Ladies in Hijab do suffer from severe vitamin D Deficiancy

Unrecognized severe vitamin D deficiency

Assalaamu alykum.

Below is an article which once proofes again that staying idoors and always without exercise or the oppourinty to indulge in some sun exposure under hijaab requirementrs will put a hijaab obsevering muslimah and chidlren in severe health trouble.

I and my children, specially my daiughers, are in our home all day and observe hijaab as commanded.

One has to note that my health was not as bad at all when I became muslimah.

But it drastically dimished after moving tothe  indo pak region and not able to be exposed to any sun anymore( as it used to be durig my time as a jaahil,  kafir), daylight due to the climate and hijaab and living conditons.

I know that many muslim men and ulema will right away scream at my comments but i have to say that I am, and many friends of mine who did not observe shariah hiajaab before and than did due to Allah’s Ta’ala Mercy on them, followed the same pattern of sickness and complains afterward.

I cling to my hijaab and the hijaab of my girls and would never ever give it up, but men and the women have also to bear in mind that we all have a responsibility toward our sarced body and its health and healthy functions.

I began having severe pains in my knee and sholder joints during my first pregannacy 8 years back and had much problems moving around and dealing with the heat and so we could leave the house only at night when it was cool as otherwise i could not breath through the niqaab.

After the birth things got better as the load of the pregnancy dropped.

But  I became more and more depressed and kept missing the warm calming rays of the sun.

But still I never opposed my hijaab.

During my second pregnancy , from the 7. month  onward, I had bronchical spansm and coiuld not breath, needed to be hospitalized and was regular on steroid injections, nebulisations, atshma treatments etc…

It still did not dawn on me that i was severe deficiant in vitamin D  and calcium and other vitamins.

I went alsways to the routine check ups for pregnancy but was only prescribed calcium , a way too low, and iron nad my complain washed under the table.

During each pregancy and so also the time after delivery my health just cracked up more.

The coin fell when my 2 daughter had severe ricket symptoms after the age of 1 and needed vitamin d shots, iron and calcium etc., as she and her siblings were sever malnorusished due to the vitamin D deficiancy.

My oldest daughter , now 7, has rachitis, sunken heart, heart dysfunctions, severe knock knees etc… thanks due to vitamin D deficiancy due to staying indoors and hijaab and not the possibility to take anymore walks durig the day due to the heat, target killing and inability to walk and sadly wrong treatments and diagnostics.

I began my own research and treatmnets with homeopathy and unani and vitamin d  shots this year as my health almost took me to death.

I experienced seizure type fits almost weekly than daily, severe chest infections with such mucus pruduction and cough that i almost vomit ad passed out twice a week last winter, which lasted about half an hour.

I noticed severe wrist enlargements on both wrists and knees , and all other ricket type symptoms, on myself, increasing fogetfulness, almost blindness , inability to walk, talk, lift even a liter of cooking oil, mental problems…

During the last 3 years of treatment by a hakeem, who thankfully corrected my chronic jaundice, liver enlargement, asthma and slipped disc, which on the other hand gave me astmah attacks until i almost passed out and my whole body was blue, i simply began collapsing when trying to take a walk with my family.

I suddenly began sweating , had panick attacks, heart racing, breathing problems and just fell down to the ground.

I kept asking docs and the hakeem whats wrong with me as test showed nothing wrong. No lung dysfunction, liver better, ..

But what in heavens was wrong with me..No answer but its in my hed and I was almost put o psychopharma.

When I experienced increasing concrn that I and my daughters may be severe vitamin  D defciant the hakeem became by now kinda mad and just kept saying her crooked legs are bumpers to absorb the pressure from walking.

But I knew better as her older siter had severe rickets and she and me showed the same symptomes.

He brushed it away saying I have low blood sugar and thats why I faint during my sleep and when I am awake , have seizure type problems , cant walk,have weak back muscles…….

I jsut could not believe that all I see and experienced is in my mind.

Often i had been on the end to take my life.

I could not walk anymore, had only increasaing swellings of my wrist, neck, arms, knees, could not loose any weight, forget about exercise as i just could not even stand long enough to wash dishes.

I could not see any bright lights, colors, any movements, could not ride in a car due to severe motion sickness and the sitting position i the car.

I would always collapse in hot sweat when getting out the car, had to stand, had to ride , had to walk or sit on a bench..

And again it was the blood sugar, low iron, low Hb, the hakeem said… But i knew its more.

So one day i began taking 2000 units oral vitamin D 3, 150mg of magnesium, calcium 1000mg and increased the dose after doing further researches on this topics

.And pains left a bit . I was able to do some light body workouts which left me all out of breath J.ust a simple push up, crunch or lunge made me collapse.

It all brought me closer to Allah Taala though.

Now a homeopathic doctor listen to my complains and he said what I suspected.

. You have no low blood sugar( as my fastig sugar in ramadan wa never below 89mg%  during 16 hours of not having eaten or drunk anything) and he said to stay away from sweets I had to eat as advised ty the hakeem to treat the hypoglycemia, as it will actually casue hypoglycemia.

.I stopped the hakeem advise  long time ago, began my own research on undiagnosed health problems due to severe vitamin D deficiancies and changed pour diet to almost sugar free, caffeine free( the hakeem also said that 2 cups of caffeine cofffe is okey( but it cause such a severe sugar crush that I blacked out  and had such a vertigo one cant imagine) while having pancreatic exhaustions!

So, now  I have cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, osteomalcia, chronic severe chest infections, hair loss, sever day and night blindness, severe circulation problems that my feet and legs become so cold that it hurt to a sreaming point which has all been triggered by lack of vitamin D….

I had since last winter severe vertigo, that i could not look up, in light, see any type of ,motion, stir tea, wash dishes, look in a book, at the computer screeen, etc. without getting severe nauseatic, vertigo and seizure type fits, screams and pass outs..

SO I began taking 6000 000 i.u. vitamin D3  for 2 month as a shot and about 4000 to 6000 i.u  of vitamin D3 and symptoms bettered, chest infections reduced, vertigo bettered some, muscle weakness better a bit so that i and walk on a treadmill ( i have to learn walking again as I can not walk anywhere without collapsing) and by now do some body weight workouts and slight weight lifting , and cardio training.

The homepathic doc put me on medication for spondylosis and it got better to a degree that I can use a home stepper for cardio and strength training..

As kafir i us  dto go dailly to the gym as my back gave problems due to lifting always those heavy and disabled patients.

SO i was quiet fit, even though i had been a chain smoker then.

So my point of writing this is to open up the eyes of my sisters and brothers that women and children do need sunlight, fresh air and proper diets and exercises to stay fit  and healthy by body ad mind!


so kick out the maid, caffeine, expose some  leg or face and arms on your terrasse or balcony under hijaab .

Get your vitamin D, calcium, iron checked and leave the hospital diagnostics and quacks alone. do your research and try to do homeopathy, unani and selftreatments.

Even the shameless kuffar are severly vitami D deficiant without hijaab but its profven and experienced that hijaab ladies and children do suffer much from undiadnosed Vitamin D deficiancies which are the main cause for severe health problems..

Below are some links reagrdig this to see i did not make it up..

Wa sallaam  This is the best site i have come across


Z. Visockiene1, R. Juskiene1 & L. Augutiene2ust a simple push up or 

Introduction: Vitamin D deficiency is a common disorder and may manifest as a musculoskeletal, neurological, mental disorder or neoplastic disease.

Case report: A 47 year old woman of Caucasian origin suffered from back, muscle, bone pain and severe depression for 8 years. She was ineffectively treated at the departments of Neurology, Psychiatry, Pain Clinic several times a year. Brain, bone CT, internal ultrasound, routine biochemistry analyses were normal. X-Ray – lumbar spine osteochondrosis, spondylosis. Finally, she could hardly walk due to muscle weakness and cramps, when ionized calcium (Ca+2) was measured for the first time. With the severe hypocalcemia (Ca+2 0.62 mmol/l (n 1.05–1.3)) she was admitted to the Endocrinology Department. Further investigations confirmed secondary hyperparathyroidism with the ‘empty bones’ syndrome and osteoporosis due to severe longstanding vitamin D deficiency with the plasma alkaline phosphatase (ALP) of 425 U/l (n 40–150), phosphorus of 0,99 mmol/l (n 0.74–1.52), 24 hour urine Ca of 0.6 mmol/24 hours (n 2.5 – 7.5), parathyroid hormone (PTH) of 94.9 pmol/l (n 1.2–7.3), serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D of <4 ng/ml (local laboratory reference range 20–32). 99mTC-sestamibi parathyroid and whole body scintigraphy revealed no pathology, spinal Dual-emission X-ray absorptiometry showed T score of −5.3 at L2-L4. The patient was treated with intramuscular cholecalciferol 200 000 U followed by oral alfacalcidol 1 μg/day and oral calcium carbonate 3 g/day for six months. During the follow up period the analyses improved gradually resulting in Ca+2 of 1.09 mmol/l, ALP of 129 U/l, PTH of 10.6 pmol/l. The patient’s overall condition improved significantly.

Conclusions: Severe vitamin D deficiency may remain unrecognised for many years, mimicking other disorders and leading to severe disability. Thus it has to be considered in all cases of unexplained, treatment resistant pain and weakness even the subject does not belong to the risk group.

Declaration of interest: The authors declare that there is no conflict of interest that could be perceived as prejudicing the impartiality of the research project.

Funding: This research did not receive any specific grant from any funding agency in the public, commercial or not-for-profit sector.

Wa salaam


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