Prostitution made halaal=— await Allah’s Azhaab!!!



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From ‘halaal’ carrion to ‘halaal’ liquor to ‘halaal’ pork,
and now ‘halaal’ prostitutes!!! This is the logical
conclusion of the progression of the ‘halaal’ certificate
industry of Iblees whose agents in South Africa are
SANHA, MJC, NIHT, ICSA and now a new contender and
competitor, a Cape Town based outfit called Shura
Assistance and Relief Trust. SANHA must gear itself for
stiff competition in the carrion industry.

Shaitaan spins his web and lays his snare gradually. By
degrees he enmeshes these vile scholars of dollars into his
evil trap. Halaalization of Haraam is a sign of Qiyaamah
predicted by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). The
time has yet to dawn when the ‘Ameer’ of the Muslims
will fornicate in broad daylight on the Mimbar in the
Jaami’ Musjid of Damascus. Thus, ‘halaal’ prostitutes are
no longer surprising.

Certificates will yet be issued for ‘halaal’ zina. The stage is
being set by the SANHA dajjaal with its ‘halaal’ synthetic
liquor. Zina is the logical consequence of liquor.

Consumption of all the haraam halaalized carrion
chickens and carrion meat of SANHA has completely
effaced every vestige of Imaani inhibition to haraam.
Haraam now tastes delicious. In the wake of halaalization
of haraam junk food and carrion, comes halaalization of
haraam deeds. Indeed, the dark clouds of Athaab are
overhanging the Ummah and the collision with Qiyaamah
does not appear to be in the too distant future. May Allah
Ta’ala have mercy on this fallen, disgraced and rebellious

Umme Ahmad comments….

The above is a shocking, but TRUE article how Muslims these days, specially the certification bodies, halalize everything from pork to now even porn.

What is shocking to me to even more is that Ulema do criticize the comment of the Ulema Haqq while not criticizing or condemning the actual crime committed by the Ulema and Muslim masses and falsely  accuse the Ulema Haaq of slander and humiliating Muslims in public.

Also unfitting words are used to condemn the harsh words of the Ulema Haqq while majority of the Muslim masses wander around aimlessly and indulge shamelessly in such immoral filth which will destroy the last bit of shame and Imaan one may have and for sure degrades the status of women in Islam to animals and just a mere sexual objects to gratify the beast like sexual urges  and perverted fantasies of Muslim men in this age while Islam grants such a high and lofty status and Hayyah to Muslim women.!

An Allim wrote criticizing the the latest article those  : “This article is written in poor taste and unbefitting for a scholar of Deen. Muslims do not falsely accuse others and publicly make fun of them.”

The respective Aalim should ponder over his words well and read the article and sources again.

Nothing of those accusations did take place and i find the words used to condemn the act of halalzining prostitution like that still to mild .

What has been written in the above article  is not false .

What can be read in the above happens all the time here in Pakistan, Saudi, India and elsewhere,

A good friend of us, who is a mufti too, informed us first hand that when his respective  father went for Umrah and he checked in the hote, l the staff asked him if he want to do misyar marriage and catalogs of the available girls( prostitutes) was shown to him and a it was said to him that a mufti will be called to contract the misyar marriage.

If  such immorality takes place in the Holy cities what can we expect fro m the rest of the world.

Bahrain, Dubai etc., are other well known places where such things happen all the time.

The prostitutes used for these  services are imported from Russian, Indianian continent and many are in fact shia .

the shia get reward for such acts of immorality and if pregnant than their conceived zina child has a higher status than a prophet and every drop of water which falls down while taking ghusl after that act, makes dua for that shia woman.

A maulana, a student of Mufti Taqi sahib, went to India in a 7 star hotel and they practiced misyar marriages at the hotel.

The owner of that hotel complained that they need m,ore suni Muslim girls as majority are shia women and sunni men did not want to do misyar marriage with shia women, but don’t mind to do it with sunni Muslim women.

So how should the Ulema react please?

Give a bouquet of flowers to the prostitutes and criminals who certify and promote  zina of teh worst degree?

May allah Ta’al giude us all and protect us from our evil Naafs and the snares of Iblees and his army.






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