Mawlana Muhammad ‘Ali Jauhar

Stars of the Past- Ulema Deoband

Ḥayāt al-‘Ulamā’

By KJ Ahmad

Addressing the plenary session of the First Round Table Conference in London in 1930, Maulana Muhammad Ali said, “I want to go back to my country as a freeman. If you cannot accept it, then you will have to give me a piece of land for my grave”. His prophetic words proved to be true, and he died in London a few weeks later.

Maulana Muhammad Ali,. the renowned Indian Muslim leader, was a prince among the patriots. Possessing a dynamic personality, he towered high above his contemporary Indian politicians and instilled courage and confidence in the hearts of the ignorant masses which awakened them from their deep slumber. His fearless leadership and selfless devotion to his mission were greatly instrumental in dispelling the inferiority complex, which, the alien rulers had enshrined in the hearts of the teeming millions inhabiting this vast subcontinent and enabled them to…

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