Why are female orphans being urged to accept misyar marriages?

Why are female orphans being urged to accept misyar marriages?


Last updated: Friday, April 25, 2014 11:51 PM

Maha Al-Shehri

The Ministry of Social Affairs has recently announced that it will welcome misyar marriage applications for those who want to get married to female orphans under the custody of the ministry. Misyar is a type of marriage in which a woman waives many of the rights she would otherwise have in a regular marriage contract. According to the ministry, this step is in line with the development plans the ministry is implementing to improve all of its sectors. 

Strangely enough, if a single female orphan wants to apply for a scholarship to study abroad, she cannot do that because the ministry requires each orphan to have a mahram (a male relative she cannot marry like her brother, father, uncle, etc) or a husband. The ministry says it has set the condition of mahram or husband to protect the interests of female orphans. Well, I do not think so. 

Why does the ministry give an orphan the freedom to choose the husband who submits a misyar marriage application while it deprives her of the right to complete her education? 

Misyar marriage does not require the husband to provide the wife with her Shariah rights, such as accommodation, maintenance and food. So where is the sense in what the ministry is doing? The ministry’s so-called protection centers, where orphans live, are similar to prisons. An orphan might choose a misyar marriage, which does not guarantee the basic rights for a wife, just to get herself out of one of these centers. 
I don’t understand how the ministry can take in and adopt female orphans and take good care of them, and then encourage them to enter into a misyar marriage contract, which, as I have said, deprives wives of many of the rights a regular marriage contract guarantees for them. Why does the ministry allow orphans to become involved in a marriage devoid of any human value? Why does the ministry put so many obstacles in the way of orphans who want to complete their education? 

If a girl has reached the age of marriage, she is old enough and adult enough to make her own decision about a suitable marriage partner. I wonder why the ministry does not have a clear-cut  policy which guarantees the rights of orphans. The ministry does not have any policy in place which frees orphans from the social shackles which bind them. Why do orphans not have equal opportunities in education, work and marriage just like other members of society? The Kingdom’s orphans deserve a better life. 

The current situation of female orphans is a flagrant breach of their human rights. It is against the ethical meaning of social care. The ministry should put in place comprehensive policies and programs to help orphans cope with their lives and become integrated into Saudi society.

26-04-2014 6:59 AM
Reem( Jeddah)
Orphans misyar marriage
This is big question?? We have been contacting The Ministry of Social Affairs for over two months at times phone just ring are person don t know correct office for us to speak about marriage. I have two western Muslims wiling enter real Islamic marriage why no responds its better then misyar marriage yes are no. Westerns are Muslims to Yes or No…
26-04-2014 8:25 AM
There is nothing known as Misyar Marriage in the Shariah.
From its description it is a form of legalized prostitution.
Could someone enlighten me on the position of the
Higher Ulema on this. We do not hear of Misyar marriages
amongst Muslims in any other countries..other than
Saudi Arabia.
The Quran is clear about orphans.
We expect Saudi Arabia to set a good example.
26-04-2014 8:55 AM
Healing Hearts
In Saudi Arabia where not having a tribe or family equals struggle. I believe orphans boys and girls should be paired with eachother. Male and female orphans in Saudi would both relate and understand that feeling of not having a family name and they can build their future together. Only another orpahn can truly understand the profound loneliness of not having a family name especially in Saudi.
26-04-2014 8:59 AM
Shocking decision! Misyar marriages should be banned for all! May Allah guide us all..
Please DO NOT abuse humanity, orphans are also human being the creation of Allah SWT, RESPECT for all. Misyar is disgraceful ACT.
26-04-2014 5:50 PM
Dr Wasim AlPeshimaam
Misyar & Woman s Rights
Misyar Marriage is a regular marriage as the Scholars have mentioned with proofs where a Woman willingly forgoes some of her rights to get married.One of the proofs being that Umm al |M mineen Sauda radhiAllaahi anha gave up her right to stay with the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam to Ummul Mu mineen Aishah radhiAllaahi anha. It s not prostitution or Temporary Marriage. All the rules of marriage are adhered to. And it depends on the woman which rights she is willing to forego.
26-04-2014 5:53 PM
Dr Wasim AlPeshimaam
Misyar & Women
According to the latest Statistics there are 1 million Saudi women above the age of 30 who are not married. Obviously, Women these days don t agree to be involved in Polygamous Marriages knowing very well that their Population all over the world outnumbers men except in countries like India were female foeticide & infanticide is practised.
26-04-2014 5:56 PM
Dr Wasim AlPeshimaam
Misyar & Education.
The author is making an erroneous comparison when she compares the right given to the orphan woman to AGREE to enter into a Misyar marriage & her right to education. The Ministry is not forcing her to enter into Misyar Marriage which is her right under the Sharee ah & also is not preventing her right to HIGHER education in the out of KSA by implementing the Sharee ah where a Woman is required to travel with a Mahram (which is for her own safety) & the proof for this are numerous.
26-04-2014 5:59 PM
Dr Waseem AlPeshimaam
Misyar & Education
The K.S.A authorities should be praised that they have set up such a mechanism based on the Sharee ah where even a Orphan Woman has the ability to be educated & get better education if needed outside even though there are ample opportunities for them in KSA. This, due to the numerous Hadeeths of Rsulullaah sallallahu alaihi wa sallam which encourage us to take care of Orphans.
mahmood kaid
miysar marriage
One words describes this is oppression

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