Assalamu alaikum

17 Muharram 1435

21 November 2013




By Yousuf Minty

Hereunder we reproduce the Comments of Brother Yousuf Minty who had grilled SANHA at its recent road show in Klerksdorp:

“SANHA, has just completed it’s much hyped PR exercise in Klerksdorp’s Manzilpark Masjid on the evening of 19th November, 2013. It’s posters, advertising the event, proffered that this PR Q & A event would help attendees “break free” from the chains of “misinformation, myth, fiction” etc.

It proved to be anything but a liberating experience.

On my question of why SANHA had seen fit to provide Halaal certification for several Israeli products produced on stolen Palestinian land (all of  post 1948 ‘Israel is illegitimately occupied Palestinian territory), SANHA once again revealed it’s true no name brand (NNB) colors.

“Our job is only to verify and certify irrespective of where the product originates from”. To add insult to injury SANHA’s Moulana Seedat, to great incredulity, further likened certifying Zionist Israeli products to certifying products and institutions of non-practicing and sinful Muslim individuals. This was the shocking response of this purportedly ‘Muslim’ organization, flying in the face of the unanimous worldwide boycott (and non recognition) of the illegitimate Zionist entity by Muslims as well as a growing number of non-Muslims.

On my follow up question of why SANHA saw fit to accord its stamp of approval to the Israeli range of CHILLA drinks, despite the deviousness of CHILLA’s producers in intentionally not stating the country of origin on the product, in contravention of accepted international norms, (which deception SANHA was well aware of), there was no direct answer but a weak kneed attempt to deflect the question. When asked why SANHA had just not exercised it’s free option to withhold certification and in so doing denying the illegitimate fruit of the Zionist occupation of Palestine access to the Muslim market, SANHA’s Moulana Seedat once again engaged in deliberate obfuscation and pointedly refused to allow me any further follow up on the subject.

Thereafter, every time I tried to ask any other question I was intentionally sidelined by the PR Molvi, who acted as judge, jury and executioner.

All the PR show proved is that, on issues of immense concern to Muslim’s and all justice loving people, SANHA is neither here nor there, a true NNB. Remaining neutral in the face of oppression is tantamount to aiding the oppressor. Going one step further and providing a marketing platform to an open, unrepentant oppressor of human beings, Muslim or non-Muslim, is direct aid to the oppressor.

By openly defying the boycott and embargo campaign against the illegitimate Zionist cancer destroying the heart of  the Muslim world, SANHA has proved once and for all that it’s only objective is money, irrespective of whose broken body it tramples on in the process of grabbing as much of the loot as it can. After this clear proof of SANHA’s purely mercenary motives, can I ever trust a SANHA certificate again? I am more convinced than ever that the proper Muslim response of to any SANHA certificate should be ‘exercise caution’ and ‘it’s advisable to abstain’.

Please feel free, at any time. to request extensive documentation I have of SANHA’s sickening carrion halaalizing shenanigans. Tonight’s email is going out to multiple recipients and attaching documents to it will slow down delivery.

A useful link here.

Questions posed to SANHA years ago and never answered till today: ”



Contrary to UUCSA’s policy of abstaining from criticizing any specific organization, an exception has been made by our SHURA with regard to SANHA. In view of the exceptionally grave profession – making halaal what the Shariah says is haraam – adopted by SANHA, it will be a grave act of concealing the Truth, misleading the Muslim public and allowing Muslims to consume haraam food.

According to Islam, haraam food is shaitaan’s food. Since SANHA has degenerated to the level of  misleading Muslims into believing that shaitaan’s food is halaal for their consumption, UUCSA dare not remain silent. The gravity of the crime is such that it has constrained UUCSA from accepting SANHA’s membership. We wish to announce that UUCSA cannot accept SANHA as a member. Although it is not UUCSA’s policy to debar any Muslim organization from membership, the gravity of SANHA’s crimes compel us to make this exception.

What is the GRAVITY of the Crime? It is the mass consumption of haraam chickens and meat products by a community of Muslims. There is no greater crime than feeding the whole community with haraam products  proclaimed ‘halaal’.



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South Africa





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