Hajji Sayyid Abid al-Deobandi: First Rector of Deoband

Hajji Sayyid Abid al-Deobandi: First Rector of Deoband

Ḥayāt al-‘Ulamā’

Birth and Life
Haji Syed Muhammad Abid, also known as Haji Syed Abid Husain, was born in Deoband in a Sadat family in the year of 1834CE (1250AH).  After completing the recitation of Holy Quran he learned Persian. Later he moved to Delhi for higher studies in Islamic religious sciences; but he could not complete his education because of his extreme attachment with TASAWWUF (mysticism). He had received the honor of khilafat (spiritual succession) from Mian ji Karim Bakhsh Rampuri and Haji Imdadullah Muhajir Makki (may their secret be sanctified!).

Haji Mohammad Abid joined Imam Muhammad Qasim Nanawtawi in his mission to establish Darul Uloom Deoband. The vision of Imam Nanawtawi was to establish a higher level of institute, which could provide a systematic and comprehensive education of Islamic religious sciences. Though in the beginning Haji Syed Mohammad Abid was not convinced with this mission but after much insistence from…

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