Benefit of Pearls in medicine

Pearl Calcium

Calcined Calcium as per Ayurvedic (science of life) theory is 40% lighter than other forms of calcium. This calcium has self assimilation qualities and gets absorbed with relatively high efficiency in our body. Ayurvedic Pearl calcium is the best calcium in the world.

Pearl – Sanskrit Name: Mukta (Mytilus margaritiferus or Pinctada margaritifera).

Source: Found in general molluscs inhabitating shallow seas and sandy banks.


Pearl mussel has nearly a semi circular cell, greenish in color and ornamented with the most beautiful nacre within. The nacre is employed in the arts and the fine pearls are produced from the extravasations of the nacre. Pearl is a valuable source of calcium and also contains traces of magnesium, zinc, strontium and selenium which aid in supplementing skin, bones, nails and teeth. It also contains 20-22 amino acids which are the building blocks of every living organism.

Varieties and Grading: Basically, there are two types of pearls viz. natural and cultivated. Natural pearls are much more expensive and much superior than cultivated pearls. The natural pearls used in herbalism are very small. The smaller pearls are more potent and effective. Some pearls are not much larger than a grain of salt. These very small pearls, which are softer, can be easily crushed and ground into very fine powder, which can be absorbed with relatively high efficiency by the digestive tract. Pearl can be fed to the skin both through external application and by taking as a supplement.

Contraindications: None Pearl is extremely safe. Safety studies on pearls have shown them to be absolutely harmless. It can be taken by anybody for the course of a lifetime without negative side effects.

Calcination (Preparation of Mukta Bhasma)

Method of Purification: In medicinal purification the objects aimed at are:

  1. Elimination of harmful matter
  2. Modification of undesirable physical properties
  3. Conversion of some of the characteristics

The enhancement of the therapeutic action and potentizing the material, known as “Sodhana” in Ayurveda.

In Ayurveda, Pearls are purified by boiling in the juice of Sesvania Aculeata (jianti) leaves for two to three hours. After purification, pearls are placed in earthen crucible, by adding Aloe Vera gel, covered with another earthen shallow plate, with the edges sealed with clay simmered cloth in seven consecutive layers, and dried. A pit is dug in an open space according to the required diameter, half the pit is filled with cow dung cakes and the sealed earthen crucible is placed over it and the remaining space is filled with more cow dung cakes. Fire is put on all four sides and the middle of the pit. When the burning is over, it is allowed to cool completely. The earthen container is removed, the seal is opened and the contents are taken out. These calcined pearls are grounded into a fine powder by adding more Aloe Vera gel and the above process is repeated again. This is known as pearl calcined powder (Mukta Bhasma).

Note: Calcined Calcium, as per Ayurvedic (science of life) theory, is 40% lighter than other forms of calcium and has self-assimilation qualities and gets absorbed with relatively high efficiency in our body.

Ayurvedic “Pearl Calcium” is the best calcium in the world.

Method of herbal process for multi natural nutritional properties

Once the calcination is complete, to enhance the multi dimensional properties of Pearl calcined powder (Mukta Bhasma), it is further triturated with the decoctions of herbs [it means that instead of mixing other ingredients, liquid extract of the same is put in a kharal (pistil mortar) and rubbed till it dries up]. The pearl again transforms into dry powder [this method is known in Ayurveda as Bhawana]. This is the same method, which is applied to reduce all the metals in Ayurveda. In metals the powder is made into small round tikkies (pellets) for further calcination They carry the dry mass of the same herb. One by one with the extract of other herbs, the process is repeated. This process reduces the molecules of powder into smaller sizes (atoms), which is more effective due to increased solubility. (Usually fresh juice of herbs is taken in equal parts to the quantity of powder to be trituated.) Otherwise Dry Powder, 1/5 quantity is boiled with 8 times of water, boiled to half and filtered. The filtered solution is then taken and further processed with fresh juice of many herbs to raise its nutritional properties.


The powder is highly stimulant, tonic and aphrodisiac. As per Ayurveda,the other medical virtues, described to Pearl, are laxative, sedative, emetic and nutritive. The powder is used in heartburn and bilious affections. Pearl Powder is useful in cough, phthisis and asthma, given twice a day with honey. Its chief use is in low fevers giving rise to burning sensation in the eyes, palms and soles. It reduces the yellowish tinge in the conjunctivae and in the urine due to low fever and checks the burning during micturition. It is also used as a cerebral tonic in nervous diseases like chronic headache, epilepsy and other convulsive attacks. It is used in piles, leucorrhoea, spermatorrhea and impotence. The powder is one of the ingredients in numerous Indian preparations used for potency, heart problems and consumption. Pearl Powder is a rich source of calcium with self assimilation properties. All the illnesses due to calcium deficiency are easily covered by it. It is very useful for the eyes as it keeps the mind cool, blood pressure within the normal limits, digestive system in perfect order and improves vision.

Pearl Powder is a natural moisturizer. It contains proteins, which renew the skin cells, vitamin B complex and Polysaccharides, which strengthen the muscles and enhance the metabolism.


This traditional method of making calcium from pearls, in Ayurveda, is different and superior to any chemical formulation.

Softens and cools the liver, promotes healing and generates flesh. It has been known too slow down the process and signs of skin aging. It promotes smooth flow of blood and energy circulation, calms and centers the mind.


Pearl is a valuable mineral source (calcium, magnesium, zinc, strontium, selenium) which Aids in supplementing skin and bones.

Contains dozens of amino acids that are necessary for maintaining health including the eight that cannot be produced by the body.

Promotes the activities of important natural antioxidant enzyme SOD which aides in the prevention of development of melanin, the main cause of freckles, dark patches and blemishes on the skin including pimples and boils.

Aids in the regeneration of skin cells which contribute to healthy, smooth and lustrous skin.

Other Uses

  • Detoxify the system.
  • Clean and clear the skin.
  • Remove age and other spots on the skin.
  • Give the skin a younger appearance.
  • Adjust the body energy.
  • Relieve stress from the mind.
  • Treat sore throat.
  • Adjust the nervous system.
  • Regulate the metabolism.
  • Improve eyesight.
  • Treat insomnia.
  • Energize the body.
  • Anti-aging agent for long, healthy, active life.
  • A unique natural calcium support for healthy bones and body tonic.
  • Support a healthy heart, eyes, skin, bones, liver, sexual organs, blood and energy circulation.
  • When pregnant women and breast feeding women consume Pearl Powder, it is believed to speed up bone development and promote intelligence in babies.
  • When used topically, it is famous for keeping skin smooth, soft and lustrous. Pearl Powder revitalizes the skin and catalyzes new skin cell growth.


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