Daughters are a blessing in Islam

Assalaamu alaykum.

Below is an article which made me and my husband break down crying. How merciful is Allah Ta’ala and how evil and ungrateful are we as an ummat!!??
We have 4 daughters and were christian, and me an atheist, before our conversion. We are a mixed couple with an age gap of more the 15 years! So having now the assurance by our Lord Ta’ala that all the pains, efforts, trials we are running through , within in a short time,and raising them in accordance of Islam will pay out .
Lately a sister had her 3rd child through c-section. As she recovered in her room another mother broke down crying. The doctor came ion and assured that her baby girl and her are very healthy and all is fine. The woman said that the problem is her husband as he will be very angry ate her as she did not deliver a baby boy!
Sad issue of affairs.
Are we still like pagan Arabs and Hindus that we raise our sons to hate women and baby girls?
Here in Pakistan many in laws put magic spells on a woman if she does not bear a son, female infanticide is increasing, new born baby girls are thrown regular in the sewer gutter or on walking paths, maltreatment of women is increasing, men and in laws accuse women of zina and through her in the river to drown, burn her alive or bury her alive or throw acid in her faces..


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