250,000 free qurans at fifa world cup.. How deep have we fallen as Ummat!?

World Bulletin / News Desk

Kuwait’s Awqaf Ministry has said it will distribute 250,000 free copies of
the Holy Quran in different translations in Brazil during the 2014 FIFA
World Cup this summer.

The Kuwaiti daily reported that the ministry’s Quran Board, known as
Al-Qabas, will foresee the distribution of Qurans in Spanish, Portuguese,
English and French at hotels, stadiums and various other public places.

The competititon, which starts on June 12 and will run until July 13, will
host the fans of 32 international football teams, including six largely
Muslim teams: Algeria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Iran and

A special guide book for Muslim visitors called Salaam Brazil has also been
printed to help them become acquainted with halal restaurants and
activities in the Latin American country with the help of the Omani

*O Allah, make us the ones who guide aright & are guided aright, who are

neither misguided nor do they lead others astray. At peace with Your
friends, at war with Your enemies. Loving with Your love those who You
love. Despising with Your antagonism those of Your creatures who oppose
You. O Allah, this is the supplication & it is up to You to grant it. This

is the effort & the reliance is on You.*


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