Saudi Arabia’s Boudl Suites – Haven for Misyaar Marriages

There are few places in Saudi Arabia where one can rent a furnished and equipped apartment on a day-to-day or month-to-month basis. The Boudl Suites located throughout Saudi Arabia are one such place.They are an ideal and affordable option for the business traveler or for the couple who need a place to stay until they find their permanent residence. Boudl suites in the Al Fayhaa hotel in Riyadh for example are described as “very sophisticated and makes your stay in the city all the more comfortable. All the rooms of the hotel are well appointed and decorated with stylish furniture. The rooms are airy and spacious. The lighting arrangement is very soothing and makes you feel relaxed.

The Room Facilities at Boudl Al Fayhaa Hotel in Riyadh includes a wide variety of updated amenities. The rooms are categorized as standard rooms, double rooms, twin rooms and suites. The suites are a bit costly than the other rooms. The amenities in the room include air conditioners, direct dial telephone, mini bar, color television with satellite connection, and wonderful power supply. The rooms and suites are suitable for both the business and leisure guests. The amenities meet the requirements of both categories of travelers.

The rooms of the hotel give a spectacular view of the city’s skyline. This is possible due to the excellent Location of Boudl Al Fayhaa Hotel in Riyadh. The guests can marvel at the lovely landscape of the sitting while cocooned in the luxurious rooms.

All the rooms of the Boudl Al Fayhaa Hotel in Riyadh have a separate kitchenette area. The guests can cook their own food if they are willing to do so. The suites of the hotel are wonderful. They have different bed rooms and sitting area. The bathrooms of all the rooms are very well designed to provide the guests with superb comfort. The suits have special ceramic bathtubs and branded toiletries.

The twenty four hours operational room service is very efficient. The hospitality staff is very congenial. Their cordial behavior makes you feel at home. The guests residing here are kept entertained by the wonderful recreational amenities included in the Hotel Amenities and Services at Boudl Al Fayhaa Hotel in Riyadh.

The Room facilities at the Boudl Al Fayhaa Hotel in Riyadh are very much popular with the travelers residing here. Infact it’s the fantastic accommodation facilities that has make this one of the best Hotels in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. Enjoy being at this luxurious accommodation with your friends and family in the next vacation.”

Now in addition to the business traveler or couple in transit, Boudl suites have also become a haven for those who have engaged in misyaar marriages as well. I have written previously on what a misyaar marriage is and who would want it and with this post, I will focus on misyaar marriages and the attraction of Boudl Suites. In most cases this will be a misyaar marriage between a Saudi man and either a Saudi woman or perhaps a woman of Arabic heritage. When a Saudi man and Saudi woman engaged in a misyaar marriage use the Boudl Suites where they can be together as husband and wife it could be for several reasons.The Saudi man may already have another wife and this is how he can be together and intimate with his other wife without the first wife’s knowledge.The Saudi man may travel frequently and engaged in a misyaar marriage with a Saudi woman or other woman and use the Boudl Suites as a venue where he can spend private time alone with her.The Saudi man may have married a Saudi divorcee with children from her previous marriage. She may be the one wishing for the misyaar marriage to be kept discreet and secret for if the children’s father becomes aware of her relationship with another man he may take the children away from her. Last but not least there are some enterprising women who readily market themselves as willing to enter into a misyaar marriage. With each marriage they do receive a dowry consisting of money, gold and jewels. They enter into a misyaar marriage for a specified term at which time the couple divorce which allows the woman to enter into another misyaar marriage.This becomes a profitable venture for the woman.And for all of these reasons, the Boudl Suites have become a rendevous point of choice for its conveniences, affordable prices and discretion.


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