Merits of a Good woman include life of Prosperity:


What a lofty tribute has been paid to the female sex by the Great Prophet of Islam Sallallahu alaihi wasallam when he said:

“Among the things of this world my mind has been inclined to have love for women and perfumes; (but) my coolness of eyes lies in praying to Allah.” Allah, the Exalted, has, as though by way of incentive, given promise of prosperity on getting married. He has said:

”’If they (the persons courting marriage) are destitutes, Allah will grant them prosperity through His bounties and blessings. Allah is very generous and full of knowledge.” (S-24: V: 32)

Human weakness has always been to looks to the means of livelihood which are not always satisfactory. For tear of poverty and inability to defray expenses of married life, most people give up the idea of marriage and try to live a life of celibacy. But Allah, the Exalted, teaches man to place his reliance on His bounty and his generous sustenance. He says:

“Allah grants sustenance from sources which are beyond the imagination of man.” (S-65: V: 3)

“He grants sustenance for you and to those who depend on you.” (S-6: V: 151)

Fear of livelihood should not stand in the way of marriage of a youngman. This is a blessing of Islam that its carries the mind of man above the world of cause and effect and teaches him to recognize Allah as the real, powerful sustainer. Absence of prosperity must not stand in the way of marriage; similarly the marriage should not be looked upon as a means to poverty. At times a man and woman, on unification in marriage earn such blessings of Allah that they begin to wonder at their fortunes.



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