Verily, every souls shall taste Death!!!!!

A rediciouls attempt to deny the Truth by atheists.

Every living thing and not living thing has its appointed time.

Only on the day of resurrection Man will see the Truth and understand… Than its TOO LATE.

Allah Ta’ala wrote down how long each living creature will exist.

Inside the mothers womb, after 120 days have passed, Allah Ta’ala sends an angle who writes down Allah’s Ta’al divine commands after the angel asked its Lord.. Oh Lord. Will it be a female or a male issue? Oh Lord, will it be a wretched one(kafir) or fotunate one( Muslim)? Oh Lord, how long will it live? Oh Lord, will it be healthy or sick?…..

The ink has been dried and and everything has been appointed.

Once the last morsel of food runs out the  creature will die!

Allah Ta’ala created diseases as a veil so we will be blinded and not fight the angel of death and try to escape our appointed time. If we all would be aware of the time of our death and how than many would be believers for difernt reasons and not sincere in our Faith.

Allah Ta’ala  commands a Mumin to believ in the unseen.

Allah Ta’ala affects Kuffar with sickness and disabillities out of Mercy toward Muslims so they may not feel despondend when being afflicted with health problems which occure due to our sins, elevation of our earthly and eternal status and to teast our believe and sabr.


Verily. This world is a Jannat ( Paradise.. a place of comfort and ease ) for the kuffar and a prison ( a place of obedicence toward ruels, sacntions, discomfort, hardships) for the Muslims…


So tht explains perfectly why kuffar cling on everything in this dunya and love life so much that they can not accept thereality of death . While Muslims do believ in both worlds and death is a reality to enter the real life in  the akhirah.



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