A open message to my Atheist parents and siblings.. Why Accept Islam?


All Praise is due to Allaah, our Creator, Nourisher and
Provider. Peace and Blessings be upon all the Ambiya
a (A.S.) and upon the last and final Rasul (Messeng
– Muhammad (S.A.W.). Peace and blessings upon his com
panions who accepted and propagated DEEN (religion) to t
he entire world.


Man has been imbued with Aql (intelligence). Whenev
er any person is given an extra benefit there arises
a corresponding responsibility. A poor person, for
example does not have to pay as much tax and nor does he
have as many obligatory duties such as the giving of
alms etc., as the rich man.

Whenever a person with the extra benefit (in this ca
se, money), refuses to acknowledge the responsibility t
hat go with it, then the results are horrendous . This
can clearly be seen when those who have refused to use
their wealth responsibly, become engulfed in all the
trappings of luxury which result in many vices such
adultery, divorce suicide and even murder .

Man, when compared to other mammals,has been endowed wi
th a superior intelligence. This enables him to dist
inguish between right and wrong . If he refuses to
do so, the evil consequences are far greater and more c
atastrophic than when an animal behaves irresponsibly
. This is so because animals have a limited amount of
intelligence and therefore their capability to do harm
is equally inferior, and they do not have the intelli
gence to connive as well as man can . Have you, for
example heard of an animal manufacturing alcohol,selli
ng it to others and, despite observing the harmful effects thereof,still advertising it through every po
media ?. This is why the need for religion exists. N
ow we shall prove why this religion has got to be Islaam
, thus answering the question : “WHY AM I A


What many modernists do not understand is that man is
not an animal and therefore it does not behove him to beh
ave as if he were. Total freedom, for example, is
one aspect which receives a lot of attention by those wh
o compete with animals in their quest for freedom. Whe
n even animals conform to certain laws of the
jungle, man wishes to go one step backwards,insult his
own intelligence and desire complete freedom to do as h
e wills. This is looking a gift-horse in the mouth .
Surely we owe it to the One Who has created us to use
this great gift of intelligence to elevate our position
in life.

These days, every group firmly believes that they ar
e on the correct course. No one is prepared to give up th
eir heroes, lifestyles and even their style of dress
anything different. The important question of which wa
y of life to choose cannot be answered without many other
questions being answered. In this booklet, we
hope to answer these questions. Let us begin with th
e following example.

Four blind persons were brought to an elephant. They tou
ched it, each one at a different place. The one touchi
ng the stomach said that this was a huge round
drum. The one who held the trunk said that it was a l
ong slimy stick. The next, who gripped the leg said
that it was a pillar and the last one, who felt the e
ar, said
that it was a huge leaf. Each one of them thought that
what he had felt was a whole elephant, until someone
who could see informed them that what they had felt
collectively, was the elephant and that each of them
had only felt one part of the whole.

Similarly – many people who can see – will not be able
to give the correct information if they are placed in
a pitch black room.

The blind person’s inability to give proper information
is because he lacks the internal light to see. The p
erson who has sight, cannot do so if there is a lack of
external light (i. e. darkness).

From this, we understand that for correct, valid and t
otal information to be gained, both internal and externa
l light is essential. Similarly two beacons are ess
for spiritual guidance :-

Islaam recognises that intelligence has to be guided,
and therefore Allaah has prescribed that WAHI (divi
nely protected inspiration) has to be present to guide
Intelligence .

1) Sahih Aql (intelligence which is guided correctl
2) Wahi (divinely protected inspiration).

It should be remembered that intelligence will alwa
ys be guided by inspiration and not vice versa, bec
ause Deen (religion) is based on Wahy
(inspiration) and not on intelligence alone.


From the time of Adam to Muhammad (upon all be peace an
d salutations) prophets came, preached and left this
world. Some prophets came to a village or town.
Others to a greater area or province. Religious history
also records that there were contemporary prophets who ca
me to different areas at the same time, and
sometimes even more than one prophet preached in the sa
me area at the same time. The reason for the above was
because these prophets were not sent for the
whole of mankind but for a specific group of people only.

Messengers were undoubtedly sent to all groups of people
,as stated in the Qur’aan:-

1) “and when Isa (Jesus) son of Mary said, ‘O childre
n of Israel, Lo I am the messenger of Allaah
unto you. “. (61/6).

2) “And for every nation there is a messenger. ” (10

3) “And verily We have raised in every nation a mess
enger. ”
4) “Lo we sent Noah to his people. ” (71/1).

5) “And to the (tribe of) Aad,(We sent) their brother
Hud . ”
6) “And to the (tribe of) Thamud, (We sent) their brot
her Saaleh. ” (7/73).

7) “Verily, We sent before thee (O Muhammad) messeng
ers to their own folk. They brought clear
proofs (of Allaah’s Sovereignty). (

The many prophets who came were received differently.
Some were followed by a tribe, others by a family and
some had just a handful of people who accepted and
followed them. Some prophets had even fewer followers tha
n this and yet others had only one individual who heede
d their call.

None of these righteous pious prophets made a claim that he was sent for the whole universe except Muh
ammad (SallAllaahu alayhi wasallam), who was
the only prophet who stated clearly that he had bee
n sent for the entire creation, and for all mankind

In fact, nowhere in the Injeel (lit. Prophecy), Zabur
(Psalms /Hymns) or the Touraat (Lit. fire) is it me
ntioned that any of the prophets to whom they were
revealed, were for all mankind.

We read in the Noble Qur’aan that Allaah (God) is ‘Ra
bbul – Aalameen (Sustainer of the worlds), and Muha
mmad is described as ‘Rahmatul – lil – Aalameen’ (M
of the worlds). This means – for everybody – for the ent
ire creation – for all mankind.

The Qur’aan also states to Muhammad (SallAllaahu ala
yhi wasallam),

” You have been sent for the entire creation as a give
r of glad tidings and a warner. “(34/27).

Rasulullaah (SallAllaahu alayhi wasallam) himself h
as stated:

“I have been sent for the entire mankind. ”

Compared to this, there is no place in the Bible (both
in the Injeel and the Touraat) where it is stated th
at any other prophet came for the whole of mankind. I
sa (A.
S.) – Jesus – clearly mentions that he came only for t
he Bani Israeel,
(a specific group of people).

In the bible it is stated that :-

“. . and behold, a Canaanite woman from that region cam
e out and cried,” O Lord,son of David, my daughter is s
everely possessed by a demon”. . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . .
. . . . . . . and he answered,
“I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. ”
and when
she insisted on being helped, he answered,
“It is not fair to take the children’s bread and th
row it to the dogs. . . . .
(Matthew 15 – 21-26). In Matthew 7 – 6 it
is stated;-

“Do not give dogs what is holy,and do not throw your pearls
before swine, lest they trample them underfoot and tu
rn to attack you. ”

Even more clearly in Matthew 10 – 5:-
“These twelve Jesus sent out, charging them, ”
Go nowhere among the gentiles and enter no town of
the Samaritans, but go rather to the lost sheep of
house of Israel. . . . . . . “.

This is the main reason that Jesus is depicted in ma
ny of the pictorial bibles as a shepherd tending to a
flock of sheep-(of the house of Israel).

This proves that Jesus (A.S.) was sent for a specific
set of people only. In fact all prophets before Muhamma
d (S. A. W.) were sent for a specific area, group o
r tribe.
Moses , (Moosa A. S. ) was sent to his people. Abraha
m and Ishmael (Ibraahim and Ismaeel A. S. ) were
sent to specific tribes and Jesus (Isaa A. S. ), was
likewise sent to a particular group (the Israelites).
All these prophets were seasonal . They blossomed in
their time and they fulfilled the command of their
Creator, Allaah . Then another prophet was sent to conti
nue until the complete religion with all the rules for
every minute action of man was sent to Nabi
Muhammad (S. A. W.).

The Qur’aan states :-

1) “And We have not sent you (Muhammad), but as a bri
nger of glad tidings and as a warner
unto All mankind
, but most of mankind know not. ”

2) “And We have not sent you save as a mercy to
the world.
” (21/107)

3) “Say : (O Muhammad) O mankind,Lo! I am the Rasul
(messenger) of Allaah
to you all
. ” (7/58).

4) “Verily this is a message to
all the worlds.
” (81/27).

5) “We have sent you (Muhammad) as a messenger
to mankind
and Allaah is sufficient as a witness.
” (4/79).
6) “He it is Who has sent His messenger with the G
uidance and the Deen (religion) of Truth and
He made it
prevail over all religions.
” (48/28).

7) “Say, O People, definitely I am a Rasul of Allaa
to every one of you.
” (7/158).


1) Jesus (Christianity) was only for the house of Isra
2) During his time, preaching to anyone other than th
e people of Israel, is like throwing pearl
s before swines , and throwing bread to t
he dogs.
3) Muhammad (S. A. W.) was sent for all mankind and
he was thus a universal prophet

The above is manifest proof of the fact that Jesus was
not sent for all people and for all times.

Now it is time to look at the only surviving, divinely p
rotected and inspired scripture – the Qur’aan itself.


The logical action from the seeker of truth is naturall
y to find the proof of prophethood. What is the proof that
he (Muhammad S. A. W. ) is indeed a messenger?

Let us liken this to the following inquiry. The answer
to the question “who made shoes, hats, spectacles etc
. ?” is “man”. When asked “who made the feet hands
and face of a human being or animal?” is “Allaah”.

From this we deduce that those things which can be pr
oduced and reproduced in the thousands, can be made by
man, but the creator of those things which are
original and of which no exact replica can be made by
human beings, is Allaah. As beautifully challenged
in the Qur’aan :-

“If the entire world were to gather,they would not
produce the wing of a mosquito. “.

Challenges have been made to the literary experts of
those whose mother tongue was Arabic and whose love for poe
try and eloquence far exceeded what we see
today, to produce ten aayats, or a short verse of the Nob
le Qur’aan, and upto date this challenge has not been

This proves that since nothing can be made to be simil
ar to the Qur’aan by man,it must necessarily be the
Word of the All Mighty Himself.

Many such proofs can be found in the Qur’aan itself.

Allaah Himself says :-

1) “And if you are in doubt as to that which We reveal
ed to Our servant, then produce a chapte
r like it and call upon your helpers besides
Allaah, if
you are truthful. ” (2/23).

2) “Or do they say ‘he forged it,?’. Say :Bring then
a surah (verse) like it and call (to your hel
p) anyone you can besides Allaah, if you are
truthful . ”
(The smallest verse contains three sentences.).

3) “Or they may say, ‘he invented it himself. ‘ S
ay “produce ten surahs like it and call
(to your help) whomsoever you will, other th
an Allaah, if you
are truthful. ” (11/13).

4) “No falsehood can approach it from before or behind i
t. It is sent down by One, All Wise and
worthy of All Praise. ”
5) “Were men and Jinn to combin
e to produce something like the Qur’aan,the
y could not do so even if they aid each other. ”


6) “Definitely We have sent down the Zikr (Qur’aan)
and We Surely are it’s protectors (
Custodian, Guardian) . (15/9).

7) “Had the Qur’aan been a discourse other than Alla
ah’s, then they would have found in it, many
incongruities and contradictions.

8) “This Book, there is no doubt in it. ” (2/2).


Secondly, the miracle of Ibraahim (Abraham)-A. S. be
ing thrown into the fire which cooled for him,can be nar
rated and heard but it cannot be seen. Similarly, the
miracles of Moosa (Moses) A. S. whose staff, through the
will of the All Mighty, turned into a snake and spli
t the waters of the ocean for him and his followers to
pass through, can also be spoken about but it cannot be
seen. Jesus (Isa A. S. ) healed the lepers, the bl
ind, etc., and this too can be heard and was only seen
in it’s
time but cannot be seen any more.

All these miracles happened with the will and the c
ommand and the permission of Allaah. In fact, whenever
a prophet was asked by the people for proof of his
prophethood, then the prophets, by the will of the All –
Mighty, was made to display a miracle. One of the ma
in proofs which Allaah showed through Muhammad
(S. A. W. ) is the Qur’aan . Note that we say IS a
nd not WAS when describing this miracle . The wonde
r and the beauty of this proof is that it’s eloquence a
illumination did not last for a few minutes, days or mon
ths,BUT remains with us upto the present day and wi
ll continue to remain for the generations to come
There are many ways of looking at it, and the brillia
nce of the Qur’aan has shone through no matter which wa
y one looks at it .


1) The Qur’aan remains – a Book which cannot be tempe
red with because it can be seen, touched and felt a
nd lies in the hearts of people (men, women, and
children) and can therefore never be destroyed even i
f it’s pages are burnt. This can only be a miracle o
f Him Who wants it to remain as proof of that whic
it contains and amongst these things is the continued
emphasis of Muhammad (S. A. W. ) being the final mes
senger for all mankind.

2) It is a book which was not compiled nor diluted wit
h the subjectivity of man. It is directly inspired
by Allaah.

3) Another undeniable trait of the Divine influence
is that it comes not as a contradiction to that which
the previous pious prophets came down to declare but
rather as a confirmation of them. Present day Jews do n
ot accept Isa (Jesus)A. S. as a prophet and neithe
r do present day Christians accept Muhammad (S.
A. W.) as a prophet. Muslims over all the ages have
never denied that both Moses and Jesus (A. S.) were
prophets,in fact all the prophets from Adam (A.
S.) were sent by Allaah for the purpose of enlighten
ing certain groups of individuals.

Having proved the above, from the Qur’aan and the sayi
ngs of the Prophet (S. A. W.), we wish to quote an inte
resting chapter from the Bible itself, called :-


The last Israelite prophet,Isa (Jesus) A. S. promise
d his people the arrival of a comforter .

” If Ye love me, keep my commandments , and I will p
ray the Father and he shall give you another comfort
er, that he may abide with you forever “. (John

Referring to the completion of scriptures and the expos
ition of all truths by Muhammad (S. A. W.), to his prop
hecies and to his revelation, Isa (A. S. ) observed,
have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bea
r them now . Wait, when he, the spirit of truth,is com
e, he will guide you into all truth, for he shall not
speak for himself, but whatsoever he shall hear, that
shall he speak, and he will show you things to come,
(John 12/13).

And again :-

” I will rise up a prophet from among their brethren,
like unto thee, and will put my words in his mouth, a
nd he shall speak unto them all,that I shall command
him . And it shall come to pass, that whosoever will n
ot harken unto my words which he shall speak in my na
me, I will require it of him “. (Deuteronomy 18 :

The expression ‘ their brethren ‘ in the verse refer
s to the children of Ismail, who are the brethren of th
e Israelites.


1) Every other scripture has undergone changes. The
bible is admittedly not the word of Allaah but the wr
it of the disciples and this too has undergone such
tremendous change that it takes not a very intelligen
t person to see the interpolations therein.

2) While the Qur’aan is printed in the original lan
guage in which it was revealed, the language of Had
hrat Isa A. S. is not used in the Bible. The langua
spoken by Hadhrat Isa A. S. was ” Ibrani “, which i
s no longer a spoken language. This also indicates stron
gly to any seeker of the truth, that Christianity
was meant for a certain group of people only.

3) There are only two statements in the present day
bibles which are in the original language and they
are the following:-

a) ” Taking her hand, he said to her ” TAL ‘ITHA CU’
MI ” which means, “little girl, I say to
you, arise . ” (Mark 5/41).

This statement is certainly not sufficient to prove an
y law or to give much spiritual direction to the whole of mankind.

b) ” at about the ninth hour, Jesus cried in a loud voi
ce,” ELI, ELI, LAMA SABACH – THANI ? ” which
means ” My God, My God, Why hast
Thou forsaken me ?” (Mathew 27/47)

4) Two interesting facts emerge from the above. One
is that a whole new way of life cannot be taught from
the above only. Secondly, if as the Christians
believe, Jesus is the lord , then it shows a weaknes
s in a Divine being to call upon anyone else and even
to feel the human weakness of distress and
forsakenness . Alhamdulillah (Praise be to Allaah)!,
Muslims do not have such misbeliefs regarding this
pious prophet of Allaah .

5) The words of the Qur’aan have NOT become dead th
rough the years since it is used daily in prayer an
d no alteration whatsoever has taken place in the
Lofty Qur’aan.

6) Thousands of Muslims, young and old,in fact even t
he blind have learnt it verbatim – (word for word).

7) Any Christian person who sincerely wishes to see t
he connection and indeed the continuation between the B
ible and the Qur’aan should endeavour to find
what has been written in the dead sea scrolls,
for there was time when the authorities in charge of
the Bible saw fit to remove many parts of the Bible
which are of great relevance today and which direct
clearly towards the right path.

Why this was done is not understood. It may have been
that people feared to lose power over the people or, at th
e thought of having an Arab as a prophet
instead of a Jew. There may have been many other agen
das which it is not our intention to deal with in this
present publication.

What we wish to draw to the attention of the reader is
, why should you remain in the dark because someone before you, inadvertently or through some
sinister plot,concealed that which was meant for you
as a guide to what is good for you today.

8) The Bible today has clearly been tempered with a
nd any upright father will certainly not read certa
in passages to his children if he wished them any m
success or direction in this world. These passages h
ave been compiled in a book called ‘The X- Rated Bibl
e’ .We do not intend to repeat the blasphemous
verses contained therein because they can certainly
not be the Word of Allaah or the beloved prophet Jesus (
A. S.). Our only concern is about the source of
this information and that many people consider it Divi



1) The Qur’aan is one of the miracles of the All – M
ighty to mankind.
2) The Qur’aan has not been tempered with .
3) Every other scripture has undergone changes. The
bible is admittedly not the word of Allaah but the w
rit of the disciples and this too has undergone such
tremendous change that it takes not a very intellige
nt person to see the interpolations therein.


All the prophets which have come and gone, called the
people towards basically three things:-

a) The Tauheed (oneness) of Allaah – that there is
none worthy of worship except Allaah.

b) To accept the prophets that came to them preachin
g, the Oneness of Allaah,as messengers of Allaah.

c) To believe in the Hereafter (in life after death,
the Day of accountability, Jannat (heaven) and Jahann
am (Hell).

The outstanding aspect of Islaam is that, besides emp
hasising the importance of the above, it is complete in
every aspect. All the laws are expounded in detail,
whether they pertain to the social, political or the ec
onomical aspect of life. How to worship ; when to worship
; how to develop a good character ; how to deal in
day to day transactions etc.

The very amount of detail given as to how one should, for
example pray proves that it was meant to be understood
by all people and to be practised by all as well .
The laws of what is essential in prayer; what is pr
aiseworthy though not essential ;what is to be avoided ;
what should clearly be abstained from ; and what is
obligatory, leaves no doubt in the mind of the practiser

From our obligations to Allaah to the laws relating to our
social interactions ; our rights unto others and their r
ights unto us ; the laws of divorce marriage and
even the laws which pertain to the sharing of our esta
te after our demise, right down to the last decimal fr
action, has been specified in such explicitly beauti
detail which just cannot be the work of man . All the
se important details are contained in the thirty chap
ters,, six thousand six hundred and sixty six verses
and a
hundred and fourteen chapters of the Glorious Qur’aan.

The Deen (way of life) of has been perfected with th
e coming of Muhammad (SallAllaahu alayhi wasallam).
Other Prophets came and were given laws which were
specific for that particular time or era. Sometimes th
e law given to one prophet was adopted by another totally
as it was . At other times, according to the Divine
Wisdom of Allaah, the laws were either abrogated or re
pealed and different laws added . Finally, He sent
Muhammad (S. A. W.),as the final prophet with the
Total Complete Deen of Islaam .

As stated in the Qur’aan:-

“Today I have perfected your Deen for you and compl
eted my favour upon you and chosen Al Islaam as you
r Deen. ”
This totality and wholesomeness can clearly be seen by
any thinking person in the minute detail which is c
ontained in the laws of life as prescribed by Islaa
m. Such
clarity, wisdom and elucidation have never been witne
ssed in any religion as distinctly as is illustrated
in Islaam. The only reason for this all-encompassi
ng code of
conduct has to be that it is Divine, for man COULD NEV
ER have forseen every eventuality as clearly as Alla
ah has. The attention paid to every detail in this
beautiful code also strengthens the proof that it HAD t
o be for the whole of mankind. Both Ilm (knowledge) and A
mal (action) have reached the height of
perfection in Islaam .


Whenever a machine is created by man, he inevitably
prints an instruction manual for the effective and op
timum use of that machine. In the event of anyone not
grasping any aspect of it’s use from the manual, he s
ends out a person who has the training in that partic
ular product to further elucidate the instruction m
anual to
it’s user.

Similarly,Allaah has revealed the Qur’aan to Muhamme
d (S. A.W). In it are laws as to how man should conduc
t himself to reach the highest spiritual stage he ca
or at least a stage which makes his existence on eart
h helpful to society and to the people he meets. Also, i
t teaches man to realise who His maker is and to behave
according to the mental superiority granted to him by h
is Creator. The perfection and clarity of this beautiful faith reached the height of correct understanding
through the FINAL and UNIVERSAL messenger, who was se
nt for the perfection of noble conduct .

As expressed in the Lofty Qur’aan :-

1) ” Indeed, in the Messenger (Rasul) you have a n
oble pattern of conduct. ” (33/21)

2) ” Muhammad is not the father of any man, but he
is the Rasul (messenger) of Allaah and the
of the Ambiyaa (Prophets). (33/40).

3) ” We have sent you (Muhammad) as a messenger t
o mankind and Allaah is sufficient as a witness
. ” (4/79).

4) ” He (Allaah) it is Who sent down clear revelat
ions unto His bondsman (Muhammad), that he may remov
e you from darkness into light,and Lo, for
you Allaah is full of Piety, Merciful. ” (57/9

5) ” He it is who has sent His messenger with the
Guidance and the Deen (religion) of Truth and He
made it prevail over all religions. ” (48/28).

6) And Muhammad (S. A. W.) HIMSELF SAYS :-

” Allaah has dispensed you of all things (ne
eded for the Guidance to the path of righteousness) by
means of Islaam and Muhammad. ”

(Bukhaari ‘Kitaabul I’tisaam bi al Kitaab wa al Sun

When Hadhrat Ayesha (R. A.) was questioned about the
character of Nabi Muhammad (S. A. W.), she replied,
“The Qur’aan. “.

Muhammad (S. A. W. ) himself states :-

1) ” There were apostles who led the sons of Israel to
the path of righteousness. Whenever any
prophet passed on, he was succeeded b
y another .
no prophet will come after me. ”
: Kitabul Munaqib.).

2) ” I am Prophet Muhammad who can neither read n
or write . (he repeated these words three times) an
there is no Ummah (following) after my
Ummah (following)
. (Baihaqi – Kitab-ur-Ruya. ).

3) ” I am sent unto mankind to
noble conduct. ”

4) ” My relation to the (long chain of) prophets (ca
n be understood by) a parable of a palace. The palace
was most beautifully built, superb and fine .There
left,however, the space of a brick . The people went
around the palace and asked in amazement , ” Why is
it that this space was not filled up . ” I filled t
gap and I am the last of the prophets “.
haari.Kitaabul – Manaqib)

When anything is complete and perfect, then it stand
s to reason that there is no need for improvement or co
ntinuation . While the previous prophets (Upon a
ll be
peace), all brought perfect laws for their particular
times, Muhammad (S. A. W) was sent with laws which
are not only perfect for the era in which he lived, b
ut for
all times .
Compared to this there are only two prayers to be found
in the Bible.

1) ” Our Father,Who art in Heaven. . . . . . . . .
. . But deliver us from evil. ” (Mathew 6/9 –


2) ” My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pa
ss from me. ” (Mathew 26/39).

Islaam, on the other hand is detailed and explicit,as
Allaah says :-

1) ” Lo, Deen (religion) with Allaah is Al-Islaam.

2) ” Lo, this,your Deen (religion) is one Deen and I a
m your Rabb (Sustainer) so keep your duty un
to me. ” (23/52).

3) ” We have made a religious law, open and for every
one of you”
While the Qur’aan commands us to be practical, the pr
esent bible urges us to do some fairly irrational action
s. The bible today (i. e. after it was tempered wit
teaches us :-

1) ” You have heard that it was said,”an eye for an
eye and a tooth for a tooth. “,but I say to you, do n
ot resist one who is evil. But if anyone strikes you
on the right cheek, turn to him the other also, and
if anyone would see you and take your coat, let him
have your cloak as well, and if anyone forces you
to go one mile, go with him two miles. ”
8 – 41).

This law of not having to resist evil, in fact to help
evil in committing the next act of evil, justifies ma
ny other crimes such as adultery, fornication, rape, c
abuse, looting and even murder.

2) ” Give unto God what is God’s and Caesar what is
(Mathew 22/15 – 22)

This law helped the evil governments of the day draw
a distinct line between religion and the state, thus
absolving the powers that were to do whatever they
wanted, even if it meant changing the very word of God.

3) The biblical definition of those who have faith is
also very confusing ” And these signs will accomp
any those who believe. In my name they will ca
out demons, they will speak in new tongues, t
hey will pick up serpents,and if they drink any
deadly thing, it will not hurt them. They will
their hands on the sick and they will recover”.
(MARK 16/16 – 17 – 18 – 19).

This definition leaves indeed very few, if any, peopl
e who with faith in the world. But assuming this vers
e was meant for the very, very, very pious only. Let
take a look at the following:-
” For truly I (Jesus) say to you, if you have faith as
much as A GRAIN OF MUSTARD SEED, you will say to th
is mountain ‘move from here to there’, and
it will move and nothing will be impossible for
you. ”
(MATHEW 17/20 – 21).

At another place it is stated:-

” And the Lord stated :-‘If you had faith, AS A GRAI
N OF MUSTARD SEED, you say to this sycamine tr
ee, ‘be rooted up and planted in the sea ‘
and it would obey you ‘. ”

These verses are actually blasphemous if one believes
that Jesus was crucified, for they imply that he ha
d not an ounce of faith to remove himself from the cros
alone move a mountain from one place to another,or even a t



Muslims are pro – Christ and not anti-Christ, as a l
ot of propaganda these days tries to make-belief . In
fact Muslims believe that all the previous prophets w
God-sent (sent by Allaah) . The difference is that w
hile the previous prophets did not come with the complet
e set of rules, Muhammad (S. A. W. ) did do so as
stated by Allaah in the Qur’aan :-

“Today I have perfected your Deen for you and completed
my favour upon you and chosen Al Islaam as your Deen. ”

Let the true seeker of Truth question himself as to wh
ether he would accept the truth no matter who it came
from – or will he only accept that which he had grown
up to believe – or was brainwashed to believe was the
truth. For it is only by looking at Islaam through clea
r eyes – untainted by any preconceived notions – that
the beauty and the light of this complete faith, reli
gion and indeed this way of life will shine through.


What is to follow may not be very comfortable, but it may
, depending on the sincerity of the reader, jolt one in
to action and out of that cosy nook of complacency.
Isn’t it time to question oneself as to the reason for th
is complacency.

Could it be that the only reason for refusing to accept
Islaaam is the fear of responsiblity. Many people prai
se Islaam and show a great appreciation for it’s
simplicity and practicality and the reduction of the
crime rate in countries where it’s laws are impleme
nted. Accepting Islaam is quite another matter. Bec
ause when
one accepts any doctrine which allows a lax and free w
ay of life one does not have to make a commitment of any
sort. This allows one to enjoy whatever one can
and walk around feeling smug all the time. This is a
lso the reason why people choose to live together instead
of getting married. The fear of responsibility and of
having to commit oneself.

Isn’t it time that you began committing yourself to the
very One who gave you the ability to think and distin
guish between right and wrong.. Isn’t it time you
start following what you know to be correct with conviction
and courage. The first step is not always easy. The
discomfort of having to leave old ways is always
disconcerting. But nothing can be so precious that it c
annot be given up for this Divinely guided way of life
which, deep down, you know is the CORRECT and the
ONLY way.



Not much need be mentioned further but to close with th
e words of Allaah as explained in Ibn-e-Kathir :-

Allaah says :-

” Today I have perfected your Deen for you and compl
eted my favour upon you and chosen Al Isla
am as your Deen. ” (5/3).

” It is the most valuable bounty of the Rabb (Allaah),
on the Ummah (nation) that He has perfected the Deen
(religion), Thus the Ummah of Islaam neither stands
in need of any other religion besides Islaam, nor any ot
her prophet besides Muhammad (S. A. W. ) . This is
why prophet Muhammad (S. A. W. ) was raised as the
last and universal messenger for the guidance of the
whole human race . ”

(Ibnal Kathir. Tafseer Al –
Qur’aan – al – Azeem. Vol. 2 pg. 12.)

Basic ideas and material from the Lecture by Hadhrat
Moulana Muhammad Ameen Okharvi-Master Sahib.
May Allaah grant him l
ong life.


In the name of Allaah, the Most Beneficicent, the M
ost Merciful.

1. All Praise be to Allaah, The Rabb (Creator,
Nourisher-Sustainer) of the entire Universe.
2. The
Most Merciful, The Most Merciful.
3. Owner of the Day of Qiyamaat (Judgement,
Accountability etc.)
4. You alone we worship and You alone we
seek for help.
5. Show us the straight path.
6. The path of those whom You have
7. Not (the path) of those who earn Your
anger (wrath) nor of those who go astray.



(Declaration of Allaah’s Unity)

In the name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Me

1. Say,He is Allaah,the Only One (To be worship
2. Allaah the Eternal,

3. He begets not nor is He begotten.
4. None is equal to Him.



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