SIDS – Sudden Infant Death /SBS – Shaken Baby Syndrome

Death relegated to the SIDS classification is usually considered to be a very unfortunate occurrence for which there is no known cause and therefore no one and nothing to blame. Death or injury from SBS is usually attributed to deliberate physical abuse by parents or other caregivers. The one reaps sympathy; the other reaps court cases, prison terms and scorn, sometimes undeserved. Parents who’ve followed “expert” advice by allowing their precious offspring to be vaccinated according to schedule, regardless of birth weight or ongoing innate health, could never have imagined being faced with both a lifeless child and a life in jail. The Gouge inquiry into corrupt Ontario pathologist, Charles Smith, and his baseless charges of child-killing reminds us that, even in Canada, justice is not always a given.

Although “experts” deny that vaccines cause SIDS or the symptoms of SBS, there is much evidence to show that they can be wrong. An example is thrombocytopenic purpura, a blood disorder which produces bruises, blood spots and bleeding into the tissues. List number 253421 of the US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System describes the case of an infant who developed this disorder four weeks after he’d received, all at the same time, vaccines against diphtheria, Hepatitis B, Haemophilus influenzae B, measles, mumps, pneumococcus, polio, rubella, tetanus and whooping cough. The monograph for Merck Frosst Canada’s MMR® II lists “thrombocytopenia” and “purpura” as “rare” adverse reactions.

The US Institute of Medicine 2001 ‘Immunization Safety Review: Vaccination and Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy’, defined a more general term that might be used as an alternate name for sudden infant death syndrome. It explained: “A death that occurs suddenly and unexpectedly in the first year of life, whether or not there is an underlying disorder that predisposes to death, has been referred to by the term, “sudden unexpected death in infancy” (SUDI). SUDI includes deaths which can be attributed to identifiable causes and deaths for which the causes remain uncertain. SIDS is the diagnosis most commonly given to the deaths of uncertain cause.”

The 1996 Mosby Medical Encyclopedia defines infancy as “the time extending from birth to about 12 months of age, when the baby is able to assume an erect posture. Some extend the period to 24 months of age.” On Dec 2, 2008, published a report concerning the sudden death of 18-month-old George Fisher following MMR vaccination.(See ‘Healthy toddler died 10 days after being given MMR vaccination’.)
The boy was called a “toddler” and the cause of his death, “Sudden Unexpected Death in Childhood”.

Thus, it seems that, up to 24 months of age, vaccination-linked deaths may be concealed as any one of four “syndromes”: Shaken Baby Syndrome, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy and Sudden Unexpected Death in Childhood. On pg 11 of its 2008 INFANRIX hexa™ monograph, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) admits: “Extremely rare cases of Sudden Unexpected Death (SUD) in close temporal association to vaccination with INFANRIX hexa™ have been reported in the first year of life.” but, “The observed number of SUD cases…is below the number of cases expected to occur by chance.” However, in Dec 2012, a Belgian watchdog group discovered a confidential 2011 GSK report which discloses that these SUDs may beless of a coincidence than the monograph implies.

131 Ways for an Infant to Die – Vaccines and Sudden Death by Neil Z. Miller A Special Report prepared for (pdf)


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