What do renowned Ulama say about A.S. Desai

Shaykh Abdul Ishaq Hamid

Shaykh Abdul Ishaq Hamid (Damat Barakatuhum) states:

“Moulana Ahmad Saadiq Saheb of Port Elizabeth’s Majlis-ul-Ulama says that the Jihad of the century is to establish Makaatib, and Madaaris. I am in 100 percent conformity to Hazrat Moulana’s suggestion. This is one of the greatest needs of the time. I don’t want to delve into this subject, which, incidentally, is very essential, but the Maktab is a place where, if run correctly, forms the foundation of the Ummat.”

There are currently over 300,000 students studying at Maulana Ahmad Sadeq’s Maktab Madrasahs which are mostly (purposefully) located in remote areas where the Christian NGOs are carrying out their missionary activities. He has had over 1,300,000 children complete the course so far.


“There is no doubt as to the authenticity of the Fataawaa of Bare Hadhrat (Maulana Saadiq). I can guarantee any person, if he follows the views of Maulana with regards food and drink, then yes; he will end up having to leave off many things which he had liked, but he will never fall into Haraam. Maulana’s views with regards to food are the harshest views, but they are the safest.

Maulana often issues Fataawaa on the basis of what is known in Sharee`ah as “Sadd-uz-Zaraa’i” (Closing the door which leads to evil). If he sees that some permissible action might lead towards Haraam and Ma`siyat, then he gives a Fatwa against it and condemns it, despite the fact that the other `Ulama might support it, and this is from his Firaasah (fore-sight).”…

“Maulana is extremely busy right now, and is out of Port Elizabeth for many days at a time, so currently he does not find the time to write. Maulana told me that these days, he only sleeps approximately two hours a day.

…But what is both surprising and wonderful is the fact that even at his extreme old age (around 80 years old), he is still fitter and stronger than most young men. Maulana never drives in a car nor does he accept lifts from people; he walks. And Hadhrat never walks slowly, it is always a very brisk walk. I have heard that even at this old age, Maulana is still capable of performing 120+ push-ups with ease, and from what I know of Maulana, I can believe this.”



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