The Fraud of Halaal certifying bodies.. Haraam Pork labeled halaal!!!!!




A justifiably concerned and irate Brother from Cape Town writes:

“Halaal? Boerewors found in Shoprite Checkers Kenilworth, Cape Town, yesterday -09 April 2014”

The frequency with which ‘halaal’ PORK is appearing at the kuffaar supermarkets is extremely disturbing. The worst aspect is that  ‘halaal’ PORK carries the logo and stamp of these miserable scoundrel carrion halaalizing outfits such as the MJC, SANHA, etc.

The  latest ‘halaal’ PORK boerewors discovered at Shoprite Checkers in Kenilworh, Cape Town, is the product of the MJC (Muslim Judicial Council). Again it was a customer who discovered  the MJC’s ‘halaal’ VARK wors. The stupid, misleading, deceptive ‘addressing’ and ‘correcting’ of the ‘error’ satisfies no one.  How many Muslims must have already consumed the PORK without  having the haziest idea of the faeces they were devouring on the basis of the MJC’s ‘halaal’ logo appearing on the wrapper.


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