Taariq Jameel and pictute making/posing for photographs





A Brother writes:


On a recent tour of the UK Maulana Tariq Jamil posed for a photo with Amir Khan, a boxer, who participates in a Haraam music-promoting sport, and whose satr is exposed due to his profession. This nakesness would particularly be the case at weigh-ins before bouts where, I believe boxers would strip down to just their underpants.

All this is in the name of winning the hearts of dunya celebrities so that they come on to Deen & start doing the work of Dawat & Tabligh.

This irks my conscience as I do not countenance that Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam would condone the sins of a man by posing with him in a photograph in order to win his heart.

Furthermore, Maulana Tariq Jamil allows himself to be videoed in a Masjid during his talks. Women attend at night, in many cases without their Mahrams. It is naive to think that Maulana doesn’t know this happens in a country like UK.

Is there any justification whatsoever in Shariah for Maulana Tariq Jamil’s actions?”
(End of letter)

Tariq Jamil Has lost the path of the Deen. He has become a deviate. Shaitaan has  ensnared this person in his trap of deception.  In past issues of The Majlis we did mention his deviation. It is not permissible to even listen to the talks of this deviate  who is sprawling at the feet of shaitaan. He is enamored and over-awed by fussaaq and fujjaar so-called copro-celebrities. His brains have become vermiculated hence he boot-licks just any faasiq, faajir whose company he craves.

30 Shawwaal 1435 – 26 August 2014


5 comments on “Taariq Jameel and pictute making/posing for photographs

  1. Wassalam
    Thank you for enlightening me. Nobody is my pal. If someone is trying to do something good, I try to see the good in them. Nobody is perfect. may Allah guide us on the right path.As a muslim, I try to see the good qualities of a person and ignore the bad. because Allah knows what is in the hearts. You are talking of our holy prophet salallahualaihiwasallam. Do you know his story with his non muslim neighbour who would astaghfirullah spit on him when he crossed her home. And one day when she didn’t , he knocked at her door to enquire her well being. such was the nature of my beloved prophet.
    Yes, Zina is haraam, alcohol is haraam, music is haraam. Alhamdulillah we practise this. What I am trying to say is there has to be a way to convey this message. Inviting more and more people towards deen is more important than driving them away. I don’t know of the accusations you are laying on the maulana. They may or maynot be true. Allah knows. All I am trying to say is instead of criticizing and dividing ourselves, let us smile and unitedly strive towards spreading the message of our beautiful deen.


    • What I am trying to say is there has to be a way to convey this message. Inviting more and more people towards deen is more important than driving them away.

      yes there is a way to convey the message and it is laid out in the quran and was shown to us by the prophets of the past. they way they gave dawah is the way we give dawah. they gave dawah a certain way and Allah tells us that He never sent a prophet but to be followed. on qiyamat there will be prophets with one, two and even no followers. nuh a.s for 950 years only could get about 80 followers. nuh’s a.s. son and wife never accepted islam and well as the wife of lut a.s. some people Allah has not allowed to allow the guidance to come in their heart. this is His wisdom. the quran show’s us and tells us that the job of the one giving dawah is to deliver the message the acceptance or rejection is up to Allah. Allah says if He wanted to he could have had everyone accept the guidance. but that is not the case. just as some are destined to hell some are destined for jannat. we can only call the people to the message in the manner that is pleasing to Allah as shown to us by the prophets.

      All I am trying to say is instead of criticizing and dividing ourselves, let us smile and unitedly strive towards spreading the message of our beautiful deen.

      hadith says if you see a wrong correct it with your hand, if you are not able then correct it with your tongue, and if you are not able then feel bad about it in your heart.
      the ulama say the first step is for the islamic government to use force to stop wrong. the second step is the ulama to speak about these wrong actions and the third step is for the laymen. this article is the from the second level. the majlis ulama wrote this article and there are qualified muftis in their ranks. this is a form of enjoining the good and forbidding the evil. hadith says if you give up enjoining the good and forbidding the evil then Allah will send punishment on you and the duas of your pious will not be accepted by Allah.
      may Allah guide us all to the path that is straight.
      was salaam
      maulana hassaan ali sulaiman


  2. Have you ever thought that the maulana has done so much of tabligh, much more than we could ever dream of. i do not know about the picture, but his method of work is slightly different. he approaches people/celebrities/actors and befriends them. This way he gains entry into their enclosed domains and tries to convey the message in a manner they would understand. How else would you expect these people to spare time for ‘the word of God’. Can you even imagine a hardliner approach with people whose hearts have hardened . The maulana’s trick seems to be one of them and soften their hearts towards deen. That is what I have understood. Rest Allaahu Aalam.


    • Assalaamu alykum.

      I guess you are a Muslim, but cant figure it out as Muslims give each other salaams which you did not do.
      Well to answer your questions..

      1. Have you ever thought about what shariah is and that he crossed every limit of what is forbidden in Islam and that dawa has to be given in accordance to shariah and the haraam means do not justify the casue?!

      Have you ever thought and read about the elders , the founders of Tableeq jamaat movement, and their noble work of tabbleeq and that they did NOt indulge in haraam and futility and picked only the rich and influencial people to gain fame and respect but gave dawa to the ignorant masses, poor and wealthy alike ?

      Did you ever ask yourself or perhaps dared to read some history of Isalm and saw that None of the sahaaba neither Nabi kareem, sallalaahu alyhi wa sallam , went to seek the comp-[any of fussaq and kuffar and associated with them to “befriend ” them and “soften ” their hearts?

      Did you ever ask yourself how much noble work has been done to promote the Haqq and beautiful co duct, which has and still is, recognized worldwide by the noble souls of the past, i.e Maulana Zakaryah, maulana Madani, Maulan Ashraf Ali Thanvi, Maulana Yousuf, all the way back to Nabi Adam alayhis salaam?!

      Allah Ta’ala severely reprimanded Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) when he had, for Deeni reasons, ignored the blind, poor Sahaabi while he (Nabi – sallallahu alayhi wasallam) was addressing the chiefs of the Quraish. Check the tafseer of Surah Abasa.

      2. His work is slightly different?

      I like to disagree as well as many ulema haqq, who do not indulge in haraam picture making, video making, citing in movie theaters, watching haraam movies of indian and Pakistani whores who call themselves Muslim , listening to haraam music, visiting haraam, shiah musjids and pray and eat in the temples of the kuffar, making statements of kufr, disregard the shariah and sunnat, put the newly founded tableeq jamaat movement above the ulema ………

      3. Do you know the basics of shariah nadthat it is prohibited to seek close realtionshipf with fussaq and kuffra?

      In matter fact Ali radialaahu anhu stated: Nver befiredn a faasdiq{ a sinner) for he will sell you for a morsel of food.”

      It is not part of tabeeq work to gain “access” into the private enclosure of fussaq and kuffra!

      Dawa of Islam has many ways and tableeq has be operated in the limits of the shariah and sunnat.
      I did not know about this man until i came to Pakistan.

      ! neither do my kafir parents know about hims, as many millions of other people, and they did not become muslim due to hi ” noble and great work of s”softening “their hearts.

      4.. If they understand his message of promoting Islam and laying down the foundation of Islam, why are they still engrossed in their haraam businesses and do not change a bit?

      Islams promotions has to be done in the limits of the shariah and lied down in perfect examples, not by indulging in fisq and fujoor!

      Good intentions do not justify haraam means and their is no barakat in haraam!

      If these “people” cant spare even 50 minutes a day to pray To Allah Ta’ala than they are not wiosre the effort.
      If this is your understanding of islam and preaching
      How in heaven can you think that somebody can consider himself Muslim while not even spare 50 minutes a day or some hours to study their religion but making haraam movies and indulging in all type of haraam activities.

      Another question.

      How in heaven do you think do the poor , inhabitants , ignorant farmers in remote villages in Pakistan, have time for God ,if they do not even know the kalima and have even never heard of Allah?! Why does your pal not go to those poor souls where even not a single madrassa is but christian NGO’s operate to convert them into Christians!?

      So what do non entities like us do, we try to establish/support maktab projects in remote areas so that such poor souls learn about their Creator and the basics of Islam, without indulging in haraam and immorality.

      6. Can i imagine a hard line approach?
      What do you actually mean by this?

      Is it hard line approach to tell you alcohol is haraam, zina is haraam, movies are haraam,. ty and pictures are haraam, hanging out with kuffar is haraam, imitating the life style of kuffar is haraam, fornication is haraam, going out the house without a maghram and shariah ( shuttlecock) burqa is haraam….etc, etc.

      The haqq of Islam is a hard line approach because in Islam are plenty of prohibitions to giude and save mankind from iblees and his snares and ones evil naafs and ignorance.

      And i became Muslim in a hard line approach and honestly thank Allah Ta’al afor every hard line approach in regards of Islam .

      We can not make any body Muslim. You and majority of us a, have to understand this.

      We are only her to deliver what has been and live in accordance to earn our home and reward in the real life in the akhira.

      The results are up to Allah Ta’ala as
      He Ta’ala has the heart in his hand and turns it in any direction he pleases.

      If the heart is darkened and hard than nothing besides Allah’s Rahmat can soften it to make it a place of noor and love for Him Ta’ala.

      7. The Maulanas Trick seem to work?

      Please, i almost coked while laughing.

      Name me any celebrity who became a person of modesty and piety and left his/her haraam business and circles.
      In which way has their heart softened? Did they geban growing theri bears, beagn wearin WAAJIB islamic clothing, donned WAAJIB burqa which conceals from head to toe, did theys top making movies and music, di they stop prosutituting themslevs , did they stop interminglei ng with the opposite sex, did they began to pray in the masjis as men and in the homw concealed as woman…. etgc, ect.

      If you have any problems you are free to question the ulema we follow , email contact can be found in Who do we follow on this blog- page and also there is a book written by prominent Pakistani ulema on the errors of Taariq Jameel!

      read this and than you may understand a bit better.

      Wa salam


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