Mufti Zar Wali Khan on Taariq Jameel

Mufti Zarwali Khan(HA) in Juma bayans about Maulana Tariq Jameel after 2nd March 2012 to 30th May 2014

This is presented to debunk the misrepresentation that Mufti Zarwali Khan(HA) has no issues,differences with Maulana Tariq Jameel.

1)The circle of explaining the hurmat of photography limited to you only,because even good contemporary ulama have become soft in this issue.When a man like Tariq Jameel is getting photographed regularly on the occasion of Hajj,and with him the ever-smiling,ever-blooming pictures of the Indian actor,Shahid Afridi have adorned internet.Anyways,the person you named is not reliable.He is making mistakes in different occasions.Secondly,wrong is wrong,whether Tariq Jameel does it or someone else Abdul Jaleel does.A mistake is not forgiven for anybody.An individual may be wrong,Shariah is unalterable.>Date:2 November 2012.Time:50:30 – 51:21 minutes

2)Haji Abdul Wahhab is a tablighee man.Let him first control Tariq Jameel,who is presenting a new Islam.And just this is not enough that he is not allowing him to speak in Ijtema.Tariq Jameel’s speech and his bayans are filled with poison,and what are the Aqaaid and views he is spreading now.Bhai Abdul Wahhab should first perform such an action that this fistula is removed from tableegh.And may Allah free the society from the attacks being carried out by our peoples on atmosphere and Aqaaid and a’maal.>Date:5 July 2013.Time:59:19 – 59:52 minutes

3)Is this incident correct that an old woman used to throw dirt on Rasoolullah.When she stopped throwing dirt,he visited her,then she became a Muslim.If this incident is correct,narrate again.No,I don’t know which is the incident.That Tariq Jameel is talking such rubbish.He is engaged in it nowadays,got it? Don’t know from where he narrates;Rasoolullah went to mother’s grave and sat like this and cried like this.All these are baseless views,silly.These are neither in Ahadith nor in authentic books.He narrates from nonsense.>Date:12 July 2013.Time:53:36 – 54:18 minutes

4)Some people think that Jihad is not needed in present age rather the purpose of Jihad is raising the Word of Allah.This purpose is achieved through Da’wah and Tableegh.Simply you go after tableegh people.I didn’t believe that anyone says like that.Few days back I listened to a speech of Tariq Jameel;it made me very much sad that he has studied in madrasa,he is an alim and he is prepared for such lying.He was saying the same thing that Jihad causes murder,mischief,and Tableegh is good;this and that.This is an inappropriate view.Tableegh has its own need,Jihad has its own need.This is as if someone says one should offer Salats and not fast or says just offer Nafls abundantly,don’t go for Hajj.May Allah give him hidayah.Muhammad Ahmad Bahawalpuri used to say these things,ulama-e-Deen were very angry with him.Now he also started these things under his training.And very clearly it seems these people will even call Badr,Uhud,Khandaq after few years that Ma’adhallah,Astaghfirullah it has happened wrong.A’oodhubillahi minash Shaitaanir rajeem.Anyways,I regret very much that besides others,now I have to start refutation even of our people.I’m very sad about it but I don’t do mudahanat.When I hear his wrong views,I refute him.He said even this thing in the same speech that the greatest alim of the universe after Ambiyaa is Hadrat Ali.This is purely Rifdh,purely Shiahism,nothing else.Such a sentence will not be found in the whole world.>Date:30 August 2013.Time:48:33 – 50:18 minutes

5)Badr and Khandaq cannot become proof for Jihad of nowadays.Our example is not found even in Seeratun Nabi rather our example is of Bani Israil.Fir’aun slaughtered children in front of a great Nabi like Musa,he didn’t do any Jihad.Are these views correct according to Shariah? Such views are dangerous.Nowadays Tariq Jameel expresses such views.These are very inappropriate views.I’m afraid if his Imaan is not stripped off.>Date:20 December 2013.Time:52:58 – 53:28 minutes

6)Tariq Jameel has said that one doesn’t become kafir by declaring Sahabah kafir.Is this correct? The views of Tariq Jameel are weak,baseless and regrettable.>Date:28 February 2014.Time:59:03 – 59:13 minutes


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