Most requests for ‘misyar’ actually come from women

New trend overtakes common ‘misyar’ phenomene

“Most requests for ‘misyar’ actually come from women,” he said.

Umm Ali said that she is one of the more dated figures in the matchmaking profession.
“There are many newcomers to this type of work who only do it for making profits, failing to take into account the uniqueness of each situation,” she said.
“I receive 90 percent of marriage requests from men from various parts of the Kingdom, who mostly stipulate that their would-be bride be good-looking and employed,” she said.
“Youth are facing increased difficulty getting married because of the expenses involved. The average age for marriage in the Kingdom has risen from 15 to almost 25 or 30 thanks to costs and people seeking to complete their education.”
“Our reputation as trustworthy and decent matchmakers makes our profession widely accepted in our community,” said Umm Ali. “Honesty is essential in being able to meet expectations at both ends, otherwise the marriages would end in divorce and our rates would decline.” “I do not ask for a specific fee in matching men and women; I leave it to the family to decide,” she said.
“My kids had initially criticized me for my profession, but eventually became convinced that it is for the good of the community.”
Haya Qahtani, a marriage mediator, said that the matchmakers and mediators must ensure that they provide accurate information in order to gain the community’s trust.
Umm Ibrahim, a 60-year-old matchmaker, said that she has been involved in the profession for six years.
“I have a strict privacy policy” she said. “I never ask applicants to share their photos or phone numbers so I remain in line with traditions.”
“I am sometimes called by the mothers of young would-be grooms or by single ladies,” she said.
“In fact, women are more likely to come to me than men. Most are single or divorcees, while men contact me when they want to find a second wife.”
Huda Al-Omari, a local, is reluctant to deal with matchmakers and warned community members, many of whom approve of the matchmaking profession, against dealing with online matchmakers without consulting with them over the phone. 

Saudi Gazette – 12 April, 2014

The Ministry of Social Affairs has set up a special committee to facilitate marriages of orphaned girls under its sponsorship, Latifa Abu Nayan, assistant undersecretary of the Ministry for Social Affairs, said.

She said the ministry does not object to Misyar marriages of orphans if they agree.

The committee will interview any man applying to marry an orphan living in ministry-run social homes to verify his legibility, she said.

A would-be husband will be allowed to see the girl he wishes to marry and when the two agree, the ministry will write to the concerned court to facilitate the marriage, Abu Nayan said.

She denied reports that the ministry was using matchmakers to find suitable grooms for orphans.


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