Orimune Oral Polio Vaccine Ingredient

Orimune is the Trade name for the oral polio vaccine produced byWyeth-Ayerst. TheOrimune oral polio vaccine ingredients include 3 types of polio viruses, attenuated, the antibioticsneomycin, streptomycin, the chemical sorbitol, and the animal by products monkey kidney cells and calf serum.Three types of polio viruses are included in this Polio Virus and are the active ingredients of the vaccine. Viral particles should not be injected into the blood stream as this was not the way the immune system was developed to work. There are forewarnings in the immune system that are included in the respiratory tract and when these are by passed, the immune system does not view the invasion the same way. This is why live measles virus vaccines do not provide immunity, but getting the measles does. Instead, vaccines actually trick the body and give a temporary shelter, leaving the individual at risk at an older age when the illness may be much more harmful and potentially more fatal.

The antibiotics neomycin and streptomycin are both powerful antibiotics, both have the potential of causing kidney damage, inner ear nerve damage, and more. This does not include the potential for allergy to the antibiotics as many people are allergic to certain families of antibiotics and allergic reactions can be serious and even life threatening.

The chemical sorbitol At Drugs.com under the warnings, the first warning is, not for injection. Sorbitol can cause potential side effects of Nausea, gas, diarrhea, stomach cramps or anal irritation, acidosis, diuresis, lack of urination, edema, cardiovascular/pulmonary disorders, convulsions, back ache and more, and can be harmful or fatal to those with fructose, intolerance. Medically, sorbitol is used for urinary tract irrigation.

The animal by products monkey kidney cells and calf serum can both be potentially harmful. Anytime a foreign animal protein is injected into the body, many things can happen beyond the rejection aspect. Simian virus known as SV40 was introduced into the human body during the introduction of the Polio vaccine, it was found to be a cancer causing virus and may have been in as many as 98 million lots of vaccines distributed to people. HIV and AIDS has been fingered by some as first being introduced to Africans during the Smallpox eradication program cultured in Bovine serum. The risks are there and they are real, the human body was not designed to have animal by products injected into the blood, if it were we would have a direct line to the blood without having to puncture the skin. The sad part about potential dangerous animal viruses is that once they are discovered, the normal procedure is not to recall or destroy infected lots, they continue to use these lots and potentially infect millions of people knowingly, as was the case with SV40, (see resource link below, the sv40 foundation)








Disclaimer: This article, “Orimune Oral Polio Vaccine Ingredients”, is not intended to give medical advice. It is a call to educate yourself about disease and vaccines so that in making a decision where your child is concerned, you should take an active role in learning all you can from medical experts on both sides of the fence, then make an educated decision. we did not make an informed decision until one son got Leukemia and another developed Autism immediately after receiving his MMR vaccine. This has sent us on a quest to inform ourselves and others to seriously question what kind of toxic soups are being injected with the vaccines. Odds are if your child is injured by a vaccine, you have little or no recompense against the industry.


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