Refund pf the money and return of a cat after being cheated


Assalamu alaykum respected hadhrat.


I have question. 3 days ago we purchased a cat believing it was a pure breed as advertised and promised.

We saved some money and replied to an add in which a pure male of a certain breed was promised.

 We do not want our female to suffer without a male and don’t want her  to in through what her female companion went through.

So we wanted a male partner for her.

When my husband brought him i was shocked to see that he looks like a street cat mix.

And since in our home he  has only loose bowels.

 He is quiet aggressive and difficult to handle in complete opposite to our breed cat.

So i contacted vets and they checked him for his loose motions and said he is just a street cat mix.

No sure breed of a certain kind on which t deal was sealed.

I right away contacted t sales people who kept telling me that  he  is a pure breed but refused to answer further questions.

So today i wanted to return him and even let them keep the money for their greed and asked why this cheating.

So now suddenly they are out of town for several weeks and state they will not return the money in this deal , which has not been mentioned at all.

I told them to keep the money but will return t cat as it is not what we agreed on while making t deal.

So now i stuck with difficult to handle street buddy.

Am i wrong for wanting to return  him as i did not wanted to buy a street mix but what was advertised in t add?

Would it be wrong to give him to other people or shelter ?

Please advice.

We have a pure breed and i do not want to mix her up additionally which would make it very difficult to sell some of her kittens and he is already quiet a problem.

What to do?

I did not listen to my husband advice to wait as we had pure breed selling in front of our door and I misinterpreted  my istikhara as those people kept pressuring me a lot to get t cat while we wanted actually to wait .

I stuck in a mess now.




28 Jamadiyuth Thaani 1435 (29 April 2014)

Umm Muhammad

Your e-mail dated 26 April 2014 refers.

You are perfectly  correct to return the cat and demand a refund. They
have cheated you.  You may give the cat  to them even if they don’t
refund your money. You may give it to anyone you wish. Your attitude
for not wanting to keep it is valid.


A.S. Desai


Mujlisul Ulama of S.A.


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