(Continued from Vol.22 No.1)

By Sayyid Husain


The author, a close student of Ayatullah Khomeini, was at one time a member  of the Shiah clergy. Revulsed by the obscenity,immorality and crudity of Shiah belief  practices, he abandoned the Shiah religion and wrote this expose` which reveals that Shi’ism is a religion for sexual perverts and maniacs.

Nikah Mut’ah

Nikah mut’ah has been practiced in the ugliest forms. The women have been humiliated in the worst forms of humiliation. Most of them (Shi’ahs) fulfill their lusts in the name of religion behind the curtain that is called mut’ah.

They have brought riwaayahs (narratons) that give motivations to practise mut’ah, setting and detailing its rewards, as well as punishments on those who do not do it. In fact those who do not practice mut’ah are considered kaafir. As Saduq narrated from As Sadiq that he said, “Indeed, mut’ah is my religion and the religion of my father. Whoever denies it, it means he is denying our religion and having the aqeedah of a religion other than our religion,” (Man La Yahdhuruhu Al Faqih,3/366). This is the declaration of kaafir on those who reject mut’ah.

To strengthen further this mut’ah, the name of Rasulullah was even brought in, such as written in “Man La Yahdhuruhu Al Faqih”, 3/366, “Whoever does mut’ah with a woman, he will be safe from the wrath of Allah, the Compeller. Whoever does mut’ah two times, he shall be gathered together with the people of goodness. Whoever does mut’ah three times, he will be side by side with me in paradise.”

It is the spirit of these words that drives the ulama of the city of knowledge, Najaf, the dominion of the imams, to do mut’ah with many women. Such as the ulama’ Sayiid Shadr, Barwajardi, Syairazi, Qazwani, Sayyid Madani and many others.

Check out this riwaayah. From Sayyid Fathullah Al Kashani, he narrated in Tafsir Manhaj As-Sadiqin, from the Prophet SAW, verily he said, “Whoever does mut’ah once, his status is like Husain AS; one who does it two times, his status is like Hasan AS; the one who does it three times, his status is the same as Ali Bin Abu Talib; and whoever does mut’ah four times, his status is the same as my status.”

Indeed, it does not make sense. Say there was an evil man doing mut’ah once, his status is the same as Husain AS; and then mut’ah twice, his status goes up again. That easy?? Are the status of Rasulullah SAW and the imams that low?? Even if the person doing mut’ah has attained a high status of imaan, is his status the same as the status of Husain, his brother, his father and his grandfather?

(Mut’ah in practice is sanctified fornication/adultery. It is to hire a woman for sexual gratification in lieu of the payment of  a sum of money. In other words, it is holy prostitution – The Majlis)

The Imam Has Mut’ah With A Small Child

When Imam Khomeini stayed in Iraq, I went back and forth to visit him. I studied under him, thus the relationship between myself and him became very close. At one time, he agreed to go to a city in the framework of fulfilling an invitation, namely the city that is located on the western part of Mosul, that could be reached in about half an hour by car.

Imam Khomeini asked me to go along with him. We were received and honoured with an extraordinary honour during our stay with one of the Shi’ah families who lived there. He had pledged allegiance to propagate the creed of Shi’ah in that region.

When the visit ended and on our way home, on the road, on our return, we passed through Baghdad and Imam Khomeini wished to rest from the tiring journey. Then he instructed that we head to a resort area where there lived a man from Iran named Sayyid Sahib. There was a pretty strong friendship between him and Imam. Sayyid Sahib asked us to stay overnight at his place that night and Imam Khomeini agreed.

When the time of Isha’ came, dinner for us was served. The people who attended kissed Imam’s hand and asked him questions regarding a number of issues and Imam answered them.

When it was time to sleep and the people had already gone home, Imam Khomeini saw a little girl, her age was around 5 years old but she was very beautiful. Imam requested from her father, i.e. Sayyid Sahib, to present the girl to him so that he could do mut’ah with her. So the father agreed to it, feeling very pleased. So Imam Khomeini slept and the girl was in his embrace, while we heard the cries and screams of the child.

The night passed by. When the morning came, we sat down and had breakfast. The Imam looked at me and noticed very obvious signs of unpleasantness and disagreement in my face, because how could he do mut’ah with a little girl, whereas in the house there were girls who are already baligh (adolescent)?

Imam Khomaini asked me, “Sayyid Husain, what is your opinion about doing mut’ah with a small child?” I said to him, “The most supreme words are your words, what’s true is your acts, and you are a mujtahid imam. It is not possible for me to opine or say unless it is in accordance with your opinion and words. It needs to be understood that it is not possible for me to oppose your fatwa.”

Then he said, “Sayyid Husain, indeed the ruling of having mut’ah with a small child is permissible but only with fondling, kisses and squeezing with the thighs. As for the sexual intercourse, indeed she is not strong enough to do it.” See also the book of Imam Khomeini titled “Tahrir Al Wasilah”, 2/241, number 12, which allows mut’ah with babies that are still suckling.

Mut’ah with Married Women

So obvious, the damages caused by mut’ah are very huge and complex such as:

First, it’s violating against the nass of the Shari’ah, for making halaal what is made haraam by Allah.

Second, the fake riwaayahs that are diverse and their attribution to the imams, whereas therein contains vituperations which would revulse a person who  has even an atom of imaan in his heart.

Third, the damage inflicted  by allowing mut’ah with a woman who already has a husband. In these circumstances a husband will not feel safe with his wife because of the possibility that later his wife will have nikah mut’ah with another man. This is damage upon damage! Nobody can imagine how the feelings of a husband who finds out that the wife who is under his care has mut’ah with another man.

Fourth, the fathers  also feel insecure about their daughters, because it is possible that their daughters would do mut’ah without his permission, and then suddenly get pregnant with God knows who.

Fifth, most people who do mut’ah allow themselves to do nikah mut’ah but will object if their daughters are wedded by means of mut’ah. They are aware that this mut’ah is similar to zina (fornication) and is an aib (shame) for them, but they themselves are doing it with other people’s daughters. Supposing nikah mut’ah is something that is allowed by Shari’ah, why do most fathers feel disinclined to allow their daughters or relatives to have nikah mut’ah?

Sixth, in the mut’ah marriage, there is no witness, announcement, and consent of the female’s guardian, and the spousal inheritance law does not apply, but she is just a contracted ‘wife’. The permissibility of mut’ah  opens opportunities for young adults to drown in a puddle of sin that  corrupts the image of religion.

So the danger of mut’ah is very clear from the standpoint of religious, moral and social life. Thus mut’ah is haraam as it is a conglomeration of moral, spiritual and physical dangers.

The claim (i.e the claim of the Shiahs) that the prohibition of mut’ah only applied specifically on the day of Khaibar, is a claim that is not based on daleel (proof of the Shariah). Besides that, if the prohibition only applied on the day of Khaibar, there must have been an affirmation from Rasulullah. The meaning of the words that mut’ah marriage was forbidden on the day of Khaibar is that, its prohibition commenced on the day of Khaibar and will be in force until the Judgment Day. As for the words of our ulama (ulama of Shi’ah), they are a ridicule of the nass of  the Shari’ah.

Numerous people who indulge in mut’ah mix up the children and mothers, the women and their brothers, fathers…. and other chaos.

A woman came to me asking about the incident that befell her. She said that she had indulged in nikah mut’ah with an influential personality of the  ulama fraternity, Sayyid Husain Sadr, twenty years ago, and she got pregnant. After having enough, he divorced her. She swore that she was pregnant from the relationship with Sayyid Sadr, because no one else did mut’ah with her except Sayyid Sadr. After her beautiful daughter became an adult, and  was ready for marriage, her mother discovered that the daughter was pregnant. When enquired about it, she said that she had had nikah mut’ah with Sayyid Sadr and her pregnancy was because of that nikah mut’ah. The mother was shocked and lost control and said that Sayyid Sadr is her father. And then the mother told the story to her daughter, his flesh and blood! In Iran, such incidents are innumerable and perennially happening countless times!

Let us refer to the words of Allah SWT, “But let them who find not [the means for] marriage abstain [from sexual relations] until Allah enriches them from His bounty….”

(An Nuur:33).

Whoever is not able to marry in a shar’ie way because of the lack of provision, let him guard his chastity until Allah gives rizq (sustenance) to him so that he is able to marry. Supposing mut’ah is made halaal, surely Allah would not have commanded to guard the chastity and wait until the time comes that the affairs of marriage are eased for him.

It has been equally known that Islam came to command  virtuous deeds and forbid immoral deeds. Islam came to actualize the welfare of the Allah’s slaves so that their way of life is well-regulated. On the other hand, it cannot be doubted anymore that mut’ah will disturb life. Mut’ah entails incalculable damages.

Indeed, the outbreak of the practices of mut’ah will plunge the ummah into the lending of the private parts. The lending of the private parts means a man will give his wife or mother to other men. (In fact, this is precisely what is happening in Shiah society – The Majlis)

It is very unfortunate, the fatwas about the lending of the private parts are promoted a lot by the ulama of the Shi’ah, such as As Sistani, Sayyid Sadr, Ash Shairazi, Ath Thabathabai and Al Barwajardi. Most of them allow their guests to borrow their wives if the guests are interested and will be lent during the guests’ stay.

It is our duty to  warn the general public about this indecent practice, so that they will not accept the fatwas of the personages which allow this immoral and indecent practice.

The matter does not just stop here. It even allows  sodomy with the women. They narrated a few riwaayahs and ascribe them to the imams.

(To be concluded,




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