Humphries – Dissolving Illusions – The Disappearance of Polio (1) (1)


I also looked at their children and wondered why they got
so sick. This time the answer came rather quickly and
from the mouth of an Aboriginal woman: “Before
the white man came, we had good health and no sickness.”
–Dr. Archie Kalokorinos
Morris Beale, who for years edited his informative publication,
Capsule News Digest, from Capitol Hill, offered a standing
reward during the years from 1954 to 1960 of $30,000,
which he would pay to anyone who could prove that the
polio vaccine was not a killer and a fraud. There were no takers.
– Eustace Mullins (1923–2010), Murder by Injection
Live virus vaccines against paralytic poliomyelitis, for example,
may ineach instance produce the disease it is intended to
prevent; the livevirus vaccines against measles and mumps
may produce such side effects as encephalitis. Both of these
problems are |due to the inherent difficulty of controlling
live viruses in vivo[once they are placed in a live person].
– Jonas and Darrell Salk, Science, March 4, 1977

Polio by arsenic poisoning
Arsenicals, or compounds containing arsenic, are some of the oldest
known causes of poliomyelitis. Yet old texts considered arsenic to be
“potent,” “effective,” and “safe” and claimed that it “generally agrees
very well” with children.37 Doctors prescribed arsenic in cases of
lung problems such as asthma, and it was added to tobacco for
smoking. It was also used for cholera on the basis that a greater
poison would destroy the lesser poison, and dentists used arsenous
acid to kill nerve endings in decayed teeth.
Arsenic was used in wallpaper, paper, fabrics, paints, and dyes in the
1700s and 1800s until women’s groups responded to the poisonings
by bringing in muted colors with vegetable dyes. Paris Green and
Scheele’s Green were commonly used arsenic-based products that
could result in polio symptoms.
After the removal of arsenic-containing pigments, arsenic poisoning
resulted from medicines approved by the AMA in the form of
supposedly therapeutic injections. Arsenic was used on fruits and
vegetables in lead arsenate and calcium arsenate sprays, which
resulted in human and animal ingestion. Washing or removing the
outsidecontaminated layers of arsenic-treated produce was rarely
Henk van den Berg, “Global Status of DDT and Its Alternatives for Use in
Vector Control to Prevent Disease,” Environmental Health Perspectives,
vol. 117, no. 11, November 2009, pp. 1656–1663.
P. Bartrip, “A Pennurth of Arsenic for Rat Poison the Arsenic Act, 1851 and
the Prevention of Secret Poisoning,” Medical History, vol. 36, January 1992,
pp. 53–69. Page 55, second paragraph, Bartrip quotes several medical texts of


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