How to discard blood, blood soiled lady napkins , umbilical cord, hair, placenta…..

Assalamu alaykum respected hadhrat.

I have a delicate question. I asked local ulema, their wives and referred the question to aalima. But sadly i just do not receive any replies. Its very frustrating.

Anyway. Since any part of t human body, i.e. Placenta, the dried umbilical cord, hair, nails, blood, blood  soiled bandages and alike have to be buried in the ground, should soiled lady napkins be buried also? My husbands sheikhul hadith said in a speech that the witches and evil jinn do use blood soiled lady napkins from haidh to put evil spells on women. Also  hair- nails- blood soiled clothe are used for this purpose. I learned that to protect more against such issues is to buried the mentioned things in t earth on which people normally do not walk on. Also could it be thrown into t sea, river , lake and alike?  Can hair and nails from brushing and clipping or waxing the body of women or men be placed in a plastic bag and them buried? Or should be removed out a plastic bag and buried plain



16 Jamadith Thaani 1435 (16 April 2014)

Umm Muhammad

Respected Sister,

Your e-mail dated 15 April 2014 refers.

Although blood is najis (impure), it is advisable to bury the soiled
napkins/pads as well. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had
instructed that the blood extracted  by cupping (hijaamah) should be
buried. What the Shaikhul Hadith said is correct. If there is really
no place to bury these items, then only should it be thrown into the
sea. But  burial is the first option. The hairs and nails can be
buried with the plastic bag.

Nails and hair  could be collected and buried after any length of
time. But filthy napkins with blood should be buried almost
immediately. It should not be kept in the house as it may prevent the
Angels of Mercy from entering. If there is no time to bury  the
impurities immediately, keep it in a closed bin outside the house.

There is no Dua or Tasmiyah to recite when burying impurities.
Faeces-soild napkins  should be thrown into the trash. The bloodied
pads should not be thrown in the trash.

It is Waajib for parents to demand the afterbirth and bury it. Never
allow them to keep it.


A.S. Desai


Mujlisul Ulama of S.A.


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