to the masses.”


The NAB also pointed out that cortisone steroids were being used injudiciously and irrationally in Herbal, Unani and Ayurvedic medicine preparations whereas the ministry is silent on the issue which can be termed “criminal negligence”.


“It is also reported that 5,500 kgs of cortisone steroids are imported and being used by the alternative medicine manufacturers, including Hamdard and Qarshi,” the NAB letter said.


In this matter, the NAB advised the ministry to direct the Federal Inspectors of Drugs and provincial governments to take immediate measures ensuring that no medical store sells alternative medicines containing irrational contents of cortisone steroids.


The NAB has sought from the ministry the details of biological registrations issued to Hilton Pharma, Scotman and Gets Pharma for the last three years. The names of the officials, who had approved the cases of these companies, were also sought by the NAB.


Senior spokesman for the ministry, when approached, said the ministry was presently in the process of reforming the health sector, which includes regulating the alternative medicine system.


He said the Drug Regulatory Authority had been set up adding that it was a huge task to register thousands of alternative medicines besides registering each and every Hakeem and other alternative medical practitioners.


The CEO Drug Regulatory Authority said the NAB report was under review of the ministry, which was presently investigating different issues raised in it.


About the NAB’s contention that the ministry was controlled by the pharma companies, he said this was a wrong perception and added that institutions and business concerns everywhere in the world worked like partners with the basic mandate of patient care.




5 comments on “Steroid, interferon, hidden in unani medicines from Hamdard and Qarshi

  1. Sir I m 40 yrs old &I m patient of parkinson & dystonia since 16 yrs is u have solution of this disease then I come to u & how mutch expensive b/c I arrenge some money for ur medication thanx.


  2. how did you find that medicine you are using had steroids , can you tell me place where i can have this steroid test ?



    • Assssaalmu alykum.
      Sorry for late reply but i had no computer for long time.

      Well in Pakistan thats an open secret the unani medications are steroid laced.

      even the goverment knows thaT hamdard is one of the major steroid imports and users. and certain SYMPTOMS WILL DEVELOP SHORTLY AFTER USE OF STEROID IN MEDICATION.
      You can look up for laboratories which do lab tests to detect steroids.

      Wish the best.
      wa salaam


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