Burden of marriage on the father

The system of Modesty & Chastity in Islam

Burden of marriage on the father

The attainment of young age by sons and daughters increases the responsibility of parents, particularly the fathers, to arrange marriage for them. Besides being shy and modest, the young man and woman do not have the material-means to defray expenses of marriage. As such, the Holy Prophet Sallallahu alayhi wasallam gave suitable distinction:

“When a man is blessed with a child, let him give his child a good name. He should bring him up on sound moral grounds and, when attains young age, the father must get him married. If the father fails to marry his son and he gets involved in any sin, the father will be held responsible for it.” (Mishkat)


Another Hadeeth is particularly about the daughter: “It is recorded in the Torah that, if a man’s daughter reaches the age of twelve years and he does not get her married, any moral lapse or sin committed by the girl will be the liability of her father.” (Mishkat).

Jamiat Gauteng



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