Syria support program. READ THIS and FORWARD the article below


Assalaamu alykum respected brothers,sisters.

We all know that our  brothers and sisters are suffering and live in unbearable, inhuman conditions.

Please read the articles above, and forward it, contribute numerously to help your kind against the clutches of the devils in human form.

Pregnant sisters became widows,children orphans and homeless, our brothers paralyzed, cripples, lost all what they had. No its winter and they do not have any secure coverings, clothe, blanket, shelter, food, baby milk, etc. The list is long.

We read the article and follow all on the news and can not help but break down crying. How  much do we Muslims waste, complain and haram we involve.

Alhmadulillah some brave and concerned brothers managed to set up a relief program to help the devastating conditions. Times are so bad that the Muslims have to eat cats and dogs, donkey meat to survive.

Help, Help and make much dua.

Reserve you place in Jannat by helping your kind.

Wa salaam

Overview of the Jamiatul Ulama KZN Relief operation – Turkey/ Syria Border
The complete report of the relief operation can be viewed at under Jamiat Projects. May Allah
accept our humble efforts and continue to use us to serve humanity, Aameen.
The Syrian civil war is now in its third year of conflict. More than 100 000 people have been killed and the number of
refugees stands at over 2 million. It is one of the worst refugee situations the world has ever seen.
In April 2013 members of the Jamiat KZN were in Istanbul attending a conference when the plight and dire circumstances
Syrian refugees were facing in Turkey was highlighted to them. This in turn led to an immediate mobilisation to secure
humanitarian assistance to our suffering brethren.
An appeal was made to the Muslim Public and on Friday 26th July in the month of Ramadaan, the Jamiat team comprising
of Moulana
Gaziantep, Killis, Nizip and Mardin. Aid to the
value of 2,5 Million rands was distributed. 5000 aid hampers consisting primarily of essential food items and blankets to
ward off the coming winter cold. Islamic literature as well as toys to bring some happiness to the hearts of the many
orphan children were also distributed.
Ahmed Mahomedy, Moulana Rafiek Mohamed, Moulana Huzaifa Ebrahim and Moulana Abdullah Khan from
the Jamiat office as well as Moulana Mohammed Motala, Dr Ahmed Badat, Brother Faisal Mangera, Brother Hamzah
Motala and Brother Atilla Daglioglu (Turkish).
Distribution took place at the following cities near the Turkey/Syria border:……………

The following is an edited transcript of the speech delivered
by Hamzah Motala, an engineering student who joined the
Jamiat team as a volunteer at the Jamiat’s Syria Relief
Report Programme held at the NMJ Islamic Centre.
Let me start of by saying, the Situation in Syria, is far worse
than we all think and imagine it to be. No matter how well
we speak or how well we present the situation, our words
here today can never do justice to the horrific situation
experienced by our Syrian brothers and sisters.
In our comfort and luxury, we hear the stories, the
rumours of children orphaned, woman widowed, families
murdered. We hear the stories and think, Inna lillahee wa
inna ilayhi Raajioon but it doesn’t go any further, and our
hearts remain untouched.
Let me tell you, brothers and sisters. These are no
rumours. These stories are fact. I have witnessed along
with the entire Jamiatul Ulama KZN’s relief delegation,
those orphaned children, 20 in one family. Those widowed
pregnant woman with infant children crying out for milk,
bread, anything with which to feed their children. I have
seen and met men that have lost their brothers and sons.
I ask you, stop for a minute, and picture the situation. Put
yourself in their situation. Where one day you had a home,
today you are homeless. One day you had food, the next
day even water is hard to come by. One day you had a
family, today they are all Shaheed.
Imagine the trauma, the psychological impact on the
children of a land where every child knows what a bomb is
and has more than likely witnessed or heard one explode,
every child can name the names of the loved ones they
have lost to Assad and his thugs.
These people were like you and I, professionals,
businessmen, sons and daughters of professionals and
businessmen. They were living well, eating well, sleeping
in comfortable homes with beds, blankets, toys and good
Today, these same people, the you and I of Syria, are
houseless, homeless, without a family and even without
clothes! As a relief group, we went to the borders and
witnessed them streaming in. Alhamdullillah the Turkish
government and the Turkish people have opened their
arms to the ‘Muhajireen’ from Syria, as they are fondly
referred to. But go to the borders, and you will see them
streaming across in 1′s and 2′s with nothing but the
clothes on their backs. Sometimes a packet or two of
whatever they have managed to pack up and carry along.
Not a Quraan, nor a tasbeeh among them.
The joy on their faces when I offered them a miswaak, a
miswaak my brothers and sisters, a miswaak. …………..


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