to Mufti says web site – google earth proof theat the qibla in North America is south east

Assalaamu alykum .

Below is a link which shows by salite  images , not a flat map, that the Qibla direction in America is South east.


So those brothers who slander, backbite and dishonor ulema and mashaikh and its mureeds should hang their had in shame for their unislamic conduct…


And also all my post have been reported  and deleted without notifying  in, on mufti says, in any way.

They were not offensive, backed of by proof, links given. In short everything has been deleted or removed in some way., even such post about almond- the super food, or daughters are a blessing..,.The post have been reported and removed without my knowledge..

And my question why have they been reported and whom did they insult or disrespect ?

below is whatever is left of my mufti says blog…..

Salam. I am the admin of the site. Please do not post links to your own blogs as a way to increase traffic or advertisement. Information must be posted on the blog site before providing source. Secondly, Muadh Khan a member of the forum sent important comments upon my request. He wanted me to remove your posts or add a disclaimer which was against our policy. However it seems you’ve removed them. Please add the following to all your posts regarding vaccines and other medical posts that are not backed by established sources: The views expressed in this blog are neither backed by Islamic Shariah nor science and are solely the personal opinion of the blogger. Readers are advised not to take these as Islamic. …… If you fail to comply then blog may be removed. Jazakillah Ws

Your Reply:

Wa alykumussalaam respected brother.. No problem, jazakaallah for informing me. Regarding the respective brother, is it not worse to remove his posts and admonish him as well for his ill and insulting all time behavior? What posts please did I remove? I can’t remember to have removed changed anything but the introduction of the myth of vaccines thread. By all respect, i have to disagree with you 2. My articles are NOT my personal opinion . Why should i repeat the shariah point of view on vaccines and procedures and alike over again if i did so in the beginning? what is the problem about informative articles? Anyway, give me some time to copy some of the links and posts. I am not interested in posting anything any further anyway, witnessing the ill and un-Islamic behavior of or the other and the one way orientation . Wa salaam may Allah Ta’ala guide,reward you and forgive you and this brother, and all of us.

2nd reply after


And can somebody tell me where all my blog entries are now?I never deleted any of my post neitherhave been informed that theyare deleted or that any actions took more will take place as such , but in the last comment of brotheryaseen..Kind treatment here.

And for what reason should the blog entries be removed and flagged ?
An explanation please?

» posted by thehousewife on 13th April 2014
admins reply

Please refer to my previous comment. Both reasons are in there. Once you have updated your posts you can let me know and they’ll be restored. Your posts are not deleted. They are flagged. They should be available in “Manage My Blog”. If you don’t see them then please let me know


Asaslaamu alykum.
No problem. But nothing is available and it only says they have been reported and cant be displayed..
Reported for what?


May Allah Ta’alas have Mercy on you and us all and guide us all.


One has to state that Mufti Taqi sahib of Pakistan did earlier state that the Qibla direction ion North America is indeed  South East but changed his opinion for some reason.


I have been  much verbally insulted by this particular member of mufti says and he requested the site admin to remove all my posts or threads  which show much information about vaccinations, its fraud, the dangers ,backed up by science, medicine, real statistic, immunologist, suffering parents, at least 80 doctors , more than 100 sites to prove the vaccine fraud and damage and the toxic and in  Islam forbidden ingredients, and a Muslim doctor who is the head of the vaccination council in UK.. all has been dismissed by him and he keeps just attacking our hadhrat and those who follow him.. Its sad that we Muslims are  in such a pitiful state,..


Qiyamat is near and the the hate for deen and the haqq is openly displayed, Just as stated in a hadith.

When i was still a kafir this behavior of Muslims, their hypocrisy and disobedience of the Islamic law and sunnat made me hate to even think to convert.

I Never saw a ‘real’ Muslim, Just those jeans wearing, hip hop freaks with no beard trying to hit on me and my colleges  all the time,, women with no Islamic dress or any sign of shame……


Allah Ta’al in His absolute Greatness gave me guidance before I found the Muslims of this age

We will insha Allah reproduce it soon.


Wa salaam

Below is the excerpt of the mufti says argument and slander produced by some membersof mufti says

Then lets consider it settled and may you also be loved by Allah (SWT) and I love you for the sake of Allah (SWT).

Before you decide to discuss this I would like to bring a few things to your attention.

  1. There is NO Major Deobandi Scholar on Planet Earth (pat or present) who proposes Qiblah from America from being North-East
  2. The onlyexceptionisHazratShaykh (Mufti) A.S. Desai (HA) and he bases his opinion on 2:
    1. A heretic group (AHBASH) who revile and curse the Sahabah (RA). Hazrat Shaykh (Mufti) A.S. Desai (HA) based his criticism of Shaykhul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah (RA) on the writings of same Scholar and when he published his “research” on the Internet he was severely criticised for it. He had no idea about the group so he keeps referring to them as “Shaykh…” When the issue was brought to his attention instead of saying that yes I made a mistake and I mistook the group he went on to normal offensive (and foul) mode.
    2. Dr Burton F. Jones and you can see my correspondence with him, here.

The issue of Qiblah (direction) isn’t a Fiqh but an Aqeedah issue as believers are referred to as “People of Qiblah” so by differing you are taking out a position which is deviating from Ahlus-Sunnah. The deviant Ahbash not only did this in America but also in Lebanon. You will find repeated referrences of “People of Qiblah” in Aqeedah Tahawiyyah, Insha’Allah.

If you follow this deviant group (Ahbash) or brothers like will notice a pattern that these guys have a pre-position:

  1. Qiblah
  2. Medical Science
  3. Vaccination

And what is aactually happening here is a that a LONE RANGER like Hazrat Shaykh (Mufti) A.S. Desai (HA) (in defiance with the unanimity of Deobandi Ulamah) is issuing Fatwaas so they are reaching out across the world and putting him on a pedestal and then trying to justify their STUPIDITY in the name of “Deoband”.

Once you understand how DEADLY important it is to place the Fatwaas of Hazrat Shaykh (Mufti) A.S. Desai (HA) into context you are free to discuss. Without the Internet he would have been a South African problem but with the Internet it has become a “Deobandi problem”.

Nobody in their right mind can think that he is refuting Haris Hamaam (aka Maulana Isamil Ibraheem Patel (HA)), he is actually bringing shame on the Deobandees by indulging into these matters (without proper knowledge, background and above all tact).

When I ask South Africans they say that in his native (South Africa) NOBODY takes him seriously!

I am an American I can assure you that NO MAJOR DEOBANDI SCHOLAR (visiting, resident, born, migrated) EVER proposed anything different in America. Major Deobandi Ulamah have been visiting, teaching, staying in America and NOBODY proposes this.

So the garb of Deobandi legitimacy needs to be stripped from brothers like Brooklyn…and clearly stated:

No the Deobandees don’t think or act like this! You have some problems and personal opinions which you have the right to hold on to (and practise) but DON’T bring Shariah into it and DON’T bring Deoband into it.

If he wasn’t trying to back his CRAZINESS with Shariah it wouldn’t be an issue, at all.


I have read the post a few times. Our greatest problem in our times is hyprocrisy and secrecy.

It is an emphatic fact that major South African Ulamah have tried to discuss the matter with Shaykh (Mufti) A. S. Desai (HA) for years and the matter remained unresolved despite the fact that there is no disagreement amongst Ulamah of Deoband on the issue.

The problem we have is that those Ulamah neither made their discussions public nor will respond to confirm. That makes someone like me look like a fool for no reason i.e. that Ulamah are content with this matter and I am making a mountain out of a molehill.

The facts are exact opposite but I don’t expect anybody to issue any clarifications.

The issue of North American Qiblah was clear cut:

  1. Ahlus-Sunnah Wal-Jamaat VS Heretics
  2. The only Sunni Alim of world renown who disagreed with the matter was Shaykh Abdullah Bin Bayyah (HA) but it never really affected most people because Shaykh Hamza Yusuf (HA) disagrees with his own Shaykh
  3. Along came Shaykh (Mufti) A.S. Desai (HA) and all of sudden Deobandees were put in a limelight in America which they didn’t deserve because NO DEOBANDI ALIM EVER agreed with the Ahbash heretics

The addition of Shaykh (Mufti) A.S. Desai (HA) LONE and UNSUBSTANTIATED position is making people like Brooklyn… and Deoband think that this is an issue of disagreement and that they need to study it etc.

A UNANIMOUS Mas’ala of millions of American Muslims of Ahlus-Sunnah Wal-Jamaah has been turned into an “issue” so now what does Brooklyn…do? He begins to quote examples of early immigrants of America who may have setup a Musallah and the direction justifies his opinion, he then starts to cherry pick and ignore early Masajid 2, 3, 4, 5 (because there are right) and then jumps to 6, he then skips thousands of American Mosques and gives examples of his a New York Mosque…To this day unable to clearly state the:

  1. Address
  2. Madhab of the Imam
  3. Madhab (or leaning) of the community
  4. How many Muslims frequent it and what goes on

But all we have is a Mosque in New York which happens to be following a different Qiblah so our poor brother has no choice but to follow them (etc)…Rash and ridicolous justification after justification over a stance.

This is the issue at heart, here.

As long as facts are clearly highlighted there is no problem with people following whatsoever:

  1. NO DEOBANDI ALIM EVER gave Fatwa or agreed with this (alleged) Qiblah direction
  2. NO major Muslim Geographer gives this direction
  3. NO major Non-Muslim Geographer gives this direction
  4. Its down to 2-3:
    1. Ahbash: A heretical sect which abuses Sahabah and Ahlus-Sunnah
    2. Dr Jones (discredited and refuted)
    3. Shaykh (Mufti) A.S. Desai (HA)

Under the circumstances and the damage involved, how else is one supposed to react to this?


2 comments on “to Mufti says web site – google earth proof theat the qibla in North America is south east

  1. Actually brother, the Qibla in North America, like Mawlana A.S. desai and the native Indian Muslims said, IS south east, not north. Because Makka is south of here , not north .


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