Nature of Divine chastisement for the unchaste persons


On the great Night of Ascension (Laylatul Mi’raaj) the Holy Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam was made to see with his eyes the specimens of Divine punishment meted out to different categories of sinners for their respective sins.

He saw an oven full of blazing fire from which loud sounds of cries and shrieks, weeping and sobbing were being heard. Being surprised at this extra-ordinary phenomenon, he peeped into the fiery oven and was stunned to find it full of naked men and women whose lower bodies were filled with flames. The rising flames had created a kind of fiery tempest which caused the naked men and women to raise loud shrieks and cries.


In another Hadeeth the bodies of these people were raised all the way to the top of the oven, which was cone shaped, until they reached the exit and the flames subsided which caused them to drop to the bottom again.

He Sallallahu alaihi wasallam asked the controller: “Who are these people?”

He was informed: “They are all unchaste men and women who were in the habit of committing fornication and adultery in their worldly life.”


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