Do you know these truths about Shabe Baraat?

Allah Ta’ala has presented the muslim ummah some special occasions wherein they have a golden opportunity of earning mercy and forgiveness from Allah Ta’ala. Some examples of these are the month of Ramadaan and Laylatul Qadr, in the same breath is the 15th of Shabaan, several Ahadith make mention of the 15th of Shabaan and amongst them is Ahadith with the fact that countless people are forgiven on this night and for this reason it is called ” the Night of Bara’at”(The night wherein judgement of saviour from Jahannam and punishment is passed)
However, it must be noted that a vast majority of these narrations declaring the benefit and virtue of this night are in fact weak.
None of the narrations regarding the excellence of Bara’at are void of criticism and comment by scholars of Hadith.

Moulana Yusuf Binouri( R.A) says
” I have not come across and sahih,marfoo or Musnad Hadith regarding the excellence of this night” (Ma’aarifus Sunan Vol 5, page 419)
The Muhaddith, Ibnu-Dibya, has also agreed that neither has anything authentic been narrated regarding the fifteenth night of Shabaan nor has any specific Salaat been narrated for this ight via reliable sources )Faydhul-Qadeer-Sharbul Jaamis-Sagheer Vol 2 Page 317)

However on the other hand Alaama Ibnu-Taymiyyah, a scholar notorious for refuting such things, also accepts the virtue of the night of Baa’rat. He says “So Many Ahaadith and reports exist regarding the excellence of the fifteenth night of Sha’baan that one is compelled to accept that night possesses some virtue”

“Some of the pious would devote this night for salaat . Faaydhul Qadeer ” ( Vol 2 Page 317)

The virtue of this night which is established form those Ahadith are that from the very beginning of the night Allah turns with special mercy and attention towards the creation and forgives those who repent and seek forgiveness.

Every muslim should therefore value this night, turn towards Allah with sincere regret and shame over sins committed and make a promise to never return to sin again and seek forgiveness from Allah Ta’ala. Seek forgiveness for oneself and the rest of the Muslims, living and deceased.

One should no matter the circumstance, have firm hope and resolution in ones heart that Allah Ta’ala will surely show mercy and forgiveness.

Unfortunate People
It is Understood from Ahadith that even on this night there will be some who will be deprived from Allah’s forgiveness

Those who/are:
Harbour enmity against others
Consume alcahol
Disobey their parents
Wear trousers,kurtas,lungis etc. below their ankles
commit adultery and murder
sever family ties
Night of Baraat in the Quraan
The most correct opinion is that The night of Bara’at has not been mentioned in the Quraan.
Hafiz Ibnu-Katheer writes that those like Ikraam, who have explained the “blessed night” in the Quraan as the night of Bara’at are very distant from the correct interpretation ( Ma’arifus Sunan Vol 5 Page 420)

It should also be noted that the Ahadith which states ” Rajab is Allah’s month, Sha’baan is my(Nabi (S.A.W) month and Ramadaan is the month of my Ummah” is a fabrication
(Akhbaare-modhoo Page329)
Fasting on the 15th of Shabaan
Some people are of the misconception that fasting on the 15th of Shabaan in Sunnat.

They have been deceived by the Hadith of Hadhrat Ali (.R.A) that appears in Ibnu-Maja. The hadith states that Nabi (S.A.W) said: “When the 15th night of Shabaan comes, then spend the night in qiyaam (Salaah) and the day in fasting, for verily Allah descends during the night to the nearest heavens.”

This Hadith is very weak and some scholars have actually classified it as fabricated. One of the narrators is Ibnu-Abi-Jabrah who has been accused of fabricating Ahadith (Taqrib of Ibu Hajar page 396) Imam Bukhari and others have also proved him to be weak.

Due to this the fasting on 15th Of Shabaan should not be regarded as a Sunnat. There are no other Ahadith to substantiate3 this one
However fasting during the month of Shabaan, without the stipulation of any day, is proven from nabi (S.A.W) in fact, he used to fast excessively during this month
Visiting the graveyard on the night of Bara’at
There is no specific reference in Ahadith to the night of Bara’at or any other night, Furthermore it is understood from Ahaadith that whenever it was Aisha (R.A) for Nabi (S.A.W) to spend the night with, he would visit the graveyard (Muslim-Shareef page 313 Vol. 1)

Thus, a wide and general application of this practice is understood. Aside from visiting the graveyard on the night of Bara’at, we should ponder to what extent our practice conforms to the authentic Ahadith of nabi (S.A.W). Are we following the norm, or are our actions truly spurred by the intention of following the Sunnah?

The turn of Hadhrat Aisha (R.A) occurred once every week, hence it can be deduced that that Ahadith that Nabi (S.A.W) would visit the graveyard once a week.


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