You Guys Really Buy the 6 Million Number?
March 15th of 1939 marks the first official hostile action on the part of Hitler. May of 1945 marks the massed surrender of Nazis across Europe and effectively bows Nazi Germany out of the war.

This means the German war machine, allegedly responsible for killing 6 million Jews on the low side, was functioning for 5 years.

5 years = 1825 days
1825 days = 43800 hours
43800 hours = 2628000 minutes
6,000,000 Jews divided by 2628000 minutes = 2.28310502 Jews a Minute.

See what the problem is?

That’s 2 Jews a minute, one Jew every 30 seconds, from the start of Hitlers war machine until the mass surrenders when it broke down. This number is for 6 million. That’s the low side. Make it 12 million and suddenly Hitler somehow has to kill almost 5 Jews a minute.

What Does History Say?
We have to put some kind of context to this argument. We can’t just assume that this mass of SS rounded up every single Jew and started shooting. Doesn’t happen. Not enough troops for too many Jews. Add to that the fact that the Jews didn’t go willingly. So how many people were actually involved in the operation of destroying the Jews? Well, talking about people who actually hunted down Jews, a single squad – the Einsatzgruppen – was assigned the task. Going back the first part of the article the assumption that a 5 man detachment can keep pace and be everywhere at once, you might get to kill a Jew (12 million x 5 man detachment) or a Jew every two minutes (6 million x 5 man detachment).

But that’s not what history records. These squads only lasted a year before being disbanded. They really only served to get the word out: “Jews – We’re coming for you.”

No, Hitler thought they were “ineffective and inefficient”. Something new had to be done. Hitler decided to build death camps.

The Logistics of the Death Camp
Not all Jews were sent to death camps. There were eight death camps in total. Out of those, the first and longest operating one (Auschwitz II) didn’t have gassing facilities until June of 1943. The date of the official closure of the extermination machine isn’t clear and I feel it’s a safe assumption to peg the surrender date (May 1945) as the official closure to the camp. This means that – at most – Auschwitz was open two years. If we want to go by the “plaque number” (the low estimate) of two million, that’s a million people a year.

Number time again:
365 days = 8760 hours
8760 hours = 525600 minutes
1,000,000 dead / 525600 hours = 1.90258752 killed a minute.

30 seconds to kill one person. I see a disturbing trend here: There seems to be a common assumption that it takes 30 seconds to kill one person so surely every 30 seconds these camps were open and operating they must have killed someone.

There’s one problem here. We know it took four hours from start to finish to operate a crematorium. Four hours to kill 2000 people. This means that each individual took 8 minutes to die. Obviously we have to have one or another, which is it? Rudolf Hoss forever regretted throwing the “2 million” number out there. “But”, you say, “2000 people died concurrently!” All well and good, but the deaths took 20 minutes on top of the four hour cleanup, so we know one person took 20 minutes to die, 2000 people at a time. Could it be done within the context of the numbers? Yes. Concurrency test: 30 seconds per Jew, by 2000 Jews in batch gives us 60000 seconds for the total operation, or 16 minutes. I see no reason to doubt the time it took to operate the “kill cycle” of the gas chamber.

Working the Other Side
Lets work it from the other direction. We know that it took 8 minutes to kill one person. Lets assume that the death camp was factory and could continue, uninterrupted, 24/7/365. We’ll use the two years number again because Hitler felt that killing the Jews by gunfire or hanging took too long and was ineffective. The other side of this assumption is that the Jews were put to a purpose – building a death factory. Until it was built, there was a compelling reason not to execute them en masse.

730 days x 24 hours in a day x 60 minutes in an hour gives us = 1,051,200 minutes. Divided by eight minutes to kill someone, we see that the best death camp the Third Reich could come up with might have killed only 131,400 people. This is a far, far cry from the “revised” number of 1,400,000 claimed by the “historians”.

Lets take that and work by percents:
Auschwitz II – 131,400 dead
Belzec – 42% of Auschwitz – 55,188 dead
Chelmno – 23% – 30,222 dead
Jasenovac – 42% – 55,188 dead
Majdanek – 26% – 34,164 dead
Maly Trostinets – 4% – 5,256 dead
Sobibór – 18% – 23,652 dead
Treblinka – 62% – 81,468 dead


416,538 dead.

The math just doesn’t add up.


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