Compulsory Vaccination Killed More Than Smallpox

ChoiceThis is an article that was originally published in the Launceston Tasmania Examiner on Friday, the 14th of November, 1930. It was at a time when vaccination against smallpox was compulsory in Victoria and there was great opposition to these laws. If you have time, it is a great idea to go to search for these historical articles on vaccination, diseases and other health issues. This resource is part of the National Library of Australia and it contains a searchable database of historical articles from many Australian newspapers going back to the early 1800′s in some cases.

You will find that the media of the 1800′s and the early part of the twentieth century was much more honest and independent than the Murdoch-Packer. corporate-interest driven, monopololised press we see today.


MELBOURNE, Thursday.

Commenting on objections made to a proposal in the Health Bill now before the Legislative Council to abandon compulsory vaccination in Victoria, the Minister for Health (Mr. Beckett) declared to-day that it had been decided by the Ministry to abandon the provision because, owing to the operation of a clause which enables a person claiming conscientious objection to vaccination to avoid its provisions, the law in Victoria had been futile for many years.Personally, he considered that vaccination and inoculation had killed far more people than smallpox had. Methods of medical treatment were constantly changing, and it might not be long before practitioners laughed at the present day preventive treatment by vaccination and inoculation. (ed note – Emphasis added)



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