Muslims PROUDLY – DO NOT: preserve or propagate other religions or work towards their survival

There is no interfaith or honoring of other religions besides Islam.
A must read article.

For the love of the Mujaddid, Imam Rabbani

A perennialist infidel and munaafiq pretending to be a Muslim scholar contended that Islam assures the survival of christianity & other religions and Muslim states of the past worked hard to preserve & ensure the survival of these religions, their festivals, and traditions etc.

Another californian styled perennialist zindiiq contended that we as global citizens need the christianity of [xyz] christian priest, the judaism of [xyz] rabbi, the buddhism of [xyz] buddhist monk, etc.

Simple questions: If the aim of Islam is to preserve the putrid beliefs of trinity or idol-worshiping or other forms of disbelief – for what exactly was Islam sent? For what exactly was the Quran revealed – enforcing Tawhiid & the acceptance of Allah’s Messengers at every place – lambasting the trinity, and idol worship, and the rejection of the messengers of Allah?!

Khaatam Al-Muhaqqiqiin Imam Ibn ‘Aabidiin Ash-Shaami, the Hanafi Imam says in Radd Al-Muhtaar

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