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6 Sha’baan 1435-5 June 2014


Whilst in Sha’baan, the ultimate objective is to water the seeds of Imaan planted in the month of Rajab, unfortunately the Haraam, Baatil and futile FIFA WORLD CUP will be played in June-July, conforming to the Islamic months of Sha’baan and the Holy Month of Ramadhaan. Unfortunate, unfit and unhealthy Imaani Muslims will find much joy, time and pleasure in watching, following and supporting the Haraam FIFIA WORLD CUP.

Sport of a Mu’min is Baatil according to the Hadith. Every sport, play and amusement is futile and holds no Shar’I basis according to the Hadith. With the exemption of three activities, namely; archery, training with one’s horse and playing with one’s wife, all other plays, amusements and fun is Baatil.

Soccer is a loved sport by most Muslims. In fact all sport is loved by most Muslims. However, Islaam hates these sports. Islaam denies these sports and Islaam defies these sports. Regarding cricket, Muslims are heard saying; “…(Muslim cricketer’s name)…is our hero. He is our star. He keeps Islaam’s name high etc.” So we pose the question, “If this evil Muslim cricket character scores a high score, you say he flies the flag of Islaam high? Then, if he scores a low score, has the name of Islaam come down, disgraced and humiliated?” Allah Ta’ala tells Nabi Sallallahu alahi wasallam in the Quraan; “We have elevated your name.” Was Nabi Sallallahu alahi wasallam a cricket hero, soccer star or a rugby player?

No, never, Wallaah! In fact once the Sahaabah were waiting for Nabi Sallallahu alahi wasallam for Salaah in the Masjid, Nabi Sallallaahu alaahi wasallam never come. Worried, the Sahaabah asked one another as to who will go to see if Nabi Sallallaahu alahi wasallam is fine, perhaps he is unwell, fell down or something worse happened. Which Sahaabi would be brave enough to go to the door of Nabuwat with the reminder of Salaah, that O Nabi of Allah, Salaah time has arrived. Umar Radhiyallahu anhu stood up and headed to Nabi Sallallaahu alahi wasallam’s house, knocked on the door and said; “O Nabi of Allah, the Sahaabah are waiting for you to lead the Salaah.” From inside came the reply; “Ask the Sahaabah, if there is anyone among them who have a Kurtah to borrow the Nabi of Allah. I don’t have a Kurtah, how can I come out of my house?” When Umar Radhiyallaahu anhu returned to the Masjid, he addressed the Sahaabah crying: “O Sahaabah of Rasulullaah! Today your Nabi doesn’t have a Kurtah to wear, is there anyone who can borrow him a Kurtah?”

Was Nabi Sallalaahu alhi wasallam a stupid soccer player who runs after a pig skin round object for 90 minutes? Was Nabi Sallaahu alahi wasallam a cricket player who stands behind the crease with monkey gloves and burns in the scorching heat the whole day?

No, never Wallaah! Nabi Sallallahu alahi wasllam was a simple, honest, humble and cheerful Nabi of Allaah. Despite his poverty, to this day, 1400 years after his demise, his name is taken in every corner of the World. Every Masjid announces his name in their loudspeakers in the Azaan. In Iqaamah his name is called. In Durood his name is mentioned. In the bringing of Shahaadat by a person, his name is taken. Every Masjid, Madrasah, Muslim male, female, child and adult call his name in Du’a, Durood, replying to the Azaan and name their children with his name.

The Haraam World Cup 2014 is conforming to the Holy Months of Sha’baan and Ramadhaan. This will cause great disturbance in the Ibaadat life of Muslims as they will blindly hanker behind the evil matches. This will cause Muslims to loose a great deal in their spiritual preparations for the Holy Month of the Quraan.

Sha’baan demands more Istighfaar to be made, but the World Cup will distract Muslims to follow the scores. Sha’baan demands more Tilaawat to be made, but the World Cup will distract Muslims to the ‘Tilaawat’ of the next match to be played. Sha’baan demands more Zikr and remembrance of Allah, but the Haraam World Cup will distract Muslims to make more ‘Zikr’ and ‘rememberance’ of anti-Muslim, Na-Paak and anti-Islaam soccer dolts and heroes.

How can such a filthy sport be permissible to follow when so many harms come with it? How can such a distracting event be given preference to in the month of Sha’baan, rather than making effort to come closer to Allah?

The World Cup 2014 is Haraam, sinful, baseless and Baatil to watch on the Haraam TV, listen to the commentary via radio and/or to follow the scores on the internet!



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