Qari ‘Abd al-Rahman Panipati

Qari ‘Abd al-Rahman Panipati- Ulema of Deoband

Ḥayāt al-‘Ulamā’

Hadhrat Qaari Abdur Rahmaan Sahib (RA) was born in Paani Patt in the year 1227 AH. His lineage links up with Hadhrat Abu Ayoob Ansaari . He studied Fiqh as well as the Usool and Ma’qool kitaabs by Ustaazul Ulama, Hadhrat Moulana Mamlook Ali Sahib (RA). In the subject of Qiraat he held an esteemed position and was regarded as an Imaam. He studied Qiraat under Qaari Shah Imaamud Deen Sahib (RA). Due to his expertise in this subject, he became known as Qaari Saheb whereas besides qiraat, he gained expertise in many other subjects of both written and applied knowledge’s. Thus together with being a Qaari, he was also a great Muhaddith. He was a special student of Shah Ishaaq Sahib (RA) and had also established his Islaahi talluq (connection for reformation) with Hadhrat Shah Sahib (RA). When Shah Sahib (RA) gave him the sanad (chain of narrators leading…

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