The ‘Ulamaa of Deoband and the ‘Wahhabis’


In answer to one person’s question Hazrat Hakimul-Ummah (rahmatullahi alaihi) replied:

“I don’t know how these innovators link us to the Wahhabi’s? First of all, the one whose name they are slandering is not even Abdul Wahab. For no reason they have slandered the poor guy. The actual person is Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab who took to extremes in certain matters, but not to the extent that these people slander him for.

Moreover, our aqaa’id are not even similar to his. If they argue that some of our beliefs are similar to his, then the answer to that is: your beliefs are similar to his also.  For example, ‘Muhammd ibn Abdul Wahab believes that Islam is the truth, and so do you. He believes in the prophet hood of Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) and so do you.’ So what is so bad about that?

And in so many masaa’il…

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