Backed Shia killing tour inside a masjid on the 10 of Muharram in Pakisatn

Mob armed with guns, knives, sticks and other weapons attacked Darul-uloom Taleemul-Qur’aan in Rawalpindi and killed 11 students, 4 people (in Salah) and injured over 100. Attack was done during Friday Khutbah where the mob entered the Darul-uloom after breaking the main gate and randomly started attacking people engaged in listening to the Khutbah. After entering they sprayed those in the Masjid with gasoline and tried to set people alight!

Mob then also set alight shops next to the Darul-uloom and then proceeded to BLOCK the fire brigade from responding to the fire at the Darul-uloom and the market.

This is one of the worst attacks of its kind and first on a Darul-uloom in broad daylight!

The mob was involved in celebrating Ashura (10th of Muharram). After killing they proceeded to deface and degrade the dead bodies of the students of Darul-uloom!


Muadh Khan blog, the mufti says

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