Study: HPV Vaccine – Ovarian Failure and Autoimmune Disorders

Holy Hormones Journal: And herein lies the issue – as Heidi Stevenson has so aptly stated: young girls who are post-menarchal are vaccinated and at the same time put on synthetic hormone drugs that mask their symptoms of potential ovarian failure – also known as MENOPAUSE.

Menarche is also a time when many young girls experience autoimmune issues – due to changing hormones and immunity levels. Does the vaccine exacerbate autoimmunity?  The research below is indicative of that. But how would one know when girls with a previous history of autoimmune disorders and allergies (immune related) were scrubbed from the HPV vaccine clinical trials in both genders.

Gardasil shot in armBut this plot thickens…. vaccinating girls at an early age – and then not requiring them to have their firstpap test until the age of 21 leaves them vulnerable to developing abnormal pap smears, cervical dysplasia and cervical cancer which may go undetected for up to 11 years – if a girl is vaccinated at age 9.

The May 2006 FDA VRBPAC document is very clear about this on page 13 – Table 17 when it is noted that if a girls is previously exposed to HPV and then gets vaccinated with Gardasil – the vaccine’s efficacy decreases by 44.6% – which means her chance of developing cervical cancer is increased by 44.6 percent.

Indeed, we are seeing rates of abnormal paps, dysplasia and cervical cancer in a population of girls with a historically low incident rate.  BTW there is a similar document on Cervarix that cites the vaccine’s efficacy decreases by 32.5%.

And the plot thickens still – as young girls in the UK are being given the Depo Provera birth control vaccine without their parent’s consent.  Yes, it is time to call the Depo injection the Depo vaccine.  One might assume that this is the population control vaccine that Bill Gates has been pushing for… and all this time it has been right under our noses disguised as an injection – with horrible side effects and withdrawal symptoms.

Can someone tell me why our daughters became enemies of the state? How and why is this evidence-based science?  How and why is this good practice medicine?  How and why are we letting these innocent girls suffer?

Chandler Marrs PhD of Hormones Matter has posted many articles about girls suffering adverse injuries from the HPV vaccines. See links below.  Those stories are below.  Dr. Marrs has also developed a comprehensive Gardasil/Cervarix HP Vaccine survey.  This is the first independent survey – in a series of surveys that have been compiled – called “Real Women – Real Data – Real Solutions.”

So far – over 400 women have completed the survey. But it is important to reach 1,000 to have a sound analytical database to be able to present to physicians and others who need to be educated about our concerns about the HPV vaccines.  This means that we need girls to participate who have been adversely injured post-vaccination AND girls who have not been injured.

Scientists Explain Why HPV Vaccines Are Unsafe

There is no evidence that Gardasil or Cervarix can prevent cancer better than a decent screening program. There is strong evidence that they can produce severe and life-threatening harm. This report by 4 scientists documents how science has been corrupted & misused to promote these life-devastating vaccines.


Gaia Health
August 5, 2013
by Heidi Stevenson

(Reprinted with permission from the author)

Scientists who have done extensive research on the topics of immunization and autoimmune disorders have produced a new paper concluding that:

[P]hysicians should remain within the rigorous rules of evidence-based medicine, to adequately assess the risks versus the benefits of HPV vaccination.

In the context of the paper, it’s quite clear that they are saying the evidence does not support a positive risk-benefit ratio for the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix.

Ovarian Failure

The paper starts by discussing three cases of young women, studied by the authors, whose development had been quite normal, yet who experienced ovarian failure after receiving HPV vaccinations. They were studied extensively and all other potential causes were ruled out, leaving only the vaccines as the causative agent. They also point out another well-documented case similar to the ones they had investigated.

These are “only” four young women whose lives have been devastated, but the methods of treating girls who are recently post-menarchal is now to give them hormonal drugs, which can mask the symptoms of ovarian failure. The truth is that we do not know how many have been affected this way, and very likely won’t know for years.

These cases are then compared with the newly-described syndrome, autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants (ASIA), which can be characterized by the existence of several criteria. All of the girls fit the definition. Following is a copy of the table that displays which of the symptoms each young woman suffered:

Table 1 POF-Victims-ASIA-SymptomsNotice that a positive diagnosis for ASIA requires that the individual suffer from at least two major, or one major and two minor, symptoms. All three of these young women suffered from the vaccine-induced ASIA syndrome.

ASIA conditions include Gulf War syndrome, macrophagic myofasciitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and silicone implant-induced autoimmunity (primarily from silicone breast implants).

The authors point out that the ASIA symptoms:

… are all too easily ignored or disregarded as irrelevant and non-vaccine related not only by patients and physicians, but also by scientists involved in design of vaccine trials. Nonetheless, many ill-defined medical conditions that fall under the ASIA spectrum are frequently disabling and thus of significant clinical relevance.

In other words, although far too many clinicians, doctors, and researchers ignore ASIA symptoms, calling them “irrelevant and non-vaccine related”, the fact is that they most assuredly are associated with severely disabling conditions.

HPV Vaccines and Autoimmune Disorders

The paper then goes on to discuss HPV vaccines and autoimmunity. They point out that the literature currently documents:

… numerous cases substantiating the link between adverse immune reactions and HPV vaccines, including fatal reactions.

They cite the case of a teenage girl who suffered dizziness, paresthesia, memory lapses, excessive tiredness, night sweats, loss of ability to use common objects, intermittent chest pain, and sudden racing heart after HPV vaccination. She died suddenly six months after the third Gardasil vaccination. The autopsy was unable to identify any toxicological, microbiological, or anatomical cause of death. However, investigations by a researcher showed that blood and spleen had been contaminated with HPV-16 L1 gene DNA fragments, which corresponded with ones fragments found in Gardasil vaccine vials from different lots. The authors conclude:

These findings suggested that the quadrivalent HPV vaccine was indeed the most probable causal factor in this particular case. Specifically, the HPV DNA fragments detected in Gardasil vials appeared to be firmly bound to the aluminium adjuvant used in the vaccine formulation and thus likely protected against enzymatic degradation by endogenous nucleases.

The authors then point out that HPV vaccination has been associated with several autoimmune diseases, including Guillain-Barré syndrome, demyelinating neuropathies, systemic lupus erythematosus, pancreatitis, vasculitis, thrombocytopenic purpura, and autoimmune hepatitis. The most common autoimmune disorders associated with HPV vaccines are neurological in nature.

After a brief discussion of several well-documented cases of neurological autoimmune disorders post-HPV vaccination, the authors state:

Indeed, Gardasil appears to have failed to meet a single one of the four criteria required by the FDA for Fast Track approval. [Emphasis author’s.]

Read Full Article….

On August 21, Stevenson of Gaia Health came out with another startling article Gardasil Provides No Benefit: CDC Study. In the article, Stevenson finds flaws on the latest CDC study on Gardasil.  Try as they can, the government cannot come up with data to show that the vaccine is safe and effective.  Their data – as Stevenson details below – continues to point out the obvious – the vaccine increases the risk of HPV infection.  This was also demonstrated in another recent study – also reported here:

BTW – an oncology nurse also reported similar concerns about the same data in the NHANES study Stevenson cites.  Stevenson’s report is quoted below:

“…by their own estimation, the sample size is too small to make any real conclusions. Yet, that’s precisely what they did, as their title clearly demonstrates! But the truth is significantly worse than that little slip. The vaccine was not given only to 14-19 years olds, it was also given to young women up through age 26. So what were the results in the age ranges of 20-24 and 25-29?

Ages 20-24 saw an infection rate increase from 18.5% to 19.9%—1.08 times more infections!

Ages 25-29 saw an infection rate increase from 11.8% to 13.1%—1.11 times more infections!

If the Gardasil vaccine had worked as claimed, wouldn’t there have been an infection reduction in those two age groups, too? Though they weren’t vaccinated as frequently, many young women did get it. Therefore, if there’s a reduction in HPV infections that can be attributed to the vaccine in 14-19 year olds, then surely there would be a reduction in ages 20-29, albeit smaller since fewer young women were vaccinated than teens. Instead, there was an increase!”

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