The system of Modesty & Chastity in Islam-

Importance of marriage and its stability:

Whereas Islam has made it a father’s responsibility to arrange, timely marriage of his son or daughter, the son or the daughter are also required to understand its importance and not to oppose any such proposal made by the father. It is the father’s responsibility to make a suitable selection of a match for his son or daughter. Among other things he should have his eyes on the moral and religious sectors of prospective candidates. A boy or a girl with good religious background is expected to prove loyal and such a marriage may be stable and without troubles. Allah has forbidden marriage of Muslim males with polytheistic females:
“Do not marry the polytheist until they have embraced Islam and become faithful.”
The Muslim scholars have explained in detail the importance of this embargo as laid down by Allah in the Holy Qur’an.Shaikh ul Hind. Maulana Mahmood ul Hassan Rahmatullah alaih writes: “Marriage is such an institution that a man and a woman get most close and near to each other. Their mutual love, their actions and speech, everything has an effect on the other party. If the wife or the husband is a non-Muslim polytheist, the effects of evil belief are bound to fall on the Muslim wife or husband who upholds monotheism. A prolonged association with a person of evil faith may’ change the heart of the other party and may land him in the Fire of Hell. As such, such marriage must be eschewed.” Shah Wali ullah Rahmatullah alaih of Delhi has also expressed similar views.
Apart from moral and religious draw-backs of marriage with non-Muslims, even from worldly point of view, the chances: of such a marriage being successful are rare. When thinking is not alike, faith and belief is not alike, married life cannot give love and loyalty to the parties and there can be chances of frequent bitterness and temperamental differences. There are fears of modesty of the two sides, being affected. As such, no Muslim should think of marrying a non-Muslim.


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