A plate served to guests during Eid-al-Adha, i...

A plate served to guests during Eid-al-Adha, in Turkish traditions. It contains dolma (sarma, stuffed vine leaves), börek (a traditional Turkish pastry), and kavurma with a little piece of traditional home-baked bread… kavurma is a meat meal served during Eid-al-Adha and almost always made from the meat of the sacrificed animal (Eid-al-Adha being the Muslim holiday of sacrifice). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: Selling meat at Id ul-Adha festival. ...

English: Selling meat at Id ul-Adha festival. El Minya, Egypt Deutsch: Für Id ul-Adha eingerichteter Schlacht- und Fleischverkaufsplatz in El Minya, Ägypten (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Assalaamu alykum…




We all know tha eid ul Adha, the holy day ofs acrifice ad shukr is around the corner. But do we actually know the essence of this day? Why do we make so much effort to buy the best, biggest, costly animal to put in down to slaughter? For mere meat consumption and feasting like the shayateen or to follow the sunnat of Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salaam, who had been commanded by Allah Ta’ala to kill his beloved son , which had been born to him and his barren wife Sarah in old age after years of supplication for offspring, a boy, who may guide the ummat of that time into heavenly success after the demise of Ibrahim alayhi salaam. Ibraheem alayhi salaam , Khaleelullah, obeyed the painful command of allah Ta’al without hesitation and took his minor son to a faraway place in the desert to carry out the Devine Order. On his way Sahytaan appeared several times to distract the Friend of Allah Ta’ala and to make him feel guilty of slaughtering his beloved son. So Ibrahim alayhi salaam threw rocks at shaytaan to chase him away to carry out the Devine command. These are known as the stoning of syaytan. To make it short, Allah Ta’ala sen Angel Jibreel alyhisalaam to tell Ibraheem alayhis salaam that he had passed the test ordered upon him by Allah Ta’ala in his dreams. And the reward for his submission was that the life his beloved son had been sparred and a ram from Jannat had been replaced as sacrifice e toward Allah Ta’ala to show gratitude ,which would have to take place year every by those who can afford to do Qurbaani of a sheep, goat … SO , now reading and reflecting on this heartrending story we should thank Allah Ta’ala that we , the Ummat of Mhammad sallalaahu alyhi wa sallam, are not commanded to kill ou children and our Imaan not tested like this. So we are commanded to sacrifice the best and healthy animal we can afford and take good care over it with affection as it is done toward our children. We take up another living, innocent Creature into the circle of our family and nourish it, paddle it, clean it, care for it, walk it, give it shelter and protection… Just like we do with our innocent, weak and helpless children.. Then when the Day of Eid-ul Adha is here we sharpen our knives, after our obligatory Eid Prayer and pray to Allah Ta’ala to accept the sacrifice of this innocent, loving animal which does not really know what will happen to it. Yes, we will lie it down, facing the Qibla, smooth, gentle, without causing it the slightest distresses, fear, harm…To kill it by a mighty cut of the throat which causes quick death due to shock by severe blood loss, suffocating within seconds… Reality looks quite different though… Eid ul Adha is , just like Ramadan and Eid ul Fitr the reason to save up money to spent for haraam thing like new eid suits, eid cards, eid gifts, bleach packages, shoes, mehem=ndi designs, bangles, etc… We save all year huge sums of money to buy the fattest, biggest, most expensive or gorgeous animal on earth to… Show off, To eat as tomorrow never comes, to shovel up the meat in a freezer ( which we buy just for this day so we do not have to share the meat with any poor person and we eat from it almost one whole year) while millions of poor fellow brothers and sisters cannot even afford to look at a piece of meat!!!! This year it will be my 9th Eid ul Adha in Pakistan, after I have become a Muslim. I must admit when I witnessed the first slaughter here, I almost passed out. I lost my breath, my heart began beating very fast, I wanted to vomit and scream. Why? I just witnessed the first slaughter of an innocent creature. A nice, strong, healthy, grey bull with such lovely brown eyes which starred at me and looked for any help. I stood next to it and the moment the throat was cut, the blood gushed out like water out a fountain and almost flew over my feet. It suffered. It had pain. It was afraid, cried for help. It tried to kick itself up but its secure tied up legs did not permit to avoid more suffering. As seconds passed by .the light of life keptleaving it strong stature. The angel of Death took its soul quickly. His nice, but fearful brown eyes turned pale and lifeless. It tried to gasp once more air to fill its lungs to escape death. But Allah’s Ta’ala Decree had to pass and this innocent Creature was killed for the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala to show our gratitude that we do not have to kill our children…. But sadly in this time we do not care much about bthe health and care of the animal. Even though we invest much more in a cow and its care than we do to our own families. Sums up to 12 million rupees are being spent for a bull as Qurbaani, which has ist own security staff and tent home as the size its value is so big that other parties literally kill for this dumb animal. It’s a money making business and somehow people her still find the money to bay those expensive animals, instead of giving it away for Allah’s Ta’ala sake altogether to earn much thawab in the hereafter for sending the much needed meat to real poor souls of this ummat. When the days of qurbaani near heer in Karachi, I shiver with fear and pray it’s soon over. Tailor shops are booked out as women and girls get at least 2 brand new, of the most shameless and nude fashion available here, suits for eid to walk around like a prostitute… It all begins about 1 month before Eid ul Adha when people try to get animals cheap . Now one has to note that w life in a city with around 20 000 000 people. We for our part life on the 7th floor in a 7 story building, in a complex which contains of 5 such bullrings. And each building houses about 84 apartments. Whereby the average family here in each apartment contains of 7 to 12 people of all ages. So we have many cars, used op park lots here. So where in heaven doe one keeps a goat, sheep, bull or even a camel? Well in the park lots in the buildings, at the outer parts of each building, on the roof, balconies, in front of the apartments doors and gates….. YES . You read it right.. Those stinky, noisy, filthy animals are even tied up for at least 2 weeks in front of the doors. Goats and sheep are being walked up and down the stair ways and hall ways, ( day and night) by children and baaliq girls in their finest attire inside the building .. Goats and Bulls are looking like clowns. They being dressed up, like a prostitute for a beauty pageant contest, with shining and multi colored garlands and reins. They even put hats, sweaters and pants on goats and sheep.. Oh, we really have beauty pageant contests for the best looking bull and cow!!! The bulls, goats have those noisy bangles on their feet which salesman sell specially in this month to beauty up a goat and cow!! So every tine those animals are being walked, or more chased around, one is struck in the ears with those cling, cling sounds!!! And do not think it stops at night!! No this is the time the cow boys and goat girls come out on the street t to yell hey, hey, hey.. ( and girls and lads are screaming in wild excitement jumping on trucks and clinging on it like stupid monkeys and drive the animals and drivers crazy, whenever a animal is delivered or walked as if they are in a nightclub and drunk) and run around to pull and chase the bulls and goats as if they have mad cow disease themselves. And day and night the smell of cow’s dung, goat and sheep dung and urine. One can’t imagine how nauseating this is. Even while living up on the 7th floor with windows and doors closed one is not safeguarded of this smell! These stenches of urine and feces chases away the bravest angel and mujaahid! Those droppings all over the ground in the complex, streets, inside the buildings are perfect breeding ground for diseases pests and most important in keep inviting the evil shayateen who have the greatest times of the year when eid ul Adha is around the corner. Believe it, even the elevator of the building, which is only for human use, is being used all those weeks to bring up and down goats and sheep! The lift is soiled by urine and dropping of goats and sheep. And the smell is horrible. Children and teenagers have much fun chasing around those poor and overfed animals around day and night and so disturbing much the sleep ad rest of those who need and want to sleep at night so they can pray their fajr . But we are not surprised by this attitude of filth and carelessness as taharaat and deeni tarbeyaat, hijaab, adab and humanity and kindness are not being taught children neither adults in most families and most do not pray anyway so they stay up all night and sit and sleep and eat with their cows and goats. It’s even so extreme that bulls and goats are being broufht near ad into the wudhu kahan right next to the masjid to water them as the owners are too lazy and miserl to carry water containers to their animals to water them. They wash even the goats in the wudhu kahana. Imagine this mess and the smell right in the musjid!!! But whenever we educate and criticize Paksitani Muslims than we are severely rebuked and even insulted badly … Is it not part of shariah and good conduct to clean up the mess of your animals yourself regular or at least hire a cleaning staff for this purpose? Over her the Christian s are mainly employed as bungi, sweeper, trash collector and during this time they have to clean up even all this filth in addition while not being paid for it, or at least so little that I would throw the dung at the owner! But to be honest this miserliness and bad conducts are Pakistani culture. All her wants first class dunya and service and rights without paying a penny for it but rather steal it! One the Night of Eid is here I give out a sigh of relief on behalf of the poor animals which will soon be slaughtered the way shaytaan wants it and for us. Its soon over.. Wait no.. The fun just begins. Women and girls get their eid clothe ready and shoppig malls, beauty parlors and barber shops are stocked up with women, girls, men from 3 days before Eid until the last minute during the sacred night of Eid yo get their faces bleached, eye browns plucked, beard shaved , hair cut and dyeed, which should be spent in dua ad worship instead of sins. Then the Day of Eid ul Adha is here!! One can already hear the butchers arriving in tracks and crowds before fajr and placing their butcher utensils at place. Than one hears some moos and baaas and than the area is covered with silence as those poor souls know what will happen to them and what massacre they have to witness!! The fist animal is surely in some ways the most fortunate to be killed as after that all the other animals have to witness a cruel blood bath and acts of Satanism done to those poor creations of Allah Ta’ala!!! Majority of the animals see their fellows pushed and dragged to the place of slaughter, street, parking lot, etc., to be killed by fussaq who do not even know the dua and routine of slaughter.. Majority of butchers are in fact Christians posing as Muslims to earn quite some money. Up to 10 000 rupees is charged to kill and chop up a cow ad a goat or ram is about 2500 to 5000 rupees!! And Muslims these days do not really care how that animal dies and who kills it.. They are just concerned that no chunk of meat is lost so they can stock all yup ad will eat of it for the rest of the year and have daily foe at least 2 weeks BBQ parties and feasts with music.. We kept banning our kids to go out on the balcony to witness the slaughters as majority are haraam and brutal and fight break out over the hides as one group, led by a man in England, is stealing the hides and threatens the people and even orders their death if they refuse to give their animals hide to this particular group. This group is also charging additional money up to 50 000 rupees from the animals owner after stealing the hide .. And at the end of qurbaani the leader announces in news papers his gratitude to the Karachi citizens for the rich conrtribution of hides too his party while his partly stops cars, bikes, blocks other charity organization who collect the hides to make money to help poor Muslims!!! Last year for example I witnessed that there were muscle packed guys running around and trying to show off their bodies by trying to wrestle down calf and young bulls. The bulls and calves, and even goats, normally will be tied up securely on all four legs and then pushed down so they do not jump up at the time of thabia and run loose and injure themselves and others. But those satanic fools kept twisting the head of the calf and bulls to throw ir down to the ground. The results were broken necks and broken dangling legs and a in pain screaming animal which has been already frighten to death all day due to witnessing the slaughter, skinning and chopping up of its poor fellows. It was even so bad the one cow which had been bullied down to the ground, and its feet were not tied up to secure the animal, jumped up and tried to run away from those vile devils after they had cut the throat . The head kept dangling in every direction with the animal collapsing and trying to get up to run away. So the pulled that poor soul down again and stabbed it to finish the job . And one front leg had been broken prior the thaaba too.. Seeing this I almost passed out and my kids screamed. From that moment on we locked the balcony door. Also a routine move her is that butchers who slaughter goats or sheep will often not tie their legs but will push them down and pull one of their front legs over their horns to disable them. The results are a screaming, kicking goat or sheep which ends up with a dislocated shoulder and broken limb!!! Blood is and entrails are everywhere. Nothing is washed away or cleaned up before the ext animal is brought to slaughter. For every animal brought to slaughter a wild group of children, girls and teenagers are surrounding the poor soul and jeering that it be killed next. This really does not contribute to the relaxation of the poor soul at all but makes it so wild that it breaks loose and runs around and tries to horn everything in its way. Also people try to show off how wealthy they are by boasting how expensiv and big the animal is.. Sadly many animals are faar from bei g healthy and much overweight due to the steroid feeding priour the purchase. Last year somebody had such a bif bull that this thig could not evn walk without being pushed by a crowd of ten people or so. This animal was severly overweigt and lazy, like the battery chicken fro broiler use. As the time for its death came even the crowd and 2 or 3 butchers could not throw it down to the ground. So thy shot the bull in the head so it would collapse to the ground and than they did thabia; Also small, still milk suckling camels are bought just to show we do the sunnat of slaughtering a camel! This poor thing was so starved ad tiny that it showed ribs and bones only. It had been taken away from its mother and since then nourished! So it became so weak that it had not even the strength to stand neither to walk! We witness often that the skinning begin while the animal is still moving and warm. One could actually still see the muscles in legs and other parts moving! While the animals are dying the butcher keep throwing water into the fresh cut and pushing the stomach, stepping on the body to push out the blood and to male it die quicker. The results are more pain, more suffering to the animal.. Where is the mercy, adab, justice, sacrifice, love, obedience to the shariah and kindness in this ummat for which we had been once so famous for. Other things which are also very annoying are that the females, no matter what age are running around, or just stand on the streets, or at corners, dressed up like a whore in thin, short and tight shiny close fresh picked up from the tailor. Bangles on feet ad arms are making annoying sounds wherever they go. They scream as they are on a rock concert. They are smeared up with makeup asthey are the qurbaani animals lined up for sale. What use and responsibility do the females have while being dressed up like a zaania and soaked in the worst smelling and annoying perfumes one can buy on western markets which are so strong that they penetrate our homes just because they walk by or put it on in their homes and so attracting all glances of the males The husband just sat them up near the butchers as well to make sure they do not steal the meat. Pictures are taken of the animals so they can be discovered if stolen or no switch happens during the slaughter. Sadly some perverted Satanist even sexually molests those poor animals prior the day of slaughter to injure them to hurt others they don’t like. Broom sticks and even short metal bars had been stuck up the anus of bulls and calves during the night time, legs been broken, animals cut so they were not fit for Qurbaani.. I really wonder what’s wrong with this ummat and majority cries always Pakistan sindabad and does never critics my country and bad news is from foreigners to give Pakistan a bad name… But what to expect from a nation of whom good 95 % do not pray neither fast in Ramadan and many do not pay zakaat and give help to the poor but treat them as they were the dirt they walk on!!! The British cast system never left the ummat haling from India to Pakistan. I do not know hoe qurbaani is in other countries but what w have experienced her over the years puts my head to shame and makes me shiver in fear of the curse those poor animals send on us! News paper even reported that more than 70 % of the people doing qurbaani refuse to share it with the poor and give it away altogether and rather store it the freezer to eat and feast of it the rest of the year as its too expensive! Alhamdulillah since our marriage we always send our qurbaani to the needy people as we feel we do not need this additional meat as we are blessed to eat regular and look for our reward in the hereafter and want avoid the problems to others associated with having an animal or to get so much meat to eat as we cut down much meat consumption and even refuse to take qurbaan if the owner is not deeni, money haraam or slaughter and animal notbeing kept in accordance to the sharia.. Many scold us for this but we know we do the right thing. Allah Ta’ala is not in need of meat neither of the biggest animal, but He Ta’ala accepts what is given in sincerity and humbleness to please him. Even if it is a small goat or sheep! I am sorry for this lengthily letter but I just needed to write this off my mind! Wa salaam



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