Shia killing innocent children inside the musjid and burn down a Madrassa

Assalaamu alaykum.

One surely has heard of the monstrous crime done by shiah, even though the shiah owned press , does not say it the attackers are shiah, inside a musjid in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

All began due to the governments support of the haraam and insulting shiah procession, which is not even allowed in Iran the way its done and tolerated and well supported as it is done in Pakistan.

All cell phone service in sindh, Rawalpindi and any other districts had been suspended from the 9th, 10 of Muharram, to ensure Smooth procession and avoid terror attacks which have been falsely often attributed to Talibaan and student and alike.

The shia had plenty of time and ample security support to plan and succeed in their hate speeches, violence and crimes against sunni Muslims and so on

Due to the suspension of the mobile services across Pakistan the security forces, of whom many are shia as well, ambulance, fire fighters, etc, could not be called to attend emergencies, robberies, etc.

So this was , still is the perfect support the shiah and other bidathi groups get wholeheartedly in Pakistan!

during their Islam and Muslim insulting procession the shia mob began holding up banners, shouted slogans againsyIslam, Muslims, Sahaaba r.a. and the beloved mothers of the Believers r.a.

They went so far,. as always her, that they became physically hurtful and some Muslims just could not take it anymore to hear our mothers and Islam being insulted  and witness the support and backing of the government and the stray Taariq Jamel appearing on the Haraam Tv in favor of the shiah.

So they beat them up. Yes, it was not the right way to go, but the outside of Pakistan world should know that the shiah here have free will and hands to do whatever they want and ARE NOT MUSLIM as they portey themselves to be. Their Believes and practices  are poles apart of those of the MUSLIMS.

So as revenge the Shia mob began attacking the musjid compound and madrassa in Rawalpindi.

They snatched away armes like riffles, from the local police, of whom many are shia as well, and broght with them other weapons like sticks, knives, guns, petrol to attack and kill the musallisa inside the musjid , ulema and students of the  madrassa.

Then they broke the main gate of the madrassa and entered forcefully and shot and killed many musallies during the Jummah Khutbah.

They sprayed petrol inseide the musjiad and on the musallies and set them alight and let them burn to death. The beheaded, cut of the head, 20 musallis of whom 6 were innocent children.

The shia mob killed at least 38 mussalies, 11 students of deen.

4 Musallies were killed brutally while in Namaaz.

Later the kuffar defaced and mutilated the bodies of their prey!

cell phone cervices keep being suspended in this area so the truth, pictures and calls can not go out .

Just like it has been done in Dhaka  when the anti Islam government of bangladesh decides tio mass slaughter  at least 300 Muslims, students, ulema and children!!Right now many muslims are hiding in the madrassa compound and inside as they do not know if its save to leave, mothers and wives wait wailing for their sons, husbands, fathers and brothers without any news.

Medical help, army etc is not coming to help and the shiah mob prevents  help. they have no security, food, drink or support in any way

What you read or hear in the news is not the truth but this piece of writing and the recent post before!

May Allah azza wa Jal tie the limbs and break them apart and seal the mouth of the enemies of Islam and the stray dogs who support these evil being and call; themselves Maulana!

May Allah Ta’ala accept the martyrdom on such a glorious day , Friday and the 10th of Muharram of all those souls and give Sabr and Aafiyah and His Ta’al Nusrat to the suiffering and those left behind.

Amir November 16, 2013 at 10:26 pm – Reply

I live near Raja Bazar. I often visited that mosque in Raja Bazar. It has been always peaceful where people of Madian Market and Raja Bazar offer prayers. Shias went their with guns and knifes. The firing was not from the guns snatched by the police. They opened fire in the mosque and cut the heads of many namazis. Private unofficial sources say at least 35 deaths. Collective namaz-e-Janaza of 14 will be offered in Liaqat Bagh tomorrow. After firing, they burnt Madina Market which not only has shops but also has some private residents. The Sunnis were unarmed. Thats why, they could not defend themselves against the Shia terrorists.
The culprits were not local Shias as already told by the Sheikh Rasheed. They were outsiders specially brought there in procession to perform the terrorists killings.


November 16, 2013 1:03 pm

Just be logical this time… No emotions please

These processions are growing day by day. First it was 10 muharam, now every other day these shias are out mourning and beating themselves, blocking roads and disturbing the normal routine of thousands of people. If you want to do this beating and mourning,, stay at your Imam Barghas.. Why they want to become the star of the show? For them, thousands of innocent scouts and youngsters stand at the stake of their lives just to protect them. Security remains high, services are jammed, just because some people are beating themselves. Can they do this processions and beating in UK, USA, Europe? If they are so courageous, they should start these processions there as well. I will see who will give them permission!

If you (shia) so love Imam Ali , Iman Hussain and Panj Tan, follow them.. Do what they taught… but your Islam is all about 10 Muhharam…

Government should ban these procession for once and all.. If they want to do it, do it under four walls, homes and Imam Bargahs. No security should be given to them. Media has been giving quite a lot undue attention to them. It should be stopped. Why thousands of security men should die because of their unwanted practices.

Else, the Eid Millad processions should also be banned. All these anti-Islamic practices does not give anything except , deviation from true teachings of Holy Prophet (PBUH)


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