TRhe Myth of Vaccination.. Fatawa on Vaccines


excerpts of the fatawa… for http://www.themuftisays. com members and others

Responding to our refutation of his baseless view on the issue of vaccination, Dr. Ridwan Omar says:

(1)“To compare vaccination with abortion, murder, “pig’s blood” transfusion and “medical zina” is totally incorrect and does not make sense….The topic of my discussion is saving lives, not murder, etc.”
Dr. Omar did not apply his mind when he read our refutation of his view. His response is therefore the effect of confusion. Our refutation did not make a comparison of vaccination with abortion, etc.
The acts of abortion, transfusion and invitro fertilization were cited as examples of medical acts on which the Ulama were called to issue the Fatwa of the Shariah.

The purport was to show that none of these medical activities is beyond the scope of the Shariah.
It was pointed out that when people enquired of the Shari’ ruling pertaining to, for example, abortion, the Ulama unaware of the meaning of abortion, asked: ‘What is abortion?’

A Fatwa is reliant on understanding the issue posed. When the meaning of abortion was explained, the Ulama submitted it to the principles of the Shariah

. In terms of these principles, it was determined that abortion is ‘murder; hence the Fatwa of prohibition.
Similarly, when the Ulama were asked about invitro, they queried: ‘What is invitro?’

Upon receiving a detailed explanation from the medical experts, the Ulama applied the principles of the Shariah, and issued the Fatwa of prohibition.

This is the methodology of the Ulama who are called on to issue Fatwa on developing issues.

In the same way, when the question of vaccination was posed, the Ulama sought enlightenment on this issue. On the basis of the explanations proferred by medical experts, the Fatwa of prohibition was issued.


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