MARADHUL MAUT- The final Disease at the time of Death

The final sickness in which Maut (Death) occurs is called Maradhul Maut. It is the illness
from which a person does not recover. The Shariah does not fully recognize a person’s
monetary operations during Maradhul Maut. For example, gifts made to heirs during
Maradhul Maut will not be valid. Charitable endowments made during this state if
illness come within the scope of Wasiyyat which is effective in one third the value of
the estate.
An illness which lasts for a year or more will not be termed Maradhul Maut. When such a
person’s illness deteriorates leading to his death, the Maradhul Maut will be from the
time of deterioration.
If during an illness a person is able to perform Salaat as usual and is able to attend to other
duties, then such sickness will not be Maradhul Maut. This person’s Maradhul Maut
will commence from the time his sickness deteriorates, confining him to bed.
A sickness could be prolonged, extending over a period of years, e.g. a man has cancer for
few years. However, he carries on normally with his daily activities. His Maradhul
Maut will begin from the time he is incapacitated and confined to bed.

Mufti A.S. Desai





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