A.S.Desai on Vaccines


> 10 Rabiuth Thaani 1434 (22 February 2013)

> M.P.

> Your e-mail dated 20 February 2013 refers.

> (1) The Vaccination booklets are attached.

> (2) So far, numerous people have circumvented the vaccination
> requirements when they go on journeys. There are ways of overcoming
> this problem.

> (3) The dhoka mentioned in your question No.3 is a beautiful and a
> necessary stratagem to circumvent haraam. Those Ulama should be more
> concerned with abstention from devouring carrion. Generally the brains
> of those who consume carrion operate in reverse gear, hence they
> blurt out such drivel.

> (4) The government is not concerned with many issues which are
> un-Islamic. There are many issues which are compulsory by law but not
> permissible in the Shariah. This is not Daarul Islam. We have to walk
> through a minefield living under the domination of non-Muslims.
> Nevertheless it is better than what it is in most , if not, all Muslim
> countries.

> (5) Vaccination does not require alternatives. It is in need of being
> prohibited.

> Was-salaam

> A.S. Desai

> For

> Mujlisul Ulama of S.A

> Assalaamualaikum

> Honourable Mufti Saheb

> 1.may Mufti Saheb please email me Mufti Sahebs two booklets on
vaccinations as well as other fataawaa.

> 2.what is the ruling with regards to taking vaccines here in South
> Africa?must we go for vaccines before we go for Umrah,etc?some say
> that its the law of the country.

> 3.since vaccination is against the Shariah, is it permissible to get a
vaccination form signed without actually being vaccined?some ulama say
> that this is not permissible as one would be giving ‘dhoka’
> (deception) to the government,etc.

> 4.has the government been informed that vaccines are Unislamic?

> 5.are there any alternatives to vaccination?

> Requesting duas


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