And they do not drink cold water

Assalamu Alaykom wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh,

You’re walking in the streets,
you see an elderly woman begging.
She has a few children with her.
She looks old.
Is it poverty that has drawn those lines
on her face ?
Or are these her grand children ?
Beating… your heart
for this human.
She is your sister in humanity.
Another soul.
A child of Adam.
But you don’t have any money,
just a bottle of cold water.
And the weather is very hot.
You decide to ‘sacrifice’ your cold
water to this old woman and her children.
She accepts it.
The look in her eyes shows that she wants
But she doesn’t drink.
She lays it on the floor.
You carry on and you walk by later.
Same lady. Same kids.
Your bottle is still in the sun,
on the hot tarmac.
It’s no longer cold, you realise.
OK. Question ?
Why didn’t she drink the cold water ?
Long ago I was told that the poor,
in hot countries,
many of them don’t accept cold water.
They wait till it has warmed up.
Though cool water is such a blessing,
a relief,
a beautiful gift.
Why ?
They don’t want to give themselves
something that they’ll miss.
Whilst I understand and even sympathise
with that (ill)logic,
it is flawed.
And there’s a lesson to be learnt.
To truly accept your conditions,
you have to accept the opposite when it
To truly be content with poverty,
you have to be content with the small
gifts that come by every so often.
“Wa ama bini3mati rabika fahadith”
Last verse of Surah Al Duha.
“And as for the bounties of your Lord,
then speak about them”.
don’t brag about those bounties,
but when they come,
enjoy them.
No matter what happens to you,
the sun rising is still more beautiful
than almost anything.
No matter what’s happening,
the sun setting is serenity in motion.
Wouldn’t you think it stupid that someone
look away from the sun setting…
their excuse being…
‘it would remind me of
just how bad things really are’
Daft !
Right ?
But we do this daily.
We are so engrossed in our
lacking of security that we don’t take
opportunities that come our way.
‘If I fail again, I’ll just feel even worse’
* muppet syndrome *
Fear begets fear.
Join the Whims-I-Kill program to
learn to detach from it:



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