The Virtue of dorood Shareef in the Grave


English: no original description

English: no original description (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





Taken from Qawlul Badi’ of Imam Sahkhawi (ra). The incident goes that the neighbor of Imam Abu Bakr Shibli (ra) had died and Shibli (ra) had seen him in a dream and asked him, “How did Allah swt deal with you?” The man responded, “O Shibli, I was in a very bad situation. The angels asked me their question and my tongue was unable to answer. I wondered, did I not die as a Muslim, so why cant I answer? It was revealed to me that because I had a harsh tongue with people (in the world) so that is why my tongue has been stopped from giving answers today as a punishment. I was in this bad condition when suddenly a beautiful man with a beautiful fragrance appeared between the two angels and he was giving me the answers to the questions and I was able to answer. (After I answered) the man was leaving and I said, “May the mercy of Allah be upon you, who are you?” The man said, “I am the physical manifestation of the durood you used to recite in abundance, I have been commanded to come here and help you in your bad time.” Sayyiduna Abu Darda ra narrates that the Prophet Muhammad salallaho alayhi wa sallam said, “On the day of judgement I will intercede for the one who recites durood upon me ten times in the morning and ten times in the evening.”



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