The value of the Fuqaraa and their Tasbeeh


Hadhrat Anas Bin Maalik Radhiyallaahu anahu narrates that once the Fuqaraa (poor Sahaabah of that time) sent a representative to Nabi Sallalaahu alahi wasallam. He said to Nabi Sallalalahua alaihi wasallam:                             “I am the delegate of the Fuqaraa.”               Nabi Sallallaahu alahai wasallam said: “I regard as my friends those whose delegate you are.” The delegate said: “The fuqaraa say that all goodness has been acquisitioned by the wealthy, while we are deprived in fact, the wealthy have gained Jannat. They perform Hajj while we lack the means for it. They give Sadaqah, while we are unable. They free slaves while we lack the ability. When they are sick, they transform their wealth into a treasure (by means of charity).” Rasulullaah Sallallahu alahi wasallam said: “Inform them that those among you who are patient and have the Niyyat of attaining Thawaab, for them are three such ranks which are not for the wealthy. The first rank: In Jannat will be some mansions of red Yaqoot (precious stone of Jannat) which will be situated at extremely lofty heights.      The people of Jannat will look at these mansions in the same way as the people of the earth look at the stars. Besides a Nabi, a Shaheed and a mu’min Faqeer (poor person), no one will enter. The second rank: The Fuqaraa will enter Jannat 500 years before the wealthy. The third rank: When a Faqeer recites with sincerity the third Kalimah (Subhaanallaahi Walhamdulillaahi…), he gains the rewards which the wealthy will not acquire even if they spend 10 000 Dirhams (in the Path of Allah). This is the superiority of the Faqeer over the wealthy in all deeds of virtue.”

When the delegate informed the Fuqaraa of this message, they exclaimed in ecstasy: “O Allah! We are pleased! We are pleased!”



According to Hasan Basri Rahmatullaahi alaih, Nabi Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam said: “Have a greater awareness for the Fuqaraa and be kind to them because there is a great treasure for them.” When the Sahaabah asked about their treasure, Nabi Sallaaahua alahi wasallam said:                                                                                                 “On the Day of Qiyaamah it will be said to them; search for those who had given you a piece bread or who had given you a garment or who had given you water to drink, and take them into Jannat.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Hasan Basri Rahmatullaahi alaih narrated that Nabi Sallaahua alaihi wasallam said:                                                                                                                                            “On the day of Qiyaamah, the faqeer will be ushered into Allah’s presence. He will plead with Allah as a person pleads with another person. Allah Ta’ala will say:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        “By My Splendour and Grandeur! I did not keep the world away from you because you were contemptible to Me. I did so because I treasured wonderful bounties for you. These rows (of people) who are in front of you – go in them and take hold of anyone’s hand who gave you something to eat or drink or wear. Then do with them as you wish.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               At that time the condition of the people will be such that they will be immersed in perspiration until their mouths. The Faqeer, on hearing this command, will enter into the rows and search for the people (who had fed them, gave them to drink and clothed them). He will hold them by the hand and take them into Jannat.”

Allahu-Akbar! Just a few Rands given with sincerity to a poor Muslim who is begging at the side of the road, at the robot, at the side of the Masjid entrance or who rings our doorbell can enter us into Jannat. So little given, so much in returns! What better investments can there be then reserving a place in Jannat? Let us show our generosity from now on and leave no (genuine) Faqeer without handing him anything. It doesn’t have to be money, a slice of bread, an apple or a pair of old socks will also be Sadaqah to the Faqeer.

Let us take lesson from the above encouraging Hadith and scratch our overfilled cupboards which have so many clothes, many of which are hardly worn. Let us take time to empty our cupboards from extra stuff and let those ‘extra stuff’ be of benefit to the less fortunate. May Allah Ta’ala make us not look down at any poor human being, Muslim or non-Muslim. Let us not boast and brag in front of less fortunate of the ‘rich’, ‘latest’ and fancy items we possess. Rather, we should think and ask ourselves the question; “Which ‘Amal of mine makes me deserving of that?”

Truly, no ‘Amal of ours is worth the crust of bread we get, leave alone the sumptuous, delicious and luxury meals we have twice a day. We should remind ourselves when pride comes to us and when we start looking down at others that Allah can take my wealth, fancy and latest gadgets overnight, if He wishes to, Allah save us.

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